INSANE LOVER (part 1-12)

 Part 1


Maan the business tycoon of India..Whom all falls for his handsome looks were descending his steps in km..his footsteps made all servants fear n concentrated on their work..he can see every nook n corner of his mansion from where he is ..Kitchen dining n the big living room …his eye stopped on the cook who was busy in his phone chatting..maans eyes turned red in anger..he came n sat in dining..Another servant nudged the cook n he switched off his phone seeing his master already seated for breakfast..he sweated badly…he wiped his sweats n placed the breakfast on table…though maan was not specific in food,he needs tasty…the cook served him n maan kept the first piece of food in his mouth…he spitted it out n his rage was seen in his face…


Maan – What’s u call this as food..?


The cook was what mistake he has done..


Maan took the bowl of curry n thud bowl is on cook head very harshly and cook’s head start bleeding..the cooks was baffled n other servants trembled in fear..when the curry went inside cooks mouth ,he realized, what mistake he has done..not 1 mistake..many mistake..Concentrating in phone,he has added sugar instead of salt..n has added more spice..more than all,the curry tasted burnt he did not stir has burned.. sor..ry sir..


Maan:u r fired..


Nakul,the head of all servants came to maan..


Nakul – Maan baba..forgive him for one time..


Maan – nakul kaka i never repeat mistake what my dad do and lastly pay with his life… i never give 2nd chance to anyone..and my decision is final…he should be thankful to me that i doesn’t kill him for his negligence… i already take decision and i never change it for anyone and thats final..ask him to vacate quarters in an hour..



Nakul pitied the cook n said


Nakul kaka – maan baba i ask him to do so,till then u change ur dress n come..see the curry has spilled all over ur dress also.. in mean time i prepare something for u…


Cook look nakul kaka with hope… because cook know if maan through him out no one dare to gave him another job but he also knows if his boss take any decision its next to impossible that he can change it for anyone in this world..


Nakul kaka (put his hand on cook shoulder)- I cant help you.. and leave from there…


Maan after changing his dress enter in a room which is dark and cold… like no life is there he put on the lights and see a lifeless old woman lying on bed…he see this woman ful of life, joyful, laughing, giggling, playing but now there is no life in her from last 10 years… he come close to her and sit beside her on her bed which is surrounded by so many life supporting machines…she having oxygen mask and drip in her hand.. he softly cares her head and give a peck on her forehead…past start running in front of his eyes


Flash back


Rajbeer tightly holding Dev Chopra from his neck where simran’s death body lying on floor in pool of blood.. its not like rajbeer doesn’t shoot his also having 5 bullet in his body still try his best to save his 15 year old son who is standing at main door with his 60 year old dadi , who is pulling his grandson to run for his life where rajbeer shout on top of his lungs


Rajbeer – maan run my boy… u have to live for ur dadi and to take revenge for ur parents death from this bustard who killed ur mom and my love…maan go away from here


Dadi (while pulling maan) – maan chalo beta…


But maan was looking his mom’ lifeless body on floor… no word is come in to his ear as he too lost… when his dad last line echo in his ears


Rajbeer – champ go atleast save my mom from this devil…plz champ run… all the while dev wriggle in get free from rajbeer’s grip but his all attempt is fail..


Maan gave last look to his dad and mom and run with his dadi to save her and his life… they come running to nakul’s house penting heavily… dadi ask nakul to save maan and send him away from   that devil because now he is the whole and soul owner of the Khurana Empire which is result of hard work of her husband and son… her son only do one mistake he trust on his wife step brother who killed  his own sister and husband for money…dadi placed FIR in police station against dev but dev already underground know one know about his whereabouts and after 1 month even police declear him death… but devil doesn’t dead so sooner… after 1 month dadi coming back from temple dev kidnap her and torture her for maan’s address… nakul and mohinder somehow able to save her from dev but its too late she already slipped in to coma… after his parents murder dadi send maan to London to save his life..but when maan come to know about dadi’s condition he come back and start look after his dad business with study and taking care of dadi… nakul and mohinder worried about maan’s security and ask for police protection… even make maan agreed for security… in last 10 years… maan become a heartless INSANE person… he trust only nakul and mohinder… for others he is only a devil who never think twice before killing u for ur one mistake..


Flash back ends


Maan’s eyes become teary he wipe his tears and make his way out of the room with a saying a single word…


Maans secretary came


Secretary – Sir,our driver mohinders wife has come to see u..


Mohinder was his driver working under khurans for ages..maan had a soft corner to him..last week he died ..maan was really missing him..though maan was harsh always to all, he was soft with him as he has memories  attached with his parents..n used to share his parents gud nature n love about maan and he is one who save his dadi from dev in his absence


Maan -Nakul kaka..get my suit ..


Nakul – Ji baba..


Rano entered the mansion hesitatingly..


Rano – Namaste


Maan – Hmm..maan looked at rano,who was standing like a lifeless soul..he has seen her 2 or 3 times..but that time she was so happy …


Rano – rano handa..aapki driver ki patni..


Maan – Ya I know..


Rano started to cry..


Maan though hated the tears, he was helpless looking at the elder women..


Nakul came n gave the suit to maan..


Nakul saw rano crying..he came to her..


Nakul – Rano..tum yahaan..kyun rorahi ho..


Rano – Nakul bhaiya,wo mujei akele chod kar calegayi..mei akeli aurat,kya karun..agar bachi na hothi mar jathi..all relations cheated me..i don’t know where to I came here to seek  help..


Nakul – Saaf saaf kaho..


Rano – Bhaiya u know na though small we had a house of own..he made deposits for future..but his brothers forged his signature n took all under their custody n threwed me out of house..


Maans mind went to flashback..he folded his hands in fists..Controlling his anger..all are cheaters..


Rano:gudia hostel mei hai..uska tho ye sab patha nehi..lekin ab mei kya karun..muje apne beti ke liye kaam tho karna haina..isilye saab se madath maagne aaya hoon..

Saabji.pls muje koi bhi kaam deejiye..mei poori sidhat ke saath karungi..


Maan:I understand ur situation..but I can’t help u..


Nakul:baba,we must help her..kamse kam mohinder kliye..


Maan:what work she can do kaka..we have all servants here..


Nakul:baba,she is a great cook..u can give her that post..


Maan thought for a while..


Maan:ok..first let me taste her food..then I’ll say..i want my breakfast sharp in 20 minutes..




Nakul showed rano kitchen..


Maan seated on the living room n watched her cooking..the smell itself created  hunger inside after 20 minutes..the food was ready..

Maan tasted the first piece..n he whispered maa unknowingly..n his eyes moisted..the food tasted like his mother prepares for him..


Rano:kya hua beta..zyadha mirchi dalthi hai kya..


Maan composed to his original self..




Nakul was happy seeing maans this side..


He had his food cherishing after many years…he even licked his fingers tasting the left over ..


Maan:rano maa,u may work here..he stood washing his hands..n moved to exit..


The word rano maa,stunned even nakul..


The hard shell even needs love..


Rano:where will I stay bhaiya..


Nakul -we all stay in servant quarters..but all are males..u r the   first female here..i’ll make alternate changes for ur stay..


Rano:yahaan kaun rehtha hai..


Nakul -sirf maan baba aur dadi yaha rehti hain..hmm..ek kaam karthe hain..u stay in kitchen for 2 or 3 days..till then I’ll make a room free in quarters..




Nakul taught her maans likes n dislikes..his way of having black coffee..n his timings on dining…she even start taking care of dadi..

it was two days rano stayed she was elder than all..all respected her..


maan came at midnight


the mansion was dead silent..


maan(st) – hmm..all servants must have retired to their quarters..

.he don’t know rano was staying in kitchen..his head was paining..he thought of having he headed to kitchen n switched on the lights..


It made rano wake up..


Rano:beta mei..


Maan:aap yahaan kya karrahi hai..


Rano:wo nakul said he will clear a room in quarters for me as all are,I sleep here..




Rano:aapko kuch chahiye..beta..


Beta word always made him week..


Maaan:hmm head is paining..i need coffee..


Rano:you sit..i’ll make..


She made coffee  n gave it to him..she took the balm n applied on his forehead..n gently massaged..


Maan felt relieved..


Maan:rano maa..aap so jayiye..


He went to his room n slept..


The mid night incident n his need made maan he said nakul,let maa stay in mansion itself…and its also convenient for taking care of dadi too..


Rano also agreed..


It is six months now,she has started to work in mansion..she has seen his anger to all except her n nakul..she maintained a little distance from a worker…


Dadi also gelled up with her because she also treat mohinder as her own son… dadi health start improving under good care of rano..

Maan get to know it and his respect toward rano also increase… he also help her to get her house back, for that he killed her relatives… but no one know this reality… but he ask rano to live in mansion only… and she agreed…


Once in a month she will ask permission to visit her daughter..


Maan one day asked..


Maan – Where is ur daughter..


Rano – She is in hostel..


Maan – What is she doing..


Rano – She is in 10th grade now..her father paid full amount at starting

itself warna,uski studies par bi asar pad sakthi thi..bcoz of her



Maan did not say anything nor interested more about her


Next – maan chasing dev…



Its was been 6 months rano  staying in mansionwith maan.. she maintained distance but maan gets emotionally attach with her due to her dedication towards him and dadi…one day he get to know he had to leave for London for some project…in last ten years..he never left dadi alone.. if work is really very urgent he also takes dadi along with him with all medical facility because he doesn’t trust anyone in matter of dadi.. but this time..he came to the mansion’s living room and called rano and nakul..


Maan sat in sofa while both were standing in front of maan…


Maan – nakul kaka i have to go to London .there is some work which needs my importance


Nakul knows if he is going then it means dadi is also going with him..rano was unaware of this…


Nakul- ok maan baba I’ll also pack maaji’s stuff.. u are going that means she is also coming with u na??????


Before maan say anything rano interrupts..


Rano – beta aap maaji ko aapne sath kyu leja rahe ho..wo bhi is condition mein ..unke liye travel karna tik nahi hoga..


Nakul  par rano, maan baba tho humesha maaji ko aapne sath lekar jate hain…wo kabhi maaji ko akele nahi chodte..


Rano – maan bte, mein samajh sakti hu maaji aapke liye bahut precious hain. lekin unka is condition mein traval karna shayad tik na rahe… aur mein aapko vishwas dilate hu…nothing going to happen to maaji i will look after her… but i m not forcing you .last decision is only yours whatever u want let me know .so I’ll do preparation according to that..till then I’ll pack ur stuff…


Maan thought for a while , its true that he believes rano and nakul…and also knows that dadi will be safe and its not good for health to travel..but his inner insecurities not let him leave dadi alone.. he remember his dads last words…


rajbeer – champ atleast save my mom…


how can he disobey his dad’s last word… he will save his dadi from every evil eyes… but it is also true ,he somewhere started trusting rano maa…maan atlast decide to leave dadi with rano maa…and nakul kaka..and he also arranged extra security around mansion for dadi..

maan went to dadis room..the nurse left the room seeing him..he sat next to her..n took her hand in his..he used to talk to her like she can hear him


maan-dadi,im leaving to London..rano maa will be here to take care of u..aap naraaj math hoye..that im leaving u alone..i’ll be back soon..

he caressed her head n kissed her forehead..

every time he sees her,his blood boiled..


maan-dadi.,mom n dad ki kasam,if I found that b* dev,I’ll make his life hell..mei usei tadpa tadpa kar maarunga’I promise..


dadi’s eyes fixed on the ceiling’but her heart was crying in pain..seeing maan drowning himself to take revenge..maan never hide things from her..she is like a diary for him..his in n outs she he turned ruthless n arrogant n a screwed business men she know..she is not active physically..but she can hear him..

maan looked at her again n went to London half heartedly..


maan went to his office n looked after his works..he kept tabs on her every an hr..n made nakul keep phone in her ears n talked to her..hearing her breathe gave him satisfaction’


At evening..he had a party arranged by his client..he came to his pent house n got ready ‘maan entered the party n he was welcomed by his client..he took his drinks n chatted with him..thats when his eyes fell on the entrance..there came his prey Dev Chopra..smiling at the girls..who were on either sides..his smile fired him..the revenge started to flame with fires..maan wanted to know what he is doing there..?


maan – who is he?


Client:dev partners friend.and his girl friend Aarti…he must have invited him..



Maan wanted to break devs bones on spot,but the client kept him busy..


When he was busy,maan neared dev..




He called him in full anger..if looks can kill ,by this time dev must have been in ashes..but dev was not able to see his face due to darkness


Dev-yes..who are u?..have we met before..


Dev was busy again with the girls smooching them, not even bothering to see his face..


Maan-u cant forget me maamu’


Dev-what?but why?


Maan-bcoz im ur god..


Dev-what rubbish.. he tried to see maan’s face but couldn’t succeed


Maan-u may have forgot ur sins,but im the witness..n I’ll make u beg to death..


Maan took his gun pointing at him..


Dev was now sweating badly..they were in dark so,others didn’t notice them..even he was not able to see face of the man who is standing pointing gun on him..




Maan-I said na..tumhara muth..u didn’t recognize me..ok..let me remember u..


Maan kept his hands on his necks n pressed his throat..aarti  n the others who accompanied him ran away



Dev tried to push n  take away maans hands..but maan was too strong for him..


Dev:l..ea ve me’


Maan:when my dad n mom begged u to leave them did u leave them’


Now it striked dev,maan calling him maamu n the way he is clutching his neck like his father..


Maan:hmm..nice memory..


Maan smiled sarcastically n hit dev with back of gun..blood oozed out from his head..


Dev:wat r u doing..leave me..


Maan:kese jaane doon tumhei..i was searching u like u r here..till I kill u ..nor my parents soul will rest in peace nor I’ll be peaceful..


Maans tone sent shiver inside meant how serious he was..


Dev suddenly pushed maan with all his force..maan stumbled n let his grip took the opportunity n ran from there..maan started to chase..devs luck,he vanished in air..maan punched the wall in anger..


Maan smirked..


Maan-now when I know u r in London,I wont let u escape from me dev chopra..ur death is written in my hands..count ur days from now..


he called the detectives n asked them to find about dev n his background’


he came back to his pent house..he broke all thing in his house in frustration of loosing his hold on dev …he roared loud…DEV..


maan – aaa i’ll make ur life living hell dev chopra… i will make u beg for death and i ‘ll snatch that too from u…


he composed himself n took his parents photo..


maan(gritted his teeth)-mama,today I saw,I promised u na..i’ll keep see dad,I’ll suck his every inch of blood..


he called home n asked nakul to keep phone in dadis ears..


maan-dadi,I found him..that killer of my parents n who is responsible for ur this state..dadi,I’ll be the most happiest person when I teach him lesson for his deeds..


maan was so lost in his revenge..he was saying things how he will torture him when he founds dev..


daadi had tears in her eyes’thinking about maan..who is not thinking about his happiness..


rano who came inside saw this..this is the first time she is seeing some emotions in dadis face..




she called so loudly that maan too heared n panicked


maan – kya hua..


nakul-maanbaba..dadi ma is having tears..


nurse-its gud sign,she is coming out of coma..i’ll call dr..


maan too heared it..


maan was so happy..he has never felt like this before..


maan-dadi,I know u r happy hearing I found coming now..

he planned of staying in London till he finds dadis reaction gave him urge to see her..till detectives find dev,he can return back he thought..


maan cancelled all his appointments n took his private jet to see dadi.. for his bad luck the weather did not support n he stayed back n came to delhi the next day..


that day rano was to go to shimla to take her gudia back..her exams have finished. already


she got permission from maan also..the last minute,dadis progress changed her plan..rano called hostel n asked to send gudia with her friend pinki parents..n she gave the address..where she should be dropped..


pinki parents with pinki n gudia started their journey to delhi..the journey full was fun n telling stories..gudia always fond of stories started with  prince n princess ,king n queen or raj kumar rajkumari..



pinki -y r u fond of stories like these?


Gudia:bcoz,the king will be handsome n powerful..he will have a bbbiiiggg raj mahal..many servants’u know what’there will be different types of dresses to wear n different types of food will be served for him..


pinki-I think u wish to have those for ur own..


Gudia-such mei thodi na hotha hai..


pinki-if u got..what will u do..


Gudia scratched her heads-I don’t know what I ‘ll do..


Yes..this is gudia,who lives in fantasy world ..n never cares for reality..


The car stopped before khurana mansion n rolly n her mom with gudia stepped out’

The security looked at the girl’who was standing shocked with her jaws opened..

pinki tapped her shoulder ..she did not nudge..then she shook both her shoulders  n she came out of her shock..


pinki-geet,ur mom works here’




pinki-this house is huge na


(picture taken from karamchethu keerthana’s collection)

Geet dreamingly-like a raj mahal were king lives..


Pinki chuckled..she is matured than geet’


pinki’s mom neared the security n asked if that is khurana mansion..n he said yes..

pinki’s mom came -Beta..go..this is the address ..i confirmed..


pinki -haan go..ur raj kumar will be waiting for u..


She teased..then bid bye to her n left..



Geet took her school bag n her suitcase n not to forget,hugging her teddy tito reached the gate..


She tried to enter but the security stopped..


Sec-who r u?


Geet-mei geet..


Sec-jo bi ho..i cant send u in..




Sec-its order


Geets face brightened


Geet-order..u obey kings order..


The security looked at her like she is talking some alien language..


He looked at her from top to bottom..


She was wearing a Blue n white chudidar..looked like school uniform’two plats tied by white ribbon..she was looking like a cute kinder garden kid with teddy in her hands..

 geets teddy tito

Security thought she came to wrong address..


Sec-beta,tum kiski beti ho..


Geet giggled.

geet:.aapko nehi patha..mei tho mama ki beti hoon..kyunki papa tho babaji ke pass haina..


Her face fell down..


Security felt pity on her..more than that her innocence..


Sec-tumhare maa kahaan hai..


Geet-yahi hai..


She suddenly felt a fear,mama told not to talk to strangers..but im talking to him..


She started to cry..muje maa se milna hai..muje maa se milna hai’aaah aaah..


Her fat tears rolled down her cheeks n few other securities came there..


They asked her in many ways n she said she wants her mother… whenever she sniffed n lifted her hand to wipe tears the dupatta lifted up over her forming curves, some looked at her lustfully..


Sec- Beta pehle ye tho bathao tumhara mama kaun hai..


Geet -Meri mama meri mama hi haina..


Sec – Ufff..Whats ur mamas name?


Geet – geet ki mama..


Sec – ye geet kaun


Geet – mei hoon geet..


Sec – haan ab bathao geet ki mama kaun?


Geet – Rano..geet ki mama rano..muje maa ke pass jana hai..


Then they called rano n she took geet with her inside..after she left all securities laughed..


Sec-such mei bachi ki bachi hai..she is not like what she looks..


They went back to their work..


Rano took geet inside made her freshup..geet changed n started her questions.


Geet-maa,this is kings palace na..


She looked around with her big hazel eyes..wondering the works’n furniture which showed the class of extreme luxury..

Knowing her nature of questions rano said




Geet-where is the king


Rano-he has gone abroad..n haan..listen to me carefully..this is not our house..behave properly..that too before maan beta..


Geet-who is it?


Rano-mei bi kise samjaraha hoon..tumhare shabd mei king..


It was 6pm


Rano gave her milk..n then took her to dadis room’n made her take blessings..


Geet sat beside dadi..


dadi looked at the small girl who was filled with naughtiness n joy..n innocence


Geet-dadi maa..u don’t worry..geet is now herena..u will be fine soon’I’ll pray to my babaji..n will say to papa also..papa never denies my word..aap bilkul teek hojayenge..phir hum dono khelenge..khoob masti kharenge..u will play with me na’


Geets presence made the room chirpy..the happiness in her voice filled inside dadi also..her antics were so cute..dadis eyes were fixed on  her only’


Dadi (st)- kitni pyari bachi hain , agar aisi ladki mere maan ki life mein aajaye to he may also learn to live happy..not like this dark life go n play in garden..but be careful..dont break things..


Geet-ok maa..bye dadi..she kissed dai’s cheeks n went out..


Dadi felt her body light for first was not like a rock now..


Rano-maa,don’t mistake her.she is  still behaving like a child..

Rano had tears..


For the first time she thought to share her inner feelings as dadi is also a women..


Rano-im only worried about her..all girls of her age had attend puberty..but geet did not..she still remains child by heart’n behaves like a child only we keep her in waiting for the day she will behave matured ..


Geet took her tito with her n went to the garden..she was so lost in the beauty of nature..there were all kinds of plants n trees with a big swimming pool..the big lawn, fountain in middle’different kinds of flowers’geet sat on the swing enjoying the surrounding talking to her teddy titto..


It was 7pm when maan reached mansion’he straightly went to dadis room..the nurse said the details what dr.said she will soon be out of bed..


Maan-dadi..dadi’u know I’m happy..


He looked at her face n saw a new glow of happiness..


Maans st:dadi,I know u r happy bcoz I found ur son n dil’s culprit..


After spending quite time with her,he kissed her forehead n cheeks,where geet kissed..he felt something different..he shrugged n went to his room..he took a shower n moved to his balcony..its his favourite place..he used to sit there n watch the whole garden n the swing..his mom is very fond of both…when he used to play in garden, his mom n dad will sit n watch him from the swing’ so,he still maintained it.


Maan was so lost in his past’he saw a shadow in the garden..

he rubbed his eyes n saw it again’


He saw a girl wearing a colorful frock upto her knees..

her hair tied in two ponies..she was holding a teddy in one hand..she looked like an angel in that dark night..she was competing her beauty with moon..she was following something n trying to catch it..every time it escaped ,she made a cute frown..this made maan smile’

Beautiful girl’


She  jumped in joy when she caught it..maan looked at her legs which was slim n creamy as her dress lifted in air..


Maan came out of his thoughts..he looked at the garden she was not there..


Maan-u r hallucinating..girl in ur chance..


Note:’.Maan may be rude n violent..but he never had attraction to girls..he has seen many beautiful girls ..many have proposed him straight n to marry or for a night..but maans only aim was he did not let any one near him..n thought a girls presence may divert him from his goal’the one gud character in him’no girls..n  one more..he drinks only in parties..he don’t want to visit dadi in drunken state..


Nakul came with  his dinner..


Nakul-maan baba..ur food..


Maan-ji kaka..maa kahaan hai..


Nakul-wo dadimaa ki kamrei mei..


Maan finished his dinner..


Maan-teek going to sleep..




Nakul closed the door n went down..rano also came down..


Rano-bhaiya,maan beta sogayi hai kya..


Nakul-haan..he said he is tired..kyun rano..


Rano-wo..i want to introduce geet to him…teek hai..i’ll introduce in morning..


All had their dinner..nakul went to his quarters with other servants’geet n rano slept in kitchen..


At midnight maan was thirsty..he saw the jug empty..he moved to the kitchen..he stopped seeing the scene’


Geet was hugging rano in her sleep’her one hand n leg over hers..maan felt jealous seeing someone hugging his rano maa..she is his maa now..

He neared them slowly without making noise’he moved the strands of hair covering geets full face..


Maan was bowled by the beauty..seeing her so close he stood stunned’her round face, perfect nose, chubby cheeks n dimpled chin’her lips’it was perfectly shaped n pink in colour..her bare neck..a small curve of her softness’her slim waist..his gaze moved down’..her spread was long away gone n she was in deep slumber that she did not feel her frock was not in its her legs were on her moms’maan touched her legs..he can feel it..she was so soft’

 so,It was not imagination..



maan moved his hands till her knees..geet giggled feeling ticklish..


he jerked..what I am doing..


his hands trembled..he took the edge of her frock n placed it correctly..he took the spread n covered her..still he was not convinced..he rolled the extra portion of spread in her the spread will not go away even if she tossed in sleep..feeling satisfied, he moved out to his room silently..taking the water bottle’



precap:maans rules in mansion..n devs whereabouts..

                                             PART 4

They reached mansion..geet took her toys n chocos..n ran inside to show 2 her mama-maan looked at the trio..all 3 have fainted..maan called his servant. N asked him to threw the 3 out n they were fired from job..he called another one n asked him to keep the purchased things in his room-geet took her mama with her to show other things maan purchased for her..maan went to take a shower telling geet to open the packs..

Rano was over whelmed by the love he showed for geet..

Geet:mama..see this..long skirt with tops..this is jean with guddies-this frocks..

When maan came out she saw her showing frocks keeping over her dress..


Geet:yes king..

Maan:I said u one condition while buying this..

Geet:u didn’t say the condition..

Maan took all her frocks n kept it aside..u will wear this things only after 6pm till morning day times u will wear pants,full skirts n salwars..


Maan looked at rano,who was looking at him greatefully..

Rano:thanks beta..but..itna dresses.where will she keep..n what others will think..

He turned to rano..

Maan:her things will be arranged in my study..whenever she wants to play she may use it..n aap maa..u r thinking about others..did u think what will others think about what she wear

Rano:wo..tho bachi haina..


Geet how old are u..

Geet:im 15..

Maan:she is 15..n u r saying her she is 10yr old girl..

Rano:I cant make u understand what im trying to say.. getting bored..i want to see tv..

Rano:geet..bus bi go down..

Geet was taking maans friendship for granted..but he is maan her master..rano want to make her understand..

Maan:maa..arrange this things in study..

He gave rano work she don’t say anything to geet..he made geet sit on chair n switched on the tv..n gave her remote..

Maan:geet..u watch..i’ll come now..


Rano was about to call geet..

Maan:rano dinner at table..

Rano reluctantly went down..n placed the dinner..

Maan called all his servants..

Maan:from tomorrow all of ur timings are changed..from morning 6  evening 6..noone will enter mansion than the time I said..n u all will take turns n make  food for all in ur quarters..rano maa will not make for will be ur last day staying here till that clear..

Servants:ji sir..

all left from that place..

rano asked ..Beta..why u changed the time..

Maan:all are looking at geet..dont u think,she cant understand their behavior..she is walking here n there  in small a mother u must have corrected it..

Maan bluttered his thoughts..n then realized what he said..

Maan:till geet is here ,I don’t want my servants to make any mistakes-I cant tolerate any thing bad to mohinders daughter.

Rano saw his concern..n thought he cares for geet as she is mohinder’s daughter..n as a new found friend.

Maan:n in day times I’ll be in geet can use my study to read or play..noone will enter my room n she can be free..

When maan came to his room he saw geet seeing tom n jerry n laughing loudly..rano came n called them for dinner..

Maan:come geet..u ll also be hungry na

Geet followed him..

Rano served his dinner n maans one glance..she served geets plate n started to feed her..maan left to his room n rano made her sleep near her..

Maan layed on bed n recollected his outing with geet..he loved spending time with her..there was an unknown peace inside him.on the other side,he was feeling for losing control before a girl..wherever he saw he dreamt geet standing there..he was growing restless..

He said to himself..i must have control on my thoughts..i may cross my limits if im attracted to her this way..she is very young..naive n innocent..

I took her innocence for granted..i kissed her..i touched her he couldn’t sleep after that..he went to his gym n started to work was early morning 3.he made decision..he will keep distance from geet.he was coming out of gym..he saw lights on in kitchen..

He heared geets screams-aahhh..mama-I couldn’t tolerate..

Maan came n saw rano applying oil in geets stomach..

Maan asked what happened..

Rano:patha nehi..she is saying she has stomach pain..i think she got  food poison

he so much wanted to take geet in his arms n comfort her pain.. maans decisions of keeping geet far away from him didn’t last for 5 minutes too..

Maan:u must have taken her to dr..

Rano-At this time.. how can i..

Maan:ok..ive tablets..give her.

Rano followed n took tablets from him n gave to geet..geet slept after taking her tablets. Maan felt relief n came back to his room..


Maan was in dadi’sroom .dadi looked at him lost..

He said I must keep myselves away from her..she is affecting me..i cant reach my goal,if this sensation grows inside me..i want to take revenge from dev..till that I must avoid geet..

Dadi was hurt hearing it..still his revenge takes over his love..

Maan came out n saw geet playing in steps-descending n ascending skipping by 2’s..2..4..6..8..10…geet didn’t see him as she was busy in playing.

Maan tried to avoid,but he kept on staring at her..she was wearing a yellow full skirt n green tops which they bought the previous day..she was descending now.n her skirt caught his attention..he looked around for rano..she was not there..some servants were cleaning the mansion..maan immediately pulled geet n went to his room..

Geet:king..aah..why u pulled me..see my hand is paining..

She said rubbing her wrists..

Maan :go inside washroom..

Geet:kyun..i took bath already..

Maan was frustrated..c ur skirt..she checked front..

Geet:kya hai..

Maan st:did she knew she got periods..y she is behaving like this..

Geet then saw the stains in her skirt..

Geet got scared..blo..oOD.blo..od

N she fainted..maan caught her before she touched the floor..

The reaction of geet said,its her first time n maan don’t know what to do..he scooped her n placed on couch..

Maan called rano to his room..

Rano:u called me..

Maan showed geet

Rano came near geet..n patted her cheeks..

Rano:kya hua geetko..

Maan:she fainted..

Rano thought may be she did some mischief n maan must have scolded,she fainted..

Maan:change her dress..use my washroom..

saying he went out side..

then only rano saw the stains..she was happy at one side n worried at other side..n she felt awkward as maan was the first to find geet got matured..

rano went to study n took a new dress..she came down n took napkins n went to his room..she sprinkled water n geet woke up.

Geet cried showing her dress..

Rano took her inside maans washroom n gave her a shower..explaining about the changes n why she had stains..she taught her to keep pads n how to change in regular intervals..

Geet felt shy for the first time

rano came out saying geet to stay inside till she calls her.

.maan was there.packing his things..

Maan looked at ranos face..before his parents death,when he was small he has visited his moms friends house..n heared their discussion about their daughter..

Maan:maa..i know girls must be kept alone during this time..i’m going for London for a,u can make geet stay here in my room…take care of dadi

Maan looked at the slightly opening door..geet was peeking through the small gap..her eyes was visible for him..she lowered her gaze when she met his eyes..he can see her pouting..

May be she heared him leaving for London n she didn’t like it..n maan thought,my goal is calling me..its better I stay away from u

Maan:teek hai my flight is in an hour..

He did not wait for ranos answers..he went to dadi’s room..Dadi..give me blessings..ive found dev..i’m going to London..dadi..i’ll give my parents soul rest in peace now..this time he will not escape from me..

He touched her feet ..then come back in his room only to see geet sitting on couch and pouting her lips…maan raw desire to nibbing that juicy lips awake.. he control himself and come to her and sit next to her..

maan – y ur pouting like this?????

geet – y u going leaving me alone… now who brought me chocos…

maan – its important for me to go but i promise i bring lots of chocos for u…when i come back..

geet – ok…then

maan again kiss her cheeks and forehead and leave from their… he afraid he may not be able to go leave geet if she again ask something so its better to leave..

He called nakul n informed him to take care of dadi..n also ordered no one to enter his room other than rano n geet till he returns..n  he left to London..


  PART 5


In London

maan’s detective informed him about dev chopra…n so maan  was here to make his life hell.

the detective came to see maan in his house..

maan : dev’s details?

Detective : sir Dev Chopra is MD of an import n export firm is only for outer world but in reality he is a very big drug dealer ..he imports drugs in name of goods export… he is partner in  many other business too .. like hotels ,night club, pubs where every illegal work take place ‘he sales girls also..he drugs girls n makes video of them spending nights with his men..then he blackmails them n supplies to vip’s n get his import n export orders…,he is totally  a spoil brat living with his girl friend aarti… he doesn’t have any house particularly…he is afraid of his,he changes his place often staying in random hotel rooms… he has girl friend but he spend his night even with other girls… aarti knows about it but she herself help him to get new girl every night and new man for herself… she is a partner of dev in his every crime… she even knows how dev killed ur parents for sake of money… London police tried to collect proves against dev and aarti..but failed every time… dev is responsible for so many death due to his drugs… but he doesn’t repent anything… he only wants money.. he can do anything for it…

Maan (smirks evilly and st )-  mr. Dev chopra ..start counting ur days… because now u have to face MSK not maan ..who is not capable to save his mom dad from u… now its ur turn to pay back for ur deeds…


Maan to detective: i want every detail of his every business…small to big whatever he do… from where he gets money and yaa i even want every details about his so called girl friend…  her every whereabouts…her contacts with other bf’s..

Maan makes himself busy to make plans of trapping dev and aarti… he knows aarti is devs weakness…n will trap dev by her..n make his partner against him..days passed by..

Its only 4 days that maan left geet… for him time stopped there itself…he only knows how he spend this 4 days without her glimpse… he try to concentrate on his work but did not succeed ..everytime he closed his eyes..he saw only geets smiling face… he did tai chi to get rid of her thoughts but  did not succeed..

he spent his whole day in office.. but night is very torturous for maan ,

maan every night dreamed about geet..assuming her in his bed too. her slim milky white legs…her perfect pink lips.her kiss her touch.. her mere thought turned him on…his craving for geet increased day by day… he have to take shower in middle nights sometimes to subside his desire for her… maan tried  his level best to ignore geet’s thought but all in drain…he was with her for only two day…n here she has conquered his thoughts..

In Delhi

Khurana Mansion is a big mansion where on ground floor an open kitchen attached with living room and dining area.. it includes a guest room.. which is locked…

on 1 floor.. 4 king size bed rooms were there …one for maan… 2nd one is for dadi… and other 2 rooms that is belong to 1 for dev… which is locked and no one dare to open that room… and last one belonged to maan’s parents.. where dev killed them.. that room is very close to maan’s heart his happy and sad both memories belong in that room…he doesn’t allow anyone to enter inside that room ..only he enters the room  whenever he miss his parents a lot.. he feel their presence there..

Rano and nakul working in kitchen when nakul see gudia sitting on floor and drawing something… he thought he should give rano a room atleast guest room as of now geet also staying with rano she needs a separate room..

Nakul : rano u should use ground floor guest room.. see gudia is also with u.. u need a room na… and maan baba also told u to use that room na…


Rano : bhaiya i know maan beta ask me to use guest room , he told me so because he respect and love me like mother but its also true na i m maid in this house… how can i take advantage of his love.. my self respect will not allow me to use mansions room because no other servant ‘s are allowed to use their master’s thing na… and i m living in mansion due to dadi’s health , she needs someone 24*7 close to her… or else i will  also living in servant quarters with u all na… and gudia i can’t leave her alone na.. so.. we don’t have any problem living in kitchen bhaiya…

(note:answer to all who was confused  why rano sleeping in kitchen)

In KM geet spend her most of the time in maan’s study ..rano strictly ordered her not to come out of room till  7 days..she can come out only if rano is with her..the rest of time geet stayed watching tv in maans room and reading love stories…she took  all the books n read the the first page.she finally saw a prince story..she opened it..n started to read..once there was a prince..his name was raj…he had a big palace..plenty of servants..all the citizens of his kingdom bowed when he appeared..they obeyed his orders…he visits his kingdom in his black shining  horse..he was a prince charming for all girls..he was so handsome n good looking…

now geet  start imagining  maan as  .the prince of story..which she is reading..maan too has a big palace like house..servants..all obey him..he is also thought in that time king has black big car..he is the real king..she chuckled n continued to read..the prince gud habits n his helping nature..his talents..his family all were explained like the way geet liked..geet got interested more..n she read the next part..

the prince met a girl in forest…she was eating mango sitting in a tree..she slipped n prince caught her at time before reaching the ground..

geet giggled..

king also caught me before falling from steps..

both kept staring at each other..prince was looking at her n she was looking at her..

we also did same.but i told him to move..

the prince looked at her she winced in pain as she has got hurt in her leg..

my king is best..i didnt get hurt..

the prince scooped her n took in his horse to her house..her parents thanked him..from then they both started to meet often in banks of river..once they both were stuck in rain..the girl n prince stayed under the tree till rain stops..the girl was the prince hugged her n gave his warmth..the thunder light scared her n the prince kissed her lovingly to get out of fear..geet felt maan kissing her..n butterflies again started to fly in her stomach..n unknown to her she blushed at her thought…she kept on smiling n hiding her face in book n slept off…

the next day also she continued her books n she started to imagine maan as the male lead of stories..she saw the trophies n photos maan got.she will ask nakul about it n he will explain when n where n for what maan got it..she felt proud seeing his achievements..

Unknown to her she started falling for maan… his absence made her a days in her every thought her every feel her every bak bak only start with maan’s name and end on his name… rano and nakul take it very lightly as its very usual for anyone to go gaga about maan…n geet was so naive like a child..they took it as a kids compliment..

One day geet heard rano talking with maan on phone.. when she disconnect.. rano saw geets grumpy face she comes close to her and  caress her hair..

Rano : what happen gudia???? why ur so sad??????do u have stomach pain? Nakul also heard what rano say , even he come close to them.. seeing geet sad..

Nakul : yes gudia what happen to u? if U want anything tell me i’ll bring u that…


Geet : (innocently) i m missing king…not even once he talk to me after going London… he daily calls here but never talk to me…u know when he was here we had lots of fun..he gave me chocos..he took me for shopping.. he become my friend too…but see now he forget his new friend… this is not done na nakul kaka how can someone forget his friend… aane do mein na king se baat hi nahi karungi…

Rano : gudia don’t be sad dear!!!!! See maan beta is a very big business man na so he has to look after his business also na… u read in novels na how a king plays his all responsibility perfectly… without ignoring his work.. and one more thing gudia maan beta is our master..i agreed he gave us respect and love but we should maintain our limits na…ok i’ll give u smile as a gud girl..

Geet doesn’t understand much but… she agreed with her mama…after rano gave her chocolate she  leave from there to dadi’s room..

Geet : dadi see na king again called but not once talk to me..leave talking to me not even once he ask about me…mama says he has so many responsibilities..but king s never forgets his friends na… dadi king na bahut bure hain.and start crying…

Dadi feel very bad and uncomfortable seeing geet crying.. she want to console her.n wipe her tears… but she cant move a bit.. she feel helpless… she want to cocoon geet in her embrace shower all her love on geet..

Geet look toward dadi : dadi dekhna i will not talk with king when he come back…

Dadi blink her eyes like she agreed with geet.. geet seeing this she shocked dadi blink her eyes or she imaginating… she forget that she was crying…and innocently…

Geet : dadi u really blink ur eyes or im  imagining it… dadi feel like laughing due to her innocent question but again blink her eyes..


Geet get excited and call nakul and rano to show dadi responding her… but our dadi is not less chalo hehehehe when geet ask her to blink eyes in front of nakul and rano.. dadi gave no reaction… nakul and rano leave from their thinking geet must be joking..

Geet complain dadi why she do so.. then dadi again blink her eyes.. geet understand that dadi only wants to talk to her.. she giggle and this become their little secret… geet always complain dadi about maan… dadi feels good that someone is their for her maan..  ..dadi feel some satisfaction.. she feels that geet is the girl who can make maan smile from heart and help him to forget about his dark past…

In london

Maan was losing his control n his thinking ability stopped..he starts taking geets attraction as a lust…its only her beauty that he is getting attracted..he consoled himself that way..

He was sitting in a club n having his drinks celebrating his victory..the first proof he collected of devs drug business..he sent to police..they have sealed his office..n his export,n import business was closed..

Maan saw aarti entering in club…he knows aarti, she can do anything for money , so maan call a waiter and give him a bundle of notes and ask him to say aarti i m a man looking for a sexy and beautiful hot girl he ready to give money whatever amount girl ask..but indirectly.. maan plan to insult aarti… his one of the plan to take revenge from dev… waiter did as what maan ask him…aarti heard it.. she looks toward maan… his smoking hot look make aarti despo.. she thought she want him for tonight..aarti reached maan n danced around him with sexy moves.. maan smirk inwardly and maintain straight face…she come close to maan and try to kiss him…but maan pushed her… she feel insulted but maintains smiley face as she want money  kissed his cheeks..

Aarti : May I be ur pleasure for tonight.. she again try to touch maan’s cheek…but maan hold her wrist and twist it..

Aarti wriggle to free herself , her eyes become teary due to pain…

Aarti (try to seduce maan more even after knowing his rude behaviour and huskily): hey don’t u know how to behave with a beautiful sexy lady..

Maan (rudely) : i know but first tell me did u see any beautiful sexy lady here…it humiliates aarti but she again try her luck..

Aarti : u wanna see m i sexy or not… so here u go.. she make her dress off from shoulder little bit…

In mean time crowd gather around them…Maan gave her disgusting look and walked leaving her… he saw a call girl,who was rating herself to a boy..he hold s that girls wrist and pull her toward him..

 i’ll pay what u need girl…

he turned to aarti..

Maan : see she looks sexy..

aarti fumed with anger… maan choosed a call girl leaving her…

Maan (turn toward aarti ) : and yaa next time plz choose a man who’s age match with u AUNTY…LOL

All laugh on aarti and maan leave from there with call girl… aarti was hell mad.n . leaves from their. not before collide with waiter and break all glasses of the tray…

Maan respects women alot but he knows aarti character , how low she may go for money… and that gave maan courage to insult aarti…

Maan’s mind is busy in insulting aarti all the while… but his heart was nowhere to forget geet even for a second… when ever some other female touch him.. his body rejected that touch… his heart hate that touch… maan himself confuse with his body and heart reaction toward other female.. y his raw desire becoming high now adays…

Maan has never crossed his he thought,he may get rid of his desires..once he tasted it..

Maan went to a room..the call girl  followed him.maan saw her wearing a short frock..maan again thought of she is fond of frocks..the girl came over him ..she started to lower her sleeves..maans saw her inners n curves exposed..maan again thought of she stood in her short slips..her small forming curves..her white skin..her waist..his kiss on her belly..the girl took maans hands n kept on her body..maan felt disguisted..he hated the touch .he thought to burn his hands in fire touching other girl..

he threw the spread over the girl n shouted..

Maan:Get out..he threw the vase n things around him..

The girl instantly corrected her dress n ran out..seeing his anger..

Maan ran his fingers in his hair..he made 3 servants half dead only for seeing geet..he changed her costume bcoz he don’t want anyone to see her like that..

Maan:no..i cant touch any girl than geet..i didnot feel bliss with other girl..yes.its not lust..its love…i love her..i possess her..i obsess her..but she is only 15..How much year she may be..but she is mine..n I’ll make her mine only..

Days passed like that..maan craving for geet increasing day by day for geet.. he daily talk with dadi , nakul and rano.. but he dare not to talk with geet…what if he loose his control and run back to her.. he cant go back now.. its high time to take his revenge from his biggest enemy … destroying dev is his first priority … he is stuck between his mind and heart…

Here geet’s all the while only missing maan and his pampering… she also waiting for maan’s call for her but no one make any attempt to make her talk with maan… she so many time complain dadi about maan… and dadi happy listening to her..even if its a crib.dadi loved geets mouths often saying only maans name… she thanked god for sending geet in maan’s life…she knows geet can  bring happiness in maan’s dull life..

Its 15 days maan is in London… geet is very eager to talk maan… she heard nakul talking with maan…

Its daily morning  routine maan call nakul or rano to talk with dadi…geet heard it was maan’s call…

Nakul take phone to dadi…geet went behind nakul… in little bit hope nakul help her and gave her phone… but rano call her in between…

Geet get late when she reach dadi’s room nakul is not their… she come and sit next to dadi… and start cribbing..


Geet(pounting) : dadi this is not fair na…see me here waiting for king call’s from last 15 days..and he not even once talk with me..see he forget me.. im afraid now ..will  he remember my chocolates which he promise… dadi i will not talk with king when he come back… so what if he is a king… i m too princess of my maa and papaji… but dadi sachi i m really missing king dadi… her eyes get teary… dadi’s eyes also get teary seeing such a cute and innocent girl eyes teary...

Dadi only blink her eyes to console her but geet not looking toward her… dadi feeling helpless but she also knows that now maan will not come back very soon..

But  1 more person heard everything and his heart missed a beat .and started  beating fast… he is non other then MSK… who is talking with dadi when he heard geet voice.. a magical voice , for which he is craving from last 15 days… no no last 15 days 6 hours 23 min and 46 sec… and upon that geet is waiting for his call his heart beating more fast… he heard how cutely she complain dadi about him.. he so much want to hug geet tight and kiss her breathless and show her , he also missing her same… he remember his every promise to her.. he already bought  toys chocolate dresses and many more things for geet… not to forget story books..

Maan’s call is on because nakul need to go for an important work.. so he settle Bluetooth on dadi’s ear and left from their… when geet enter in room she doesn’t notice Bluetooth and start her cribbing…

Next : maan in india for a day…par maan aake karega kya??????LOL

  PART 6



Aarti comes to the hotel in full foul mood..being humiliated before others was taking toll over her nerves..she entered devs room without knocking and she saw dev was with girls..he was breathing heavy after the love making with signaled the girls to go..they went leaving them.. aarti gets more mad seeing him enjoying with others..she was frustrated more n started to  break things..


dev:aarthi why r u so high..


aarthi:just shutup..u enjoying with others..u did not think about me..i was left alone..


dev looks her up n down n he  he too teases her


dev grabs a drink n neared her..


dev:I think u did not get anyone,u r angry..hmm..waise..u r getting old u 

know..u r not sexy or hot to use u did not get anyone..


aarti gets more mad..n aarti  starts to fight.


Aarthi:do u think u r young..u r also in 40s..mind it..


Devs anger shooted now..


Dev:im still hot..girls still comes for a night for me..


Aarthi:ahaha..i know..that girls come for ur money..not looking ur structure..who will 

come for an old man..


Dev:hu..who is saying me old..see u..u r looking aunty’s.n couldn’t get 

anyone for nights..



Aarthi was again mad..the word aunty reminded only maan..n she poured her anger on dev..

Aarthi:im looking like aunty..why u will not say..u used me whenever u u r not even touching me..then say me what am I to you..

Dev:u r nothing to me..not a wife nor girl friend..aarthi:u r not beautifu;  enough..u lost ur structure..hmm..u r still with me bcoz u r partner in crime..not for pleasure.. he moved her to the mirror n removed her dress..

Dev:see urself..ur curves hanging ..see ur hip..u have put on weight..n baby u r not able to withstand pleasure for long time’ya..i can use u when I didn’t get anyone..when small girls are around me why I will look at u..

Aarthi was fully humiliated by his words..

Dev:we both are living together..

Dev”s .i agree..but u r not a sati savithri type girl..who sleep only with me..u r a bitch..

Aarthi was fully broken,she never expected this from dev..she spatted back

Aarthi’nor u r a man for a women..i fell in ur charm n gave myself..u used me for ur achievements..n now u r spilling harsh words on me..

Dev:I never intended to..but u made me say so..

Aarthi:I was always with u..when u kill anyone or kidnap or making mms on girls.. only I saved u  from police,whenever they traced u or got evidence on u..

Aarti:its not for me..u saved urself..if I came under them u feared im the only one who knows ur crime from start..

Dev:don’t under estimate me..if I want to escape,I’ll remove all hurdles from my way..

Aarthi  stood nump..

Aarthi:does it mean..if I caught u will kill me to save urself.

Dev came n caressed her cheek,nuzzling his nose on her bare shoulder..

Dev:everything is fair in love n war..

He winked..

Dev:ok..let me cool you sweat heart..he started to kiss her..

Aarthi:now only u was with those girls..

Dev:I want again..they have left,so u r the one here for me..he scooped her to bed to fulfil his body pleasure..

Aarthi was with him physically,but for the first time she was broken thought her like aa filth’she thought him as her best partner,who will be there for her in all ups n he has shown his true colour to me..he thinks me also like others..i’m not special to him..than a time pass mate in bed..

Aarthi st:I’ll not leave u dev..i know I need u..but I’ll make u repay for the words u said’for mistreating me n humiliating me..she smirked inwardly..but gave a sweet smile fulfilling devs wish..

Maans house..

Maan packed all his things to go to delhi..

He got a call from his detective..

Maan:yes..whats the result..

Det:sir,as we expected dev n aarthi had fight..

Maan:did she spill any beans..

Det:no sir..its only a sentence..that we cant prove..we want her to reveal more..

Maan:so,we must wait..

Det:yes sir..n ..i..have ..


Det:I kept a camera in their room..if u say we cam leak it out..

Maan it..but it must prove its done by aunty..

Det:yes sir..

He smiled sheepishly..

Maan:u will get ur payment now in ur account..

Det:thanks sir..

Maan:n collect more details n have a close watch on them..u will get more n more.

Det”ok sir..he said happily..

Maan was so happy..he took his private jet n reached India by morning’the thought of geet brought an extra smile on his face..he reached mansion ..

it was only 5 am..he saw rano sleeping alone in kitchen..

maan st:where is geet?

His curiosity drained n his face fell down..

Without disturbing rano he went upstairs..he went to dadi n saw her sleeping..he gently kissed her n came to his room..he saw geet sleeping in carpet..her titto n the story book was laying near her..maan saw her sleeping form..a smile crept his face ..

Maan:so,geet madam is here n I was thinking she left me..

He sat next to her..her hair was blocking his view..he took the hair n settled behind her ears. N saw her full face..there was a new glow on her face after her puberty..


Maan:u r mine geet..n this beauty is also mine..only for me..


he gently traced her features of face..she was in deep slumber n she did not feel his touch..he moved his hands on her face eyes,nose chin cheeks n drew out line on her lips n lowered his hands on her neck..geet now turned taking his hand in hers hugging tight.between her cleavages.thinking its her titto..maans hands came in contact with her softness n he was loosing himself..

maanst:geet,why r u making me lose my control..i want u  to make mine..but ur age..u cant spare our closeness..i have to wait for u for more years..

he leaned on her..

iska matlab ye nehi,I’ll not touch you’I will do all except love making..that too till u grow up matching my passion..i love u geet..n u must love me too’

he gently pecked on her lips n removed his hands slowly..the wriggle made him touch her more n she slightly moaned  in her sleep.. he softly kneaded her curves..she moaned again in sleep..


he whispered in her ears..

i love to hear my name when u moan when I’ll make love to u..

he chuckled at his erotic thoughts.forming inside him nowadays..

his eyes lowered n saw her wearing a full was above her knees showing her slim legs..he caressed her legs..

u r so beautiful geet..i cant take my hand or eye from u..

he stopped near her thighs.he pressed his lips there..she giggled feeling ticklish .he sighed n pulled her skirt down..

maan:u r sleeping peacefully taking my sleep..hmm in one way its also gud..or how can I touch u this way when u r woke up..

he heared sounds on ground floor..he immediately straightened..

he took the spread n covered geet.n kept a pillow under her head..

.he moved n changed his dress..he faked sleeping in his bed..but he slept soon..a satisfaction of owning his love made him sleep..n the jet lag too


Rano came up to see geet..

This girl..what will I do with many times I will say her come n sleep with me..she says she will come after reading books n sleep there itself..

Rano stopped at her tracks seeing maan sleeping in bed..geet sleeping in carpet on floor..


Rano:maan beta..when he came..oh no..what he would have thought seeing geet sleeping jalli bi na’rano waked her..n woke up geet..n took with her’

Rano did not say maans arrival to geet..she may shout n disturb his sleep..

After two hrs..maan woke up n was brushing his teeth..he heared a sweet voice’he washed up n was like a magnet pulling him towards was a bajan..maan found it coming from dadi’s room..he entered it n the nurse left seeing him..maan saw geet singing..she must have taken bath now only..her hairs were dripping water..the sandal smell of her soap filled the room..maan stood there watching her every moves..maan lost belief in God when his parents were killed..he used to accompany his mother to all mandirs..she was a devotee of Krishna..n dadi was also fond of Krishna..she woke up always n see his photo only..for that one reaon maan left a photo straight opposite to dadis bed..geet was doing pooja ndecorating Krishna with flowers’n singing bajan’maan was mesmerized by her voice..n stood still’.lost in her’

Geet turned n saw maan..first she thought its her illusion’then found its real’ geet came running to him she pounced  hugged  him tight by his neck..she was hanging on him..

Dadi saw them both n was happy to see the puppy love of geet..


to reciprocate maan took his hands n that’s when his hands came direct contact to her thighs..

Maan pushed her aside n looked her up n down..maan seethed in anger seeing her in frock again..

That too a sleeveless short frock..

Geet excitingly:king u came..u know..i..

Maan cut her off..

Maan:what are u wearing dammit..

maan blasted on her

Geets excitement vanished looking at his anger filled red eyes..

Geets eyes instantly filled with tears..n maan closed his eyes for shouting at her..her tears pricked him..he came to geet n hugged her..

Dadi:maan beta..see im here too..

Maan rubbed her back..

Im sorry..

Geet:aap na bohut boorei ho..

She hit his chest with her small fists..

He held it n kissed both..

She stopped hitting him feeling ticklish..


Geet:u talked to all..but did not talk to me..u know how I wished to talk to u..

Maan:im sorry..

Geet:see now also u came..but u started to shout at me..

She cried again..

Maan kissed her tears..

Dadi blinked her eyes fast n closed it..

Dadi:ye mera potha ithna fast chalraha hai..he is romancing before me..

Maan pulled geet close..both their bodies touched each other..their was not even a space for air to go..he kissed near her lips n geet shuddered ..n held maan closely..

Maan patted himself mentally’

Maan,good going..geet is reacting to u’

Maan heared the footsteps n parted her apart.

Maan:go..change n come..

Geet:but I love frocks..

Maan:I said go now..its order of ur king.

Geet stamped her foot pouted her lips cursing him under her breathe..dushtdhanv king..n left..

Rano came inside n saw maan..

Rano:beta..when u came..u did not inform us also..

Maan:wo yesehi..i want to see dadima.i missed only I came..

Dadi st:missed me or geet..

Rano:acha hua aap aagayi..i’ll get u ur coffee..



geet entered changing to a chudithar…

rano:when I say,u didn’t what made u change..

geet:kings order..

rano:thanks jalli tho meri bath sunthahi nehi..zidhi hogaye hai..


Rano left n geet sat cribbing maan for taunting her..

Maan closed the door n came near her..


Geet:mei aapse naaraz hoon..katti..

Maan got anger :how can u say u wont talk to

He pulled her with full force..she landed on his taught chest..her heart paced faster..

Her face became pale seeing his anger..n backed out from his embrace..

maan controlled himself n slowly moved to her..

maan:I’m.  sorry..

she started to cry again..

geet:u always taunt me..u did not think about me..u r not my friend..go..u don’t like me..noone has taunted me..jaanthi ho king..geet tho akele rah gayi 15 days ive no one to play,talk or mama bhina..she did not take me to outing also..u don’t like me..u hate,only u r scolding me..

maan cupped her face..n wiped her taers..

maan:I don’t like tears in ur eyes. how can I hate u when .i love u geet.

Geet:u don’t hate me..

She looked at him..

(ye jalli..he proposed her n she didn’t even notice it)

Dadi st:hmm not bad..meri sapna poora horaha hai..

Maan:sachi…i don’t hate u.. hmm..dont u want to see the gift I’ve brought for u..

Geets face glowed hearing it..

Gift for me..what ..what..what..i want to see..

Then she saw dadi’s eyes closed..

Geet came near  her..

Geet:dadi,u are sleeping..when I came u was wake up na..uttiye na..see mera king aagaya..

Maan:geet,dadi is sleeping..dont disturb her..

Geet:king ,u don’t this time dadi will not sleep..she hears my bajan..n I use to say about my studies n cartoons na..then after taking medicines only she will sleep..

Maan:dadi,don’t hear us..geet..

Geet:but dadi hears me..u don’t trust me na..

Maan saw dadis eyes opened looking at them both..she was dreaming them getting married..n maans kids running around her n making maan frustrated with their naughtiness..she chuckled mentally at her dream..

Geet:dadi,tell him na..u hear me..u listen to me ..

Maan:geet bachpana chod..dadi is in coma..she cant react or sense whats going around.

Geet:king u also don’t believe me na..dadi,see no one believes me..king also..u tell him I missed him so much..i told u na..

Geets face shrunk n her eyes moisted..dadi cant see geet in tears..she blinked her eyes..

Geet:see king..dadi blinked..

Maan was so happy..

Maan sat next to her..

Maan:dadi,can u hear me..

Dadi blinked again.

Maan hugged her tight n his shell broke down for first time..he had tears in his eyes..

Geet:king,why are u crying..

She asked in concern.

Maan turned n he lifted geet n swung her around.she giggled being up in air..

 Dropping her again to floor he kissed her face madly..

Maan:u don’t know what u have done to me geet..u have brought my dadi back..

His eyes were still moisted in joy..

She saw his face..

Geet:king,if u cry..i’ll also cry..muje bi rona araha hai..

Maan smiled seeing the concern..he left her n turned to dadi who has kept her eyes closed

Geet looked around for her titto..

Geet:king,I forgot my will be alone..i’ll come now..she went..

Maan took her dadi’s hands..



She opened her eyes..N now maan was sharm se pani pani..iska matlab..i was hugging geet n kissing her before,only she kept her eyes closed..he turned red n dadis eyes smiled seeing it..maan can read her eyes now..she is happy..


Maan:erm..dadi..aapko geet pasand hai na..u know what I’m trying to say..


Dadi blinked her eyes in acceptance..


Maan:I’m so happy dadi..mujhe tho sirf aapki mansuri chahiyethi..

Rano came in with his coffee..maan took it ..

Maan:maa,dadi blinked her eyes..

Rano:beta,u don’t come in geets words..

Maan:no,,she is telling truth..dadi blinked at me also..

Rano:if its so happy..meine mannat maanghi hai..if dadis health improved I’ll come to temple..i’ll go today..

Dadi’s eyes turned a little hesitant..seeing rano..

Rano went away taking his cup..

Maan looked at dadi,which was showing some tension..

Maan:u worry what will rano maa say..

Dadi blinked..

Maan:wo muj par chod deejiye..i’ll make her agree..

Still dadi was in tension..

Maan:dadi,u think about geet n my age

Dadi didn’t blink..meri aur tumhari dadaji kit ho 12yrs difference tha..buddhu..

Maan:dadi..i got..u think she  is small now..

Dadi blinked..

Maan :dadi,don’t worry..she is mine..i can wait for her to grow up..

Dadi looked at him..

Maan:do u think she will not like me when she grew up..

Dadi blinked..

Maan:dadi..she is wet clay now..i know how to transfer her to my wishes..

There was something dangerous in his tone,which dadi never seen..

Maan:she will never say no to me.. she is mine n mine only..i’ll not let her go away from me..maan singh khurana never let what he owns.she will be mine..

His tone was deadly cold n his possession sent shiver in dadi..

                  PART 7

Dadi:beta,she is wet clay.i agree..she is so innocent,bubbly n nave.,but u must mould by ur love not possession..u must not think u own her..u must make her feel special by ur love..this is not business to grab a deal..dont snatch her by ur possessiveness..

Maan did not knew what is running on her mind..

Nakul came n called for breakfast..

Maan called dr. n informed about dadi’s progress..n he said he is coming by noon for her check up..

Maan made his way to dining..he looked for geet..

Maan:geet kahaan hai..y she is not in dining..

Rano:wo..she will eat later..u eat first..

Maan sighed..

Maan:how many times I’ll say u maa..she is not a servant here..

Geet came there cribbing..

Geet:haan bathao mama ko..u r my friend..

Maan pulled her arms n made her sit next to him..

Maan:now serve us..

Rano gulped her saliva n started to serve..

As he is back after 15 days,rano has made pasta nakul said he takes extra food when its pasta..he likes it..

Maan was quietly eating..geet was still playing with titto..her face had cute frown..

Maan:maa,should I tell u to feed her..

Rano took a morsel hesitatingly n took near geets mouth..geet made yuck face like rano expected..

Geet started to crib

Geet: ye blunt it is u know na maa.. yuck..i hate it..maa aapne aur kya kya banaya..

Rano said..n geet again cribbed do u eat all this food..i don’t want this..she pushed her plate n got up..

Maan:maa,what have u made for her..

Rano:wo beta..i did not make anything for her..

Maan stood angrily n shouted at her..

Maan:I told u..dont treat her like my servant..she is ur daughter n u have to make dishes according to her wish..

Rano now cribbed..

Rano:if I know how to make I would have..

Maan:kya..kya maanga usne..

Rano:pizza..she wants pizza this early pinky ko tho mei baath mei dekloongi..she made geet eat all jung foods n she is asking me daily new new things which I don’t knew nor heared..

Geet was nibbling her nails..

Maan:geet,do u want pizza..

Geet:yes..will u buy for me..

Maan:ok..come with me..i’ll get u on my way to office..

Geet:teek hai..haiya jolly..maa see this is my king..he takes me out..not like u..she said showing her tongue out..

Rano did not like geets behavior..but when maan is comfortable what ccan she say..

Geet:par..king..u did not show me my gift..

Maan:first lets go n have ur breakfast..then I’ll show u..


Maneet left..rano looked at the way they left..

Nakul:rano,I know what u r sochlo..bcoz of geet maan baba is happy..n geet is also happy with maan..she is making him do things which he never did..maan never went out..see now he is going out..if they are happy enjoying their friendship,why should we interfere..

Rano was little convinced..

Maan n geet went to a near by pizza hut..

The owner was shocked to see maan there..he was nearly going to faint..

Maan snapped his fingers before him n brought him to reality..

Owner:ss..i..i..rr.. aap..

Maan:get a pizza..

Owner:ji sir..

He ran n came back ..he placed the pizza..

Geet started to cherish each n every bite..maan chuckled seeing her antics..

Maan paid the bill n his phone buzzed reminding that he has some urgent paper to be signed..

Maan:geet,will u come with me to office..


Maaneet went to office..geet grabbed his arms n walked with him to match his steps..his arrival made a hustle bustle in office a second all were standing like an obedient student before teachers..maan walked with attitude..the staffs were surprised to see maan with a girl..she was looking like a cute doll with her two ponies n tightly fitted chudi…maan didn’t mind..bcoz she is hers n he don’t want to hide it..

Whatever they think he never cares..

Geet was admiring his office n his interiors..with her jaws opened..

Maan:geet,close ur mouth or flies will go inside..geet closed her mouth instantly..

Maan walked  with full arrogance making all shiver..a man was looking at geet..maan noticed it n saw where his eyes were..geets dupatta was now on one side  n her curves were showing her perfection over the thin material..

Maan placed her dupatta correctly covering her..but he was fuming in can anyone see her lustfully..he looked at his staff ..he was now shivering badly for coming in bad books of maan..who is a devil for his enemies..


Maneet entered their cabin..

maan pinned her harshly to the door..

dont u have sense to behave..
geet who was busy checking n admiring his office was baffled hearing his angry tone..
geet:meine kya kiya..
he crushed his body on hers squeezing her curve harshly..
maan:this..why u dropped ur cloth before u even know ur curve was noticed by mens..didnt ur mama teach u to place this cloth hiding it..
geet hised in pain to be handled roughly..
seeing her pain maan rubbed her curves..
geet freed her from him n slided her sleeves..till her half cleavage..
maan looked at geet shocked..what is she doing..
geet:mama bought me this..
she pointed her bra..
bcoz of this cloth,u see my upper noticed..or it was flat only na..i hate wearing fits 
me tight..n my body turns blue..
she said between her sob…
maan corrected her dress immediaetely,not trusting himself..her exposed skin made him 
arouse..n he dont want to loose his control..
maan cursed himself for being harsh on her..when he knew she is not at fault..n a child…
maan carressed her breasts..
is it sorry..i was too harsh..
he was apologising her..but geet was drifted to a new sensation..n moaned king..
maan neared her hearing her call him huskily..
maan:do u love this feel geet..
geet nibbled her lips..n said hmmm..
he rubbed her more enjoying himself n giving pleasure to her..after some time he left her..
maan:geet,aage dyaan rakna..always cover urself correctly..
geet:ok..if i failed u will squeeze me harsh..i wont do it..sachi.. this the place were u rule ur kingdom

Maan chuckled ..

his anger drained hearing her story language..


Maan heared a knock..

Maan:geet sit here quietly..n no interference when im talking with anybody..

Geet:ok king..

Maan sat on his chair making her sit in couch’

Maan:come in..

Adi entered..

Adi:g..g..ud..mor..ning sir..

Geet giggled hearing his stammering..she thought he is scared of maan n so he is stammering..

Maan gave an angry glare..she kept her hand on her mouth n sat quietly..adi looked at her ‘she was sitting like a student when teacher says silence..

He was about to smile..then thinking about his boss who has short temper..n cant withstand any negligence in work..he came straight to point..

Adi:sir,this is khuranas running project..we need ur sign for next stage preparations..n Mr.samanth is on way for his hotel project..

Maan:is the presentation ready..

Adi:sir,we already shown him blue prints..he is impressed so,he is here to sign the deal..

Maan looked at geet who was still sitting with her finger on lips n just rolling her eyes..maan was falling for her cute antics..

Maan signed the papers n gave to adi..

Maan:Ok..u may go adi..n when samanth comes inform me..

Maan neared geet n took her fingers off..he looked at her pinky lips ..he badly wants to cherish it..he closed his eyes to control himself..

Maan:what was that geet..

Geet:u said na..keep quiet..i was doing that only..if I didn’t keep my fingers on lips na..i will start to giggle or speak..wo kya haina..muje meri teacher ne hamesha chatter box bulathe hai..i cant keep quiet..

Maan did not say anything ..he kept on seeing her..she was talking about her friends n teachers ‘non stop..maan quietly listened to her..noo..he did not listen to her..he was drinking the beauty by his eyes..capturing her antics ..

She forgot ,her dupatta has slided down long back n maan was starring her beauty..

Maan came near her n softly touched her curves..geet stopped her bak bak..

Geet:king..she said in low voice feeling something..

Maan composed himself..

Maan:didn’t ur mama say,u must hide this part when u r out..still he was caressing her n feeling her..he want to make love to her..but he cant..doing this things may keep his feelings under control..n he want to make geet crave for his touch..he will do anything to keep her by side..

He did not fail to see a red colour forming in her cheeks when he is touching her..

Maan:u must place ur cloth like this..he said placing her dupatta over her.

Geet nodded..feeling butterflies..

Geet:king..she said again..her voice got dried in her throat..


Geet:my stomach..

Maan know she is feeling butterflies at his touch..n he want to forget what he did..what if she says to rano  his act..he don’t want rano to think bad about him..or if she says,rano may make geet distance from him..i want to think something that maa will also be with me..n geet will not say anything happening between us..

Maan:did ur mama said or not..


Maan:if u say I said u to correct.maa bohut guzza hogi tumpar..

Geet:I’ll not say..n u also don’t say..

Man gently kissed her cheeks..

Maan:I’ll can I see ur sad face..n for ur stomach..its hungry again..what u want to or cold..

Geet:I drink milk..mama says milk is gud for health..


Maan ordered a milk n coffee for him from pantry..

Geet:aapki  darbar bohut achi hai..

Maan again smiled at her choice of words..

Maan:tum bhi is dharbar ki hissa ho.

Geet:I now in ur cabin na..

Maan heared a knock n saw his secretary coming inside with coffe n milk..

She kept n went away’

Maan gave geets milk n he had his..he was deeply in to punish the staff for laying his eyes on geet..

Adi informed the client arrived..

Maan:geet,u obey kings orderna..


Maan:im going for a meeting..u will not come out of my cabin..i’ll be in half an hour..

Geet:half an hour alone..geet bore hojayegi..

Maan:ok..u will not feel bored..


Maan:what will u give if I say..


Maan:ok first kissy do mujei..i’ll say..

Geet came n kissed his cheeks..

Geet:now tell me..

Maan:here is my cell..u have games in it..u can play till I come..

Geet was too excited seeing his blackberry..she hugged him tight n kissed again saying plenty of thanks..

Geet.u wont come outside to explore or to talk to anyone..


N this door will open only if I come..u cant go out without me..

What u say automatic..


Geet said ok n drowned in her games..

Maan left the cabin..but he locked it outside without anyone noticing..

Maan attended the meeting n the deal was signed

Maan called the staff who looked at geet..

He entered his cabin in fear..

Maan:so,u know why I called u..

He said sarcastically..

N the man shivered..

..maan asked him to come near n stand beside him..

Maan:if u blink ur eyes,think u will be thrown out through window from this 8th,stand not for so much time..just 2 minutes..

The man was confused why he is saying like that..he kept his eyes open wide thinking about maan s next set of words..

Maan took a snacks plate which was served during was too much spicy..he turned the table fan n the spicy materials n mirchy powder went into the mans eyes..he want to close his eyes n rub it n take the spice washing with water..his eyes itched..he still tried to withstand..after 2 minutes maan left him..n he started to rub n scream..ahh..its eyes..

Maan:that what I felt when u placed ur eyes on her..

He left him alone to suffer..

Maan came back n saw geet still playing..

Maan:geet lets go work is done..

She moved still playing in his phone..she concentrated on game more than the way..maan grabbed her waist n moved inside lift..

Maan:geet,close it now..u can play afterwards..

Geet:bus..5 min..i’ll finish this game..


He again pulled her close to him n walked to the car..noone dares to look their closeness r voice out..if they,they knew they will be punished by maan..even the medias noticed..but they dared to wake up the,they also kept quiet..

At lunch..

Rano made both maneets favourite dishes..n both had it together..then dr.came n checked dadi..dr.was impressed by dadis improvement..

Dr:she will recover soon..if she improves this way..

Maan was happy so he gave dr, a hand full of money..

They spent quiet time with dadi n maan went to his room..

Geet followed him..

Geet:u did not show  my gift..

Maan opened his luggage ..

Mans st:sorry going to keep u in dark..geet will not say u anything that happens between us..but I promise..geets innocence is granted for me only..her beauty is to be cherished by me only..

He  took a soft toy..

He gave it to her..she liked it..

Maan:don’t u want to show it to ur mama..

She nodded her head n ran fast to her mother,who was busy in cleaning utensils..

Geet:mama,deko..what king has bought for me..

Rano:acha hai..

Geet again went to maanhe gave her a toy dog..which moved n gave barking sound..

Geet again ran to her mama..n showed her how it works..

rano:acha hai gudia..but..

before she finish geet again ran to his room..he gave her a hand video set n showed its features..

geet was running up n down..her joy grew no bound showing each n every gift maan bought her..

rano was getting fed up by her interference..

maan was watching it in his cctv..

rano:get,bus bhi karo..kitna gifts logi tum..

geet:maa u know,he has bought me a playstation also..he said he will teach me afterwards..

rano:saying ur king taught u this..that..grow up gudia..u don’t know what u r doing..what others will think..u r getting so much gifts from gifts mei tho yehi diktha hai..he thinks u as a small girl..c what he have brought..chocos n toys ..n he is teaching u to play..or to grow up..uff..

she sighed..geet came back to his room sadly..

maan gave her a story book..

geet:hai..prince story..


geet..i gave u so much of gifts..u did not give me any..

geet:king..what u want..

geet opened n saw some pictures..a girl kissing the prince..

geet:what is she doing..

maan:this is the way to please a prince..she is thanking him..the way he taught her..

geet:ye tho simple hai’ican also thank u..

maan:go n ask u r it simple..i ll teach u how to thank in my way..

geet again ran to her mama..

geet:mama.king gave this to me..he says thanking prince is not in this storyna deko..the girl thanking for her gifts..its simple na..king says he will teach me..

rano was now fully fed up..she was in frustration..

rano:job hi tumhara king sikhatha hai na..seeklo..but don’t tell me anything..bcoz I don’t understand any of this machines n electrical items..or is angrasi book ka A bhi muje nehi patha..if king says then learn

geet came back to maan..maan was smirking at his victory..

geet:king.what should I do..

maan was now standing in his vest n tracks..he pulled her near him..

maan:how many gifts I gave u..u will give me that much kisses..but one condition..not in same place..

geet:not in one place matlab..u say na..

maan:ok..i’ll teach u n u will repeat..


maan cupped her face..she too cupped his..

he kissed her forehead..she kissed his..

he kissed her eyes..she kissed his..

he kissed her cheeks,,chin,ears n neck n chest..she repeated it..but she was in fire..n he can sense the burning feel..he saw her eyes closed..he lowered to her lips n pecked it..he left her..

geet:ur turn..

geet opened her eyes..the feel was so much tempting in her..

she placed her sftone on his rough held her tight pressing more to him.. its gave me 10 gifts..n I gave u ten kisses..

maan left her abruptly..its enough for him now..

maan:yes’n one thing..this kisses are only for ur king..remeber ur kings order..


maan:now ..i’ll teach u play station..


maan connected to tv n took the joystick n taught her how to play..he kept her within his embrace ..his both hands on her hands teaching how to use..she was lost in game n he was lost in her..he pulled the chair near the tv n sat keeping her on laps n continued to play with her..he kept his chin on her shoulders n his hands busy in her waist..she was busy playing ..n he was busy playing with her body..he was touching her kissing her without her knowledge..he was enjoying the closeness..he kept tabs on rano n his servants who were busy in their works..n it gave him privacy to be with geet..he kissed her back.n then her cheeks…she stiffed a minute but continued with her play..

it was 4.30 pm..his coffee time..

maan made get sit on chair n moved to study..he took his laptop n kept his files spread around the table..

rano entered his study..

rano:beta,is she disturbing u..u are doing work here..n geet was busy playing in ur room..

maan:its ok..she is not disturbing me..she is playing quietly..aapko kush hona chahiye..she is not disturbing u or me..

rano sighed..hmmwo tho hai..aur she would have been running here n she is playing at one place..but beta..why u spent so much money..

before she finishes..maan shouted at her..

maan:why u always think about money..buying gifts for her..i’ll not be drowned..

maan then cooled..

maan:I bought gifts thinking she is my friend..if u don’t like it threw it out..he said in low ,but stern voice..rano can see pain in his voice..n his eyes were showing anger..

rano”im sorry beta..if I ve hurt u..

she left a smirking maan behind..he took his coffee n came n sat in chair back..taking geet agin in his laps ..nuzzling his nose to her neck..

maan:so,in which stage or u now..

geet:6th stage..

maans st:tomorrow I’ll go back geet..but I’ll make ur memories in I can cherish for full month..he again pulled her back close to him.his hands played in her waist… she did not feel weird as their hugs ,kisses n his touch has become normal between them in few hrs..


this maan..he just makes all situations to his favour..he well planned n made geet hide things from her mother..n unknowingly ,he created a line between them.geet is listening to him..or to say obey kings orders’ geet was so nave that she did not realize she is becoming puppet in his hands giving upto his demands..fulfilling his wishes to drain himself..


precap:after 6..geet in frocks..maan..what will he do…dev aarthi mu increases..maan back to london..geet going back to hostel for studies..

              PART 8

Whole evening geet is in maan room playing games and maan enjoying their closeness’at night rano call both of them for dinner’as usual maan and geet having dinner together’ rano feeding geet where maan watching both..

Maan – maa y u not let her eat her ownself??????? She is grown up now????????

Rano first surprise with maan’s consult but then ‘ wo beta she is grown up but still behaving like kid and she love to eat from my hand’ so and every mother love to fed her kid by her own hand’

Maan actually feeling jealous seeing rano so close to geet’. He hate it when rano’s hand touch geet’s lips.. his whole body burn with anger’. How dare anyone touch his geet’s lips’. Every part of geet’s body belong to maan’ no one can touch her’ and in anger he shout’

Maan – so what she is not kid any more ask her to eat by herself…

Rano get stunned by his authority but she think one way maan is right she is grown up and she need to learn this things’ but with maan’s loud voice geet scared nad hold rano’s arm tightly and close her eyes tight her whole body start shivering’. Maan notice it and cruse himself to make geet afraid’

Maan- wo maa I m just telling u to make geet independent’ I m not mean to hurt u and her’ and geet I m sorry I really don’t want to threaten u’ and gave her a pleading look’

Geet slowly open her eyes and see his pleading face’ and give him little smile.. then rano make her eat by her own.. now maan relax little bit’

After dinner maan come back to his room but he want geet to with him in his room he don’t want geet to sleep in kitchen’ he call geet in his room’he hug geet from back and place a peck on her shoulder…

Maan – geet don’t u want to complete ur game?? Geet get excited and nod in yes… again maan make her sit and himself sit back and hug her nuzzel his nose in his neck…sucking her earlobe… geet is too lost in game to react on maan’s action but feeling ticklish too’and in between she softly giggle too’. after some time maan leave geet and went to kitchen.. to talk with rano’ rano is cleaning kitchen

Maan clear his throat to get her attention – ahem ahem

Rano turn- are maan bte .do u need something???????

Maan -wo maa..ithought why dont u sleep in dadis room..though nurse is there…dadi is feeling gud around u…n i trust u more than the nurse…u offended that u will not stay in guest room..but u can stay with will help her too..usko bhi apna pan milega..that someone who cares 4 her stays with her at n8 also..pls can u stay with her in her room…

Rano – its ok beta I can understand and u don’t need to plead me ok I will sleep with maaji’ and geet will sleep here

Maan nod and leave from their’ his first plan is accomplish now plan 2 when rano come to call geet and to inform that today she is sleeping with maaji so she have to sleep alone in kitchen’ she agreed and that time maan is in his study’ but he is listening rano and geet conversation..rano even told geet that its too late and go to sleep but geet refuse she said first she want to complete her game..rano knows how stubborn her daughter is so she leave telling geet to back to bed soon’ after that rano went to maan where maan pretending to read some files.. rano hesitatingly comes and

Rano – maan bte wo geet is playing some game in ur room.. I ask her to go to sleep but she refuse saying first she want to complete the game.

Maan – I  don’t have any problem maa’ she can stay here.. n im also not sleepy..i have work to finish…u go and take care of dadi’ unki medicine ka time ho gaya..

After rano left  maan come back to his room’

Maan – geet go and change to ur night dress or else ur skin again get blue and it will  hurt u


Geet – king wait let me complete this game

Maan – no go and change now’keep in pause.. later u play as much u want..

Geet obey maan and run to change her dress’ and in very short time she come back in sleevless night gown up to her knees.. she looks too sexy to resist maan.. she again sit on couch and restart playing’

maan sit beside geet hug her from side and start caressing her hair’in very short time geet fall asleep’ she put her head on maan’s lap and cuddle up in him like kid’ then maan pick geet in his and take her to the bed and softly place her there then himself sleep next to her taking her close to him’.. first he start kissing her in her forehead then cheeks and slowly coming down to her lips..first he cares her lips with his thumb’ her soft pink petal inviting him to take them but he don’t want to geet wake up’. Then he softly peck her lips’ geet is in deep slumber to react anything.. but her lips having a sweet smile due to maan’s warmth maan to smile on her reaction’ smile on her face when they were close give him immense happiness’ his hand now go little down on her neck.. and then on her soft little bosoms.. he cares them softly with so much love too

maan – u r mine geet..i love u more than anything in this world..

he give a peck on her shoulder’ maan hugged her n kept in his embrace..after some time maan also sleep.. not before taking so many pics of geet’. In whole day he took so many pics of geet.. he want to take them with him’

in mid night maan wake up due to geet’s loud moan… Kin…g’…

when maan open his eyes’. He found his one hand on geet bosom caressing it’ and other on her forbidden area’ and his lip close to her petal’ and seeing her swollen lips he understand its sign of his passion’ but he feel himself helpless.. he lost his control in sleep.. but he is not regretting it.. and seeing geet reaction he knows geet also having so feelings for him’. He again hug her close and again sleep’

morning at 5’o clock maan get up and went to the study to avoid any problem with rano as he knows its time to get up of rano and first she check with geet ..corrected her dress which was loosely hanging  exposing her bare shoulders n half cleavage.. he want to be in good books of rano’.

As maan thought, when rano couldn’t find geet in kitchen come to maan’s room and seeing geet sleeping in maan’s bed neatly tucked under spread..’ and maan is sleeping in study room’her respect for maan in rano’s eyes increase more’. She make geet awake and take her with her..maan smirked seeing rano left without any doubt..thats what he wanted…

Maan done with his daily routine and then come to meet dadi in her room where geet is already present and doing puja and singing bhajan.. she is looking like pure and fresh dew.. water dripping from her long and silky hairs maan lost himself in her but maintain his control because of dadi, nurse and rano..after puja geet fed dadi holywater and then forward her hand to maan’ if some one else were at geet place he would never touch that water but its geet and he cant refuse to it’ and then maan start talking with dadi

Maan – dadi how r  u feeling today???????? He cares her hair dadi blink her eys n assured maan he smile little.. geet sit other side of dadi..

Maan- dadi I m going back today but u don’t worry I take care of myself and here u have nakul kaka and rano mama and yaa geet too maan is lost to see geet reaction when he look toward geet he saw geet teary eyes before he could say anything geet run from their..maan got confuse and run after her

Geet run to the dining area and hid under table maan search geet in whole living room and dining room but couldn’t find when he heard geet sob from under table’.. he bend to see under table’ his heart break in to million pieces seeing her sad face and teary eyes.. he forward his hand to take her out but geet went back’

Maan – what happen geet??????? Why ur crying

Geet -””.

Maan – plz geet say something y ur crying and plz come out.

Geet nod for no and again went back’. Maan now helpless and angered.. he failed to understand his life’s feeling’ his geet’s feeling and geet… he is also not able to understand and do anything‘ rano nakul and other servent also gather their and shock to see scene in front of them a maan who never bend in front of anyone he is sitting in floor to manofying a maid’s daughter but no one dare to ask him anything’ rano come forward gathering some courage..

Rano – maan bte what happen’ why geet is behaving like this’ let me call her out first’

Maan( already hell angry and interference of rano between him and geet making him more mad’) –  no need.. I will manage.. u stay away..

Rano is now confuse with maan’s possiveness  towards geet’ but again shrugs off the thought that may be maan pampered her like a kid not any more’

Maan ( anger is out of limit now’ and he shout) – geet come out right now.. it’s a king order and u have to obey it..

Geet come out atonce wiping her eyes and nose from back of her hand’ maan hold her from shoulder and make her sit on the chair and knee down front of her’ rano bring glass of water for geet.. but maan take it from her and bring close to geet’s lips’

Maan (streamly) – have it first

Geet gulp a little water.. then wipe her tears’ he want to kiss her eyes but he cant as all were present there’ he make geet look into his eyes with holding her chin with his index finger’

Maan (softly and lovely) – geet what happen’ plz tell me na’

Geet (hiccup’s) – wo.. u’ r..sob’ ag..ain sob’’’na’

Maan- plz geet say it clearly.. I cant understand u’ he hold her face in his palm’

Geet – wo ur going back na’ then u will again forget me’ u will call everyone and talk with them but u never talk with me’

Maan close his eyes in helplessness but he need to take revenge from dev first but he also need to calm his geet and he again wipe her tears ‘ geet princess see’. I need to go back.. but I promise I will call u daily and talk with u and I bring lots of gift too for u.. but plz stop crying’

But geet is nowhere to stop’. And this make maan more helpless..

Maan – geet plz princess stop it na’ ok lets do one thing’first I’ll  take u to the pizza treat and then we will go to ice cream parlor and then I,ll take u to the air port to see off me’ is that ok??????????

With pizza and ice cream treat geet become little bit ok.. but next demand make maan shock along with all other’because they know maan going to blust on geet..

Geet – I want burger too that too with extra cheez and more spicy

Maan (gave a weak smile and nod in yes) – ok as u say’ ok now go and get ready’

All the while rano is tensed but atlast she thank maan because she know how childishly geet behave and she thank full to maan for make geet understand and she also knows that’s if maan went without talk with geet she will make rano’s life hell with her crying’

They went from their’ together first to the pizza hut then mc donald’s then ice cream parlor and at last air port’all the while maan is holding geet close to him’ not letting her a inch away from him’ and he even take pictures of her’

At airport maan hug her bone crushing hug.. geet choked but doesn’t say anything’maan kiss her whole face’ people watching them but maan not care for anyone

he himself don’t want to go away from geet but.. he is bounded he need to go’ he even take her to the airport shop and buy so many chocolates and teddy along with a latest iphone with lots of game for her.. geet is upset but she happy with chocolates and teddy and yaa new cell phone..

maan – geet its for u i call u on this number never ever miss my call or else i punish u…

geet nod in yes and give him peck on his lips as maan told her how to thank king like story…

maan again lost in her innocent seductive gesture but come back when his flight is announced he went from there leaving geet with his body guards…

precap..maan missing geet n geet back 2 v said earlier …


Geet reached  KM , where rano was worried for her.. as she knows maan’s temper. she is confused with his behavior towards geet.. so soft and full of love caring n highly patience with her childish behaviour…straight opposite to his original self…but she console herself saying that must be maan’s  understanding ..her loss of papa because he himself lost his dad and mom in this age.. so maybe he is trying to help geet from gaining back’ and he is also helping her to make geet mature because she knows how stubborn geet is but she follows all maan’s order’ rano lost in her thought when geet hugged her from back and kissed her cheeks

Geet ‘mama’.

Rano, saw geet looking  happy’ she was worried see her crying in morning but now seeing her smiling, rano felt little relax’ rano turns and hugged geet’ but noticed her holding so many packets in her hand’.

Rano ‘ gudia what is all this???????

Geet ‘ mama king brought me all this including this’ geet shows her new cell phone’

Rano is now not liking this at all ..its ok with chocolates and teddy but i-phone is beyond her expectation , she was going to scold her, when KM landline phone start ringing’ rano picks it .

Rano ‘hello’

Maan on other side ‘

Maan-rano maa.. its me maan..

Rano ‘ ji puttar ji..

Maan -wo maa I know aap geet k pass wo sab cheezein dekh kar naraj hongi.. I know u will not like it , its against ur self-respect but plz let me do something for geet because of her dadi started responding, n geet was also complaining that i dont call her..this way she can talk to me whenever she wants…n its just my way of thanking her’. And it’s a thank u gift not anything else and its usefull to u too.. because she is leaving for hostel in few days n u can remain in her touch always , u dont want to worry about her.. plz maa accept kar lijiye ye gift’

 rano  hesitates but agreed hearing maan’s plead ..he always close her mouth with valuable reasons

but on other side maan is smirking on success of his another plan’

Maan ‘thanks maa’.

Maan(st) ‘sry maa..i have to do this…i want geet to be in touch with me…i cant be there…but i want her presence with me..



In mansion geet is excitingly showing rano all gift including cell phone along with new games’rano thanked  maan for making geet so much happy’. And also for cell phone because buying it is impossible for rano, she kissed  geets forehead.. and leave to kitchen leaving geet in living room’.

Geet excitingly run to dadi’s room to show her gifts’. Dadi was too worried for geet because after morning when geet went from there,she did not come back even maan did not come because he is busy in manofying his princess’n came only to say that he is leaving for london.. she is waiting for geet to come back’ when she  saw geet so happy and excited relax a she  little ‘

Geet ‘dadi’dadi..dadi… See what king brought me.. a new iphone u know dadi there are so many games too in it’ and he even brought me so many chocolates and teddy and many more’

Dadi is listening to geet with so much love and she also feel good to hear that maan brought geet so many things’ geet even told her how she was angry with maan and how he manofied  her and took  her to McDonald’s , pizza hut and icecream parlor then atlast airport’

Geet again become chatterbox and talking non stop’ at last rano comes to dadi’s room with dadi’s liquid food and geets food’ rano gave dadi’s food to nurse and come to geet to feed her.. but to her shock geet refused  .


Geet ‘ no maa.. I’ll take it by my own’ don’t feed me’ king ne mana kiya hain na’ he said na I m grown up now’. Ill take my food u go and take care of dadi she needs u more na and even king ask u to take care of her.. u should obey kings order’. U go and feed her’

In night again geet sleeps in maan’s bedroom while reading her new story book which maan brought for her from London’.again dreaming him as the lead of story..



Maan landed in london airport where his assistant was waiting for him.. with his limo’

Maan ‘ adi ..have u done what I ask u to do?????????

Aditiya maan’s only friend cum secretary he  studied with maan in school and college ..he is an orphan maan  took care of his study expenses’ adi is very loyal towards maan ..he was very gratitude towards maan..he can go to any extent to obey maan’s order’ in short maan’s order is adi’s command.. adi knows about maan’s past’ and also about dev’ so he is here , helping him to taking revenge , its true maan did not trust  anyone and in this adi also included but  sometimes  maan takes help of adi’maan knows adi can do anything for him’.

Adi ‘ ye’s sss..ii’r.rrr. ur orders is already done’. Me’’. wo’dvd ..aarti tak pahucha di hain’Maan smirks and leaves to his apartment’ 2 BHK with attached study room in maan’s bedroom along with a gym and swimming pool’ maan love this place a lot because its a gift from his mom n dad to him’ this apartment still had aroma of his parents ..the decor the way his mom did for him.. maan never let anyone touch or change its dcor because he feels his mom warmth in it’.

He come inside  the apartment and took out his cell phone containing geet’s pics’ he sat on the sofa in living room and start caressing geet’s pic which is on his cell phone screen’..

Maan ‘ u know princess this place is very close to me because I still feel my mom and dad here , here I feel my mom’s aroma my dad’s warmth’ my dadi’s smile’ this  place stores all happiness  in it… i didnt  leave that bostards  bad eyes   reach this place’ but today I want u to make part of it.. I want u to live here with me’..


Maan POV of rano..

Im sry maa’I cant lose ur love’nor I cant live without geet’I know im doing things behind ur back..i don’t want u to hate me’n I cant keep distance with geet..she is mine..i know as a mother u have full rights on her..but I acnt see it..i must only have right on her..she will obey my words only..what if u part me knowing our relation..i cant live without her..ill make her stay with me in all ways..though it hurts u..even if u say her to stay away from me..she wil come running to me..i’ll make her like that’bcoz she is life..

After some time whole apartment was filled with geet in between  maan’s parents pic’. Not a single place remained empty’ now he is happy

Maan ‘ mom dad’ look she is ur maan’s life.. her name is geet wife..kya hua..u r shocked hearing it. We arent married yet.she is too small to marry now…but from the first sight when i saw her.ive started to think her as  my wife…’ isnt she beautiful just like an angel’ as u always say u want ur bahu the most beautiful girl in this world’ bilkul massoom bholi bhali’like u expected.. see bilkul aisi hi hain na meri geet’ ye na aapki friend aur rano maa ki beti hain’ bolo na maa bolo papa..kaise lagi aapko meri geet’..


Maan :I know u both like her..

He started remembering the first day that apartment..

he was nearly 14..his family came to London for holidays..his mom blind folded his eyes when they reached the apartment..dadi giggled seeing maans restlessness..

maan-mom where are we going..why r u blind folding my eyes..whats there u r taking me like this?

Maan was nonstop with his questions

They stepped in the lift..

Maan:dad,where are we going.

Dad:  if I said there will be no surprise beta..

They reached the apartment..he was given keys n was asked to open..he did still in blind fold..entering it they removed the cloth..he adjusted to the surrounding n looked the house..he was blown by the beauty..all was upto his taste’his likes..his fav colour..every thing had special touch’

Dadi:this is ur present for topping in studies..n the speciality is this decors were done by ur mom..

Mom:how is the surprise champ?

Maan ran here n there..he roamed around n came back to them..he hugged them both

Maan: thank u..its amazing’beautiful.. love u both..

Dadi:muje nehi..

Maan:love u too dadi..he hugged her too..they kissed his forehead..they rested for a while n had their dinner..

At night

His mom was unpacking the things n settling the dresses n other things in wardrobe..

Maan came to her..

Mom ..shall I help you’

No dear..i’ll do myself..u take rest..

Mom im getting bored..

Ok..give me the stuffs from luggages I’ll arrange..maan did so..he was handling her a jewel box’she took him n sat on bed..she opened it ..

Maan,how is it..

Maan looked at the diamond set with unique looked very beautiful n attractive..

Dad:let me help u wearing it..he took it n weared on her neck..

He kissed her cheeks n said beautiful..

His mom shied..

Ji’aap bhi na..maanke saamne..

So what..let him will be useful for him in future..he will also love his wife like I love u..

She blushed..n maan looked at them admiringly..

Maan,how is it..

So beautiful mom’

This set is heriditory .its given by ur dadi to me’n I’m waiting for the day when I will give this to ur wife..i want best for my champ..ur wife will be beautiful,maasoom dilki..she will be an angel,who will bring more happiness to our house’

Maan blushed


Dad:maan.she did not say that she has seen an angel for u n get married now

Dad..u too..

Dadi came there saying

Maan,if u fell in love with any girl,u will say me first even before ur parents..i will say if she is gud for u or not..

Dadi..u also..u all are teasing me..

Maan store ur blush till u  get married .lets see that time..

Maan could not stand there teasing anymore ..he ran to living room n watch tv..all three giggled behind his back’

Maans eyes misted remembering there past..

Maan:ive found my love,but u both are not here to share my happiness..

He gritted his teeth n his eyes turned red in anger..

Maan:its all becoz of that dev..

He went to his mid he has placed devs photo..he took the darts n started to threw on it..

Maan:u took my parents’dart

U took away my childhood’.dart..

U took away my innocence..dart’

U took away my happiness’dart..

U made my  dadi bed ridden’dart’

U made me arrogant..dart’

U made me cunning’dart..

U made me selfish..dart..

U made me lose trust in all..dart..

U made me crave for love..dart’

U made me a devil..dart..

He started to laugh madly’

N stopped suddenly..

Now the devil will ruin u..u will live ur life a living hell daily..i will make u suffer..har ek din tum pachtoagi..u will pay for ur sins’

Dart’he threw it in full force’

The photo broke down into pieces..

This is what u will be atlast’


Maan started to do his work outs vigorously..he was waiting for the news’which can calm him..every minute was looking like a millinium to him..

 PART 10

Same time at hotel…

Aarthi was walking towards devs room in thought..her card was deactivated..she doesn’t have enough money..the next day she has arranged for a kitty party with her friends..n she was in need of money..she thought she will ask dev…as usual she walked inside the room without knocking..n dev was walking around with bare body in his single cloth..he was drinking his wine n sat down ..

Hai dev


Wo,I need a help from u..


Hmm..wo..i need xxx  dollars..

Sry aarthi…I don’t have so much..u know the import n export company has locked ..n I am spending more money to get it back..i can give xx dollars..i think u don’t need money more than it..when u eat,drink n stay with me..its enough for ur essential needs…

Aarthi was dumpfounded hearing his answer.n the next incident made her anger grow…a girl came out adjusting her dress.kissing dev…dev took her aside n gave her a handful of money,for which that girl again gave him a French kiss n left…

Aarthi went dare he says Iike that..he has money for that girl..but not for me..if its not me where he will get this much of money..

Dev came inside giving her a side hug..

I’ll go n freshup..lets have lunch together..u order it..

Ok dear..she said ever so sweetly

Her st:dev,u r avoiding me nowadays..i know now I should not trust u..n I’ll make sure u will regret for ignoring me…

She ordered the food n the waiter came n kept the tray on the side table..

Aarthi was getting bored..she saw a cd on side of food tray..the waiter kept it silently ..(adi’s men)n went away..she went to hall n inserted the cd ..she got the worst shock of her life..her n devs lovemaking was playing onscreen..she saw dev drying his hair n moving to wardrobe..she thought to call him n show that..someone has recorded their private moment..but y?

At the same time devs phone rang..his man Richard was on the other side..

Dev sir..


As u said I drugged minister’s daughter..


I made blue film of her..

That’s too I’ll teach him a lesson..for not helping me..

Ive sent u a copy also sir..

Aarthi entered devs room..he was showing his back to her n didn’t notice her..

U have sent the cd..i did not get it..its ok..i’ll c when I get it..haan make 5000 copies n send around ..make a mms n publish in net too..i want to make her feel ashame…it will be a lesson for….

Stop….aarthi roared at dev ..

Dev looked at her ..why she is anger..

Aarthi heared it from half n thought,the cd is made by him..he wants her to feel public..everyone must feel her a he can leave her easily..its what she thought n spoked out too..

Dev,I don’t believe u made bf of me..n u r asking him to publish..

What are u saying aarthi

Don’t act innocent dev..i heared ur conversation..u cant fool me..

She pulled him to living room n showed the screen which was was also shocked seeing it..

How can u dev..u want to get rid of me..i know..but u will use our plan for others on me..why much dollars u got exposing my naked form..if u are a men u must have shown ur face too in this..why u have kept the camera on ur back…

The same time the position changed n now dev was clearly shown in video..aarthi did not see it . u want it..then I myself will do that..n I want the full amount of money u get from it…

N dev started to think other way..aarthi is need of money..she made this she cant market it without my support,she is saying like she don’t know about this..she is asking full money means,she is the one who made this..

Ho..stop it aarthi..see the screen..i cant believe u did this..just I rejected giving u money..u r making money of our privacy..i know u have become an more sexy to get hot u did this..

Stop it dev..i didn’t..its u..

No..its u..

U greedy..

U too greedy..i helped u in trapping girls

Ho..i gave equal share in money..

U made me feast for ur friends

As u r so pure..see who is speaking..

He moked..aarthi was fuming..

u bitch..

If im bitch then who are u ..u bustard..


The quarrel was non stop …n the waiter just took the video from the window n came down n gave it to adi..


Adi gave him some money..

If u need more I’ll help u..he said sheepishly seeing the heavy amount of money..

Adi came back n gave the cd to maan..they both looked at it..maan was happy seeing them quarrel…he has very wel done creating MU between them..

Adi”sir.what next?

Maan:even though they fought,they did not speak about my mom n dad..i want them to split the truth..we must make a big trap…

Until then.i’ll make that minister makes his life hell..i’ll send this cd to Mp..

Not bad adi..nice idea..go ahead..

Adi then noticed the photos of geet all around the room…he saw maan..he looked somehow calm..his eyes was on his phone…adi peeked lightly to see maan caressing geets photo on phone..his glow said he is in love.he was surprised..

Ahem happy..atleast now I will be spared becoz of my bhabhi..

Maan looked at adi shocked..


Sry sir..he winked..

When will u intoduce my sister ..opps my bhabhi to me..

Somehow maan liked that teasing..bhabhi…means his wife..

Sooner or later..after I finish this dev chopras chapter..

Adi looked at maan..

Thanks maan..he purposely did not say sir..he wants to know his reaction..

Kyun adi..

For first time u treated me as ur friend n shared ur feel..i can say,it’s the magic of this angel…

Maan saw adi emotional…he too was an orphan in crave of him..

Maan came to him like today he came to know about his friend cum assistant for first time..

Adi instantly hugged him n he too reciprocated it…

Same time maans phone buzzed n maans face brightened..

Maan:hello princess..

Adi left him to speak alone…

Bhagwan..give maan al his happiness..n if u can stop him becoming rude drowning in revenge..or finish his that he may have a peaceful life..

precap ; hmmm let me see…

    PART 11

Adi went to take the next step of arthi n devs fall..

Geet was sitting next to dadimaa n speaking with maan.. geet has turned to speaker mode..n  dadi also heared their talk..

Geet:king..mei aapse khatti..

Maan:kyun princess..

Geet:u did not call me..

Maan:oh..sry dear..i was struck in work..pls forgive ur king..he spoke so cutely..

Dadi chuckled inwardly..only geet has the capability to make maan a child like years before..


Maan:kaan pakadke chorrryyy..pls’

Geet:tho teek hai..but with one condition..


Geet:u will keep ur words..u will call me daily morning n night twice..if u forget I will  not talk to u..



Maan:pakka wala promise..sweety..ok now say how is dadi..

Geet:dadi na..she is gud..wait I’ll keep phone in her ears..

Geet:dadi speak na..

She said innocently..

Dadi so much wanted to him maan..but her tongue was tied.. r u..i miss u..i miss mom n in our apartment..u knowna..the memories are still..

He sighed..

Maan:dadi..pls atleast u come backto me..i..want u back..

Dadi could hear a whimper on other side..

she tried to speak..opened her mouth..n utter some word..only air came out..she felt helpless..

maan composed himself..

maan:dadi,today ive again created mu between that dev n plan was success..they both fought with each other..soon they will get their payment for killing my parents with interest..

dadi heared his dangerous tone..she got worried..

he must not get into trouble..

rano came inside..

geet ye kya karrahi ho..ive already told u to stay away from dadis room..see the machines..what if u do anything wrong..

dadi st:sirf wahi tho hai mujse baath karthi hai..she did not leave me alone..u r saying her not to come..i cant stay without hearing her voice..

geet stamped her foot n left without noticing that she left maan on phone..

maan heared her foot stamping..her cribbings to babji n taking out books in his library..she switched on the tv can she read books n watch tv at same time..pagli..

princess… he say slowly he knows geet get scared with sudden voice…

princess relax its me ur king dont get panic…

king aap but where…

princess look at ur cell phone its still on…

ohhh… she take phone and start talking

king u know maa send me out from dadi’s room… 

i know princess but try to understand na… dadi need’s rest na.. aur waise bhi i m here na… mujhse baat karlo…

both talking god knows how many hours…

princess its too late now u should sleep…

ok king… good night…

princess this is not way to wish king good night…

then how… 

like this good night… muhhh i want kiss along with wish..

ohhh like that ok good night and bada wala muhhh

she slept soon…he listened to her calm breath n slept soon becoz of jet lag’

the next day..he went to his Kc branch..

all staffs were really having a bad time seeing his anger..the works which were incomplete..

maan made them all run here n there to finish it..adi came with the news cd has reached minister..n his goons were behind he has hidden ..


Xyz place..our men are still following his moves..

Gud work adi..thank u maan..sry sir..

U can call maan..

Adi smiled n left..maan is somewhere changing..n he has started to trust adi also..

Days passed to a month..maan kept his promise talking to geet at morning n night and even give her and take kisses from her…he talked to dadi saying about how he is leaving no stones unturned torturing dev..every day he must face new problem..the raid in pubs..the proofs for drugs..misuse of girls..the police started to search him n aarthi..she still somehow stood stick with dev,knowing if leaves him,she will also be rotten in jail..


Day by day dadi was getting restless seeing him drowning in revenge..he was soft only with geet..geet tells her every moment from wakeup to sleep n whatever she did in km..

The day came..

Geet cried a lot leaving to hostel..she was very much used to this environment..her blinking language with dadi..maans library..ranos love n nakuls care..her sweet toy friends with whom she played..

Geet called maan n cried..

Maan was unknown to the fact geet is going back to hostel’when rano was saying him,he was so lost in thoughts of geet that he did not concentrate on her words..

Geet.. jaan why r u crying..he panicked hearing her cry..

King say to mama na..i don’t want to go..

but first tell me where u r going and y the hell rano maa sending u anywhere.. he shout

Rano took her phone..

Beta..u can only convince her..say her to stop crying n go..

But where’now frustrated he say

Did u forget..i told u na..geet school opening tomorrow..she must go back to hostel ..

Maan cursed himself for not concentrating on her its out of control..i cant stop geet..what will I say to rano maa then..

I cant stop geets studies,she must go..

Princess..gud girlna..stop crying ..u obey kings orders na..if u want to become intelligent u have to study na..u must go..


Ill bring u more books’more chocolates..if u topped I’ll get u gift which u ask..maa will come n c u whenever u ask..u take ur phone with u..u can talk to me daily..

but i wanna live in this place na u call me princess ne to princess to place mein hi rehti hain na…

yes princess leave in place but before that princess need to be educated and responsible na like u say… so plz princess dont cry and go back to Shimla and i promise rano maa come often to meet u… 

After a lots of manofying geet accepted ..she cried a lot before leaving with pinky to hostel..who was waiting at entrance of km’



precap : ???????????

             PART 12

After talking with geet maan call his security ask them to follow geet to shimla without anyone notice.. till now his security get to know how much maan is possessive towards her and they followed his order blindly.. he even ordered  them to kill anyone if they give her a single look…n not to tell rano about what he said..

The gaurds were shocked to see his possessiveness towards geet

Whole journey geet doesn’t talk a single word to pinki ..she first thought that she is missing her mom….. but atlast pinki notice her too upset and silent pinki try to cheer her up but geet is too lost ..they reached their hostel n settled in their room..

geet was continuously looking on her mobile screen where she saved maan’s pic , pinki see maan’s pic and get fida on it…

Pinki – oye geet ye koun handsome hain… who is he????????? Pinki say while snatching mobile from geet..

Geet get startled with sudden snatching…

Geet – pinki give my cell back.. its mine and ur not allowed to touch it…king gifted it to me..

Pinki – is he real king?????????

Geet – yes do u know that mansion where I stay its his only… he gifted me so many other things too toys chocolates story books… etc..

Pinki –really… hmm he looks like too king na… too handsome and charming…

Geet did not feel good when pinki talked about maan so she looked  her with angry eyes.. she felt insecure…. How can pinki say something like this about her king.. its her king… she is not going to share even his look with anyone else ..she snatched her mobile from pinkys hands n kept in her hand she may not snatch it again..

geet questions herself y she think like that.. y she is possessive for king.. but next set of words of pinki take geet breath away..

Pinki – geet when u meet him next time na mera bhi intro karwa dena… what if he likes me too and gift me so many things…

Geet shouted – no ..never ..he is my king ..u r not suppose to meet him or even see him…

Geet run from their to balcony and called maan… mid night in london maan sleeping hugging geet pic… when his phone start ringing… he picks the phone without seeing number and

Maan – yes princess??????? With cute smile on his face with close eyes…

Geet started crying which make maan restless… his eyes wide open hearing her sob…he sat on his bed..

Maan panics –what happen princess?????? R u ok????? Y u r crying tell me na???????

Geet – king…sob… u…sob… know..

Maan –sweety first stop crying and drink some water then tell me.. he said geet to be calm but he himself got impatient hearing his geet cry…

Geet did as maan ask her to do… after drinking water

Maan –sweety now tell me what happen?????????

Geet (childishly) – pinki wants to be ur friend .she said  u r too handsome and she even snatched my phone to see u…. how can u become someone else friend ur mine na… u will be only my friend na…will u make her also ur friend,..will u buy gifts for her also…

Maan felt relief and other side happy with her complaint.. he feel that geet also feel same for him.. she is also possessive for him like he is with her..

Maan:no dear..i’m only can I be friend when I have a cute lovely beautiful friend like u..i love u dear..n I will buy gifts for u only…don’t even think I will be friend with any other girl than u..only u have right to be mine..n I have right on u…

Geet:sob..sachi..u wont become friend with her na..

Maan:muchi…im fully urs sweet achi bachi ki tara aasoo pochlo..

Geet sniffed n wiped her tears..

Maan:give me a sweet smile..

She smiled..

Maan:princess on ur front camera..then only I can see if u r smiling or not.

Geet nodded n opened the camera..maan looked at her ..she gave a cheeky smile..n maan kissed his phone…

Maan:that’s like my geet..n now give me my gud night kiss..

Geet:aap so rahi thi kya..

Maan:yes dear..its night time here..

Geet:meine aapko disturb kiya na king..

Maan:only u have the right to disturb give me my gift..

Geet kissed her phone n maan felt heaven..

Maan:acha..keep ur phone safe…if ur wardon sees it she will take it from u..i heared cell phones or not allowed in hostel..

Geet:yes..mei chupa kar rakloongi..

Maan:I will call u twice a day..morning n night..whenever u r alone u call me…haan if u need anything call me..

Geet:ok..geet walked inside her room…pinky was in washroom..

Maan came to see the felt like a store room..he hated the rooms appearance.. this the room u stay..


Maan:ok..bye now..ill call u tomorrow..haan..achi se padna..ok..


Both kept half heartedly..

Maan felt bliss after talking to her..geet also did not cry after talking with him..pinky saw geet hugging her cell n smiling…she felt happy as geet was smiling..

after this maan called the hostel and take permission from them ..of course  after donating a big amount of money to redo geet’s room in hostel.. he said he is sending his men to do that… and told them  he has already told this to rano so they no need to inform her…

and within 2 days geet’s room become princess room…n pinky enjoyed it with geet…



In London maan trapped dev fully… he almost made his life hell… dev is running for his life because minister goons and police all behind him… his every bank account is closed  n he had no money at all to spend…

Aarti is the only source of his living..aarthi was offered  some xrated shoots after the video published…she was a little happy ..atleast she got some money to earn…n dev became dependent on her..but aarthi did not leave the moments to humilate him..

It was the day she got some money..after being with a director of shooting..

She came back to their hide out..

Aarthi was full drunk…

Dev:aarthi u came..thank god..i need some u have..i cant even go out..

She smirked.. r u dear…bohut aaram milraha hai na tumhe…u want lo..

She gave him..

She looked at him..

Aarthi:u know..this money I got giving myself..what u said that not be used..i look like aunty..see now..u r begging before me for money..ha ha..funny na..

Dev felt humilated but cant leave aarthi now..she is the only source of money..

Dev:aarthi..u r still having a great body..i was kidding u..he said n took her to bed..he is indeed in need of girl for his need..he cant spend money on outside girls..aarthi is one he can use without paying..

Aarthi last herself in devs pleasure…she  slept…dev smirked..

Dev:u r still a fool aarthi…I love to be with u in bed..if u not hot so what..but I get money from u..

He took the rest of money she had in her bag n went out…

He was paying his men to find the person behind his fall..


At night in london..n morning in shimla…

Maan called geet n made her wake up..

Maan:gud morning princess..wake up dear..

Geet:king..sone dona..she still had her phone n mumbled…maan looked at her thru camera n smiled seeing her messy form..

Maan:if u did not get up..ur wardon will come n taunt u..wake up..

Geet stretched her hands n maan gulped his saliva seeing her sleeveless frocks strap hanging down exposing her one shoulder fully..

Maan had no complaints of her dressing as she is staying n studying in girls hostel n school..

Maan:geet now also going ..

Geet:ok..bye..she stamped her foot n made her way to washroom..


Maan called adi ..

 maan  knows he have to use aarti if he want dev to beg in front of him.. so he make another plan through adi…

Maan – adi u call aarti and offer her business deal.. tell her we want to establish hotel business but want someone who is experience in it… so that he can put eye on aarti and dev 24*7…

Adi agreed he make contract as maan order him and went to met aarti in club.. where she is waiting for him.. all drunk talli.. 

adi – hello madam… my self aditiya.. we talk on phone


aarti – o ya u offer some business deal na… shoot tell me…

adi – maam my boss want to enter in hotel business but he have least experience in it and our serve says that u and ur partner having chain of hotels in london so we like to do partnership with u.. simplly ur experience our money.. what say we offer u 30% partnership in that…

aarti’s mind stop working with such beneficial and in drunk state she agreed with adi and sign the contract with much investigation.. she call dev in club…

he come and met with adi… adi offer same deal to dev and dev lost in watching girls so he too sign contract without read it..because he think aarti already read it.. misunderstanding…

adi smirk and msg maan that work is done…


maan got msg and he too smirk.. ur finished… u urself sign ur DEATH CERTIFICATE… 



Precap:maan missing he comes back to km….n he makes plan to stay with geet….


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  1. ushankitvc says:

    this story is so fab that how many ever times i read it i want to read it again and again…..mindblowing

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