hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!! i m here ur own ruby with an OS…..i really dont want to torture u guys with my penning down but VALLI DI and MOHITA force me to torture u all…so here u go..actually these both devvils want a full ff but at last they settle with os…

this OS is actually a tribute to DAMINI(DELHI RAPE VICTIM)… if any of u dont like it plz do tell me ur all feed backs means a lot to me…



                                                              HUMANITY OR LOVE

I was lost in ‘’her’’ thought from last 5 hours…is it possible for someone to be so pure so angelic..after such bitter past she still spreading love on that orphan kid..who is no relation with her but still she fulfilling all her duties like mother fulfilling all needs of that baby…I always think there is no more humanity remain in this world after what I face but she force to change my point of view..what power she have that nothing is there which break her confidence..even being strongest businessman in the country I break down when I face loss in my business because of that my all relation betray me my own so called LOVE get married with my rival..after her betray I have no courage to trust any female creature but she is something…yes me MAAN SINGH KHURANA admit that the girl GEET change me in just one meet..not meet exactly in just one sight…ek najar mein meri hasti hila k rakh di us masoom cheare ne…

Maan singh khurana a famous businessman in the country who become by own hard work..but when for once he face worst time of his life all his business went in loss..his only blood realtion dadi leave this world due to heart attack..his girl friend cum fiancé leave him for his rival…that day he become a heartless rude businessman who never believe on anyone except his person assistance cum best friend ADI who is always with him in his thick and thins…he help maan to stand on his feet again and gaining his 1st position back…

But today when he went for a orphan home opening ceremony his view about female totally changed…and from that time he is lost in HER thought..

Before 5 hours..

Maan singh khurana enter in an orphan home which is build up under trust which is on  his dadi’s name…its dadi’s passion to spend time with kids…so after dadi maan build up somany orphan house on dadi’s name…

When he is entering while talking on his blackberry bump with a cute little girl who is hid behind him immediately as she wants to save herself from someone..and start giggling..her giggling make maan to notice her she is the 1 of the cutest girl maan see..he knee down in front of her to match with her height and give her peck on her chubby cheeks..he is going to ask her name when he heard a melodias voice..

Shona….shona…a girls of 20s come there in search of that cute girl …shona again hid behind maan and giggle again…that girl notice shona behide maan..

Girl: shona don’t trouble me na jaan..come out u need to drink milk na..dont u want to be strong like me..

Shona(still hiding and giggling): no u daily told me if I drink that yuckiiii milk I will be strong like u but see I m drinking it from 4 years I m still chotu baby…so from today no milky milky…chi it taste yuck…and iwill not come to u too..or else u make me drink it or make me eat food..

Girl make a pout face and fake cry face: shona don’t say like that u need to have it..plz come out ok I promise today I gave u 2 chocolates plz come na..shona come to her running when geet promise her 2 chocolates..that girl hug her tight and start kissing her cheeks like 2 pal ki judai ne uski saasein chin li ho….

All the while maan was lost in that girl beauty she is looking like angel..so pure so beautiful..like even a blow of air can hurt her..he make himself strong not to lost in and female but something in her simply beauty which make maan lost himself…he come back in sense when warden and other staff come there…

Warden come there to welcome maan..and ask him to come with her..maan went with her leaving that girl and shona in there own world which is only have love for each other…

after function maan ask warden about shone and that girl..

maan: mrs.mehta if u don’t mind me asking..can u tell me about shona..that cute girl..

mrs.mehta: mr.khurna she is indeed a cute girl she come in our orphane home when she is on 5 months old..she is victim of child abuse her whole body is injured…her own so called parents use to torture her just because she is girl child..

maan:how can a mother is so cruel that she abuse her own child..but I see a girl with her..

mrs.mehta: that must be GEET…she is very sweet girl…but her fate do very bad with her…

maan:what do mean mrs.mehta tell me clearly??????

Mrs.mehta: she is raped in age of 16 by 4 peoples…they leave her on road to be die somehow doctors save her but her own family disown her just because they have no guts to face society…u know she never become mother…which is the biggest dream of any girl..but god even snatch this right from her…I met with her in hospital first time..she is in very bad condition that time..but I see her to fight with everything and now she is the reason of shona’s life…she is the only one who spends nights without blinking her eyes and taking care of shona..because she see herself in shona… I never saw her breaking down..and I always Sault her courage….as a women I know how incomplete a woman feel when she lost ability to gave new life..but even after losing that ability she gave life to shona..this not less..she always say by doing this she want to feel motherhood and she is feeling it…

after hearing maan’s respect toward that GEET increase 100’s fold…after facing so much she is spreading only love..that too on a stranger…

whole night maan not able to sleep a wink…in morning he again went to orphanage…in mrs.mehta’s cabin…

maan:mrs.mehta I would like to marry geet and adopting shone legally…he say straight..

mrs.mehta is shocked with his sudden declaration..

mrs.mehta: mr.khurana ur taking decision emotionally..i can understand u pity on geet and shona..but its life time commitment don’t take decision in hurry…

maan: first let me clear u I m not showing any pity on geet nor on shona.. I will marry her because of her courage and love which she having for all…shona is no one to her even then she love her more than anything..i fall for her this nature and want to luckiest person on this world who is having such beautiful life partner not by face but by heart too…


mrs.mehta: I respect ur decision mr.khurana but its is purely geet;s decision..ill talk with her and get back to u in some days..

maan leave from there..

mrs Mehta call geet in garden when she is busy in feeding shona.she come after some time and see mrs.mehta standing lost in some thoughts…geet poke her shoulder to get her attention..

geet: madam u call me???????????? Mrs.mehta look toward her and gave her warm smile..

mrs.mehta: yes geet I want to discuss something with u..its very important for ur future geet..

geet get confused with mrs.mehta’s puzzal..yaa she stop thinking about her future from long back..now her present and future both is only shona…

geet:madam aap kya kehna chahti hain???????

Mrs.mehta: geet someone wants to marry u???????????

Geet is shocked with this sudden declaration..all her past start roaming in front of her eyes..her eyes get teary..

Mrs.mehta console her and cares her hair to make her understand..

Mrs.mehta:geet look ur young and u have whole ur life long to face..u cant live it alone… u need a partner to love u to support u to pamper u…and trust me this person is very nice he never leave u..he never leave any loop holes to make u happy..u will get all happiness of life which u deserve..

Geet:is he knows about my past???????????she say in blue..

Mrs.mehta: yes geet he knows about ur past and he really respect ur self confidence and courage…he knows about disability too..

Geet is hell shocked is it possible for a man to accept a girl who never gave him a child and make him proud father….and what about shona she is her life how she will live with her..

Mrs.mehta understand her turmoil..and say: geet he is ready to give shona a father;s name…geet I m not forcing u last decision is only urs..but think about it my child…ur shona will get a secure future and trust me u never regret on ur this decision…

Geet all night lost in her thoughts..

Is it possible that a man can accept a girl like me?

Is he able to give love of a father to an unknown kid?

What if he start hating shona like her parents but mrs.mehta told me he is nice man??????

No however he is good but I cant make someone future dark in morning ill ask madam to refuse him..or me myself refuse him..????

In morning..

Geet come in mrs.mehta’s cabin…

Geet:madam I take my decision but I want to tell my decision to him by my own…kya mein unse mil sakti hu??????????

Mrs.mehta: y not geet…u can Ill call him ask him to come here..is it ok?????

Geet nod and leave from there…while mrs.mehta call maan and inform him to come geet wants to meet him personally…maan get excited like teenager..who is in love..he get ready and run to orphanage home..

In orphan home

Gete is standing in garden and shone is playing on swing..geet lost in her own world..maan come and saw most beautifull site in front of him his angel is looking so beautiful so pure..lost in her own world..maan slowly went toward her and clear his throat to get her attaintion..

Geet look toward him and maan lost in her beautiful hassle eyes…geet for once lost to but soon get her sense back and look down..which help maan to gain his sense back..there is awkward silence between them…maan decide to break ice..

Maan: hi I m maan singh khurana…

Geet: ji..mera naam geet hain..

Maan : janta hu…I mean mrs.mehta ne bataya tumhare bare mein..

Geet: so ur the one who want to marry me… even knowing about my past.. even knowing u can get any girl in world who can match u in every manner..she say everything without any emotion and only looking down..while her hands are playing with edge of her dupatta…maan somewhere know this going to coming..but the way she say make he little nervous…

Maan: geet do u know anything about me???????

Geet nod in negative…she once again force maan to feel proud on his choice…her innocence steal his heart..

Maan: u ever heard about KHURANA’s???????? this time geet nod in yes and

Geet: ji they are the india’s top business family…and 3rd in all over the world…this orphan is also there property…she say all innocently while maan chucked on her answer like she is giving answer to her class teacher..

Maan: geet leave this…u ask me na y I want to marry u??? then my answer is because I was fall in love with in first sight…and my respect towards u increase when mrs.mehta tell me about ur past…geet I face so much and that make me heartless cruel person…but yesterday when I come to know about u my heart again start feeling emotions and the first emotion after years I feel is love for u…

Geet look in to his eyes with his frank and clear proposal..and only witness ocean of love in his eyes…

Geet: but I cant gave u fortune of being father…

Maan: who said this geet…when u can fulfill a mothers duty to an unknown orphan kid why not me…shona is ur child geet and if u say yes to me I will be the proud father of shona even before we get married…and I promise u I always gave my best as a father of shona..

Geet eyes get teary with his selfless love…after face such cruel men in her life maan is like a god for her…

Geet: I need some time to think about it…agar sach kaho to I call u here to reject ur proposal but..now u force me to think over it again..

Maan: geet its ur life and no one force u to take decision under pressure u take ur time..but till then can we both be friends????????and forward his hand to her…which she gave her hand hesitantly..but the warmness of his palm gave her feel of security..

Shona come running to them…geet bend down on her knees and hug her..

Shona: maa(yaa shona call geet as maa..) ye to wok al wale uncle hain na…at the same time maan also down on his knees…and cares shona’s hair lovingly..

Geet:shona he is maa’s new friend…

Shona: aap maa k friend ho to shone k bhi friend hue na…kya aap mere friend banoge…she ask maan very sweetly…

Maan: y not sweet heart…we will be friends…he say very lovingly…

They all 3 start playing…

Time goes on its speed…and relation between maaneet start become dipper..geet start falling for his loving nature where shona find a father in him..shona’s every wish is like command for maan…he gave everything which shona even think..her all demand were get fulfill before she voice out…sometime geet get frustrated with this but at last feel good that…shona getting everything in form of father like MAAN

At last after 1 year..

Maaneet were in park with shona..geet head is resting on maan’s shoulder and maan is holding her from her waist…both were looking shona who is busy in playing games with other kids..

Geet: maan will u marry me?????? this make maan started as well as shocked but very soon his shocked change in happiness and he make geet look in to his eyes..which showing only respect and love for him…he just nod in yes and hug her tight…

After 3 days both get married in court with adopting shona as there child…they live happily ever after…maan’s humanity and love help geet to forget her past and she start living in her present which is only have LOVE…she also submit her body and soul to the person who is love her unconditionally…

Its true geet never become mother but maan always support her saying shona is there child who make him proud father…geet support him in his charity causes…she always spread her love on all the kids over there…all kids of orphanage call her MAA…which gave her feel of completion…

*********************THE END**********************


One Response to 2. OS HUMANITY OR LOVE

  1. usha says:

    awesum OS…its really touching….really such things should happen in real life….men should b like maan who can think positively……loved it a ton…..
    usha (ushankitvc)

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