insane lover part 25

            PART 25

Morning not going to so beautiful for maan as he find his love in his arms sleeping peacefully after 3 months…he want to live every moment of it…its his wish to see his gee,t his princess, his wife first in the morning and from today his wish is granted by god…but still somewhere guilt was inside him that he  cheated  rano maa…not because that he did not believe  her.. but he  is afraid ..he is insecure due to his past..he thinks rano maa will snatch geet from him and leave him to live a life alone…which is impossible for him to think without his princess..


After long time geet is feeling home..she was feeling safe in maans arms n sleeping peacefully…the feel of care n loved gave her a beautiful sleep..her king gave her a new room ..all upto her wishes..she was in impact of the love a kid got a candy…she snuggled close to him not realising what she is losing ..a girls precious thing..her dignity to a man in her innocense..

Maan  is lost in her innocent she snuggled close to him her naked upper pressed his hard chest..he was feeling so gud n aroused too..he placed his lips on her forehead..descending down till her cleavages..she giggled in her sleep feeling ticklish as he sucked her nipples softly..n squeezing her moulds..she moaned king in sleep..

 he would have done more if  his alarm beep doesnt break his doings…he come back in sense and slowly switch off his alarm clock which indicating 5am…he deliberately put alarm so that he will leave geet in her room …he woke up n dressed himself..he took her dress which was thrown in floor..and even changed her without waking her peaceful sleep…finally after doing all he lifted her in his arms n took her to her room n placed her in her bed..he gave a peck on her forehead and leave from there half heartedly..he unlocked the door from his room knowing rano will come to check geet..



Rano came to wake up geet at 6..she want geet to be mature and behave like one…she very lovingly cares her hair…but think that its maan so she blurt out

Geet: let me sleep na king…rano shocked but shrugged it of thinking geet must be dreaming..

Rano: wake up geet heard it and get irritated she hide her face in blanket and replies

Geet: what mama now u have problem with my sleeping too…let me sleep na and its my holiday so plz..u go from here…

Rano controlling her anger from the time geet arrived and tolerating geet’s behavior but now its beyond any limits..

Rano: (shout) geet wake up right now and I m tolerating ur behavior and not saying anything it doesn’t mean that I allow u to do anything..

she hold geet arm and make her sit forcefully..

rano:now ur big enough so stop being child and behave properly …its not our house where u can do anything u want its maan beta’s house and he is kind enough to let us both live here.. when we both not having any shelter on our head…he is our master so I want u to gave him respect like that not behaving like u do yesterday. what was that hugging and kissing and all…rano is going on and on without thinking its affect is giving geet negatively

Geet: mama I know now king is only one who is everything to u and now u started hating me….u r changed mama if u r the same old mama then u never raise ur voice on me ,even if I do any mistake..but today u r shouting on me…u hate me n  I hate u .u dont love me..u dont care for me..u have changed..u r not my same mama…saying this she run in wash room n closed the door with loud bang..rano can hear geeets sobs from washroom..she felt bad for taunting geet..

Rano thought:she is still a child..dont know how 2 behave..when will she grow up..we are servants here n geet is taking advantage of maans friendship..his pampering is also growing beyond limits..if one day  anything happens n if we have to leave the will geet be able to live a normal i am going to dump this thoughts inside her mind..why dont she understand me..i did mistake by not meeting her this year..but did not think that she will hate me for this n think i dont love her..


Rano knocked washroom door..

Gudia..sry bacha..mama wont scold u..come dear..

Geet:no..i wont talk 2 u..katti..u go 4m here..

Geet gave a loud cry not able to digest her moms taunt…

This all conversation is heard by maan..he is angry on rano for scolding his princess like this and think to talk with rano..when he is on door he heard geet’s reply and stop there…he think its good if geet start hating rano…but geets cry made him enter her room…

Seeing maan rano dipped her head..

Rano:wo..beta..geet ab bhi bachi hai..she is angry 4 waking early..

Maan:then let her sleep..why are u disturbing her…

Hearing maans voice geet opened the door..she came running to maan ..hugging him tight she cried complaining to him..

Geet:king,sob..mama ne ..sob..daata..sob..

Maan hugged her back..n carressed her back soothing her.. geet..gud girls dont cry..i will scold mama..she wont wake u up 4m tomorrow..

Rano was feeling uneasy seeing both hugging.moreover geets night dress,which she wore telling its only between her she is in same knee length dress before maan..

.she couldnt think wrong about maan as he has done everything for them..more over geets childishness did not allow her to think there is something between both..

Maan:mama,from tomorrow she will wake up of her own..n u wont taunt her..

He said raising his voice..which made geet happy..

Rano nodded in she cant say anything..

Maan:aap jaayiye..mei manalungi geet ko..

She went out ..but stood at entrance n looked inside again..maan made geet sit in bed n took next place to her..

Maan:geet..u r a gud girl na..wont u obey me..ur king..


Maan wiped her tears..

Maan:now stop crying..go brush n join me 2 have coffee..

Geet sniffed her nose n went to washroom..rano left the place seeing geet stopped her cry..she bought coffee for geet n maan..both had there..geet did not even look at her mom..maan was feeling guilt seeing the restlessness in rano’s eyes..

Maan:geet now go n do whatever u want..n join me in dining at 8..

Geet:ok king..she kept the king n went n switched on the tv..

Maan:mama..this is age for her to enjoy..leave her in her way..the more u force..she will go distance from u..

Rano agreed n went from there without knowing she left maneet alone in room..

After she went maan locked the door n came to geet..he pulled her to his lap..n nuzzled his nose in her neck..she giggled..

Maan:u forgot..its too bad darling..

Geet:what king..what i forgot?

Geet did not understand what he is saying..

Maan:u did not say gudmorning to ur king..he showed his lips asking gud morning kiss..

Geet smiled n came closer to him..maan moved closer touching her lips..the current passed through both n they started to kiss each other badly..maan was gentle not want to make her lips swell..his hands immediately went inside her night dress feeling her bare skin..she moaned n a sort of she liked it too..her harmones made her to feel him more..she herself took her coat which was disturbing his feel..maan was amazed but he felt gud..she likes his touch..maan nibbled her skin over her dress..both were panting heavily..maan sawher nipples erected over the dress..he lowered her strap n sucked the nipple..

Maan:princess,see how much u want me to taste u..he pointed her nipples teasing it with his tongue.

Geet threaded his hair pulling him more close to take full as she was more aroused with his teasing..

Maan made her lay on couch n hovered over her kissing all over her again..she moaned..but none can hear out as tv sound was loud..

Geet held his shoulders digging her nails n holding his biceps tight..he held her hips tight pulling more close..his manhood poked her abdomen..

Maan:see geet what u do to help me to let it out..or i will make myself inside u..

He touched her panties to remove..

Geet scared:no..i will do it..

Maan layed on couch..

Maan:princess,remove my lower dress n rock it..


She removed his tracks n boxers..she touched his manhood n rocked with her hands..

He felt bliss at her touch..

Maan:its really hard princess to control..

He said about his feelings..

Geet thought he is talking about his hardness..she felt weird but shrugged it..

Maan:enough ..

He ran to washroom as he exploded..he came out seeing geet still there..he weared his dress n kissed geet..

Maan:my day started  beautiful with go n take bath..i will keep ur dress here..

Geet nodded n went to washroom..maan took a suit n kept for geet on bed..he took the adjacent door n went to his room..he stood under shower calming his nerves..

Maan came out n was wearing his clothes checking cc camera of geets geet came out …maan stood there seeing her drapped in towel..she came to bed n saw the dress..she made faces..he know she dont like suits..but she will wear for him..she slipped her towel standing nude n changed to suit..maan gulped his saliva seeing her wear her bra ,panties,slips,pant top n shawl..he was lost..she was epitome of much time u feel her its not enough..his trance broke by nakuls call..

Nakul:breakfast ready..

Maan:hmm..i am coming..


Maan went n wished dadi..checking her he came to breakfast table..geet too descended the stairs..rano was happy seeing her in descent clothes.dupatta neatly placed hiding her front..rano sighed

Rano st:mei hi budhu hoon..i thought she dont know how 2 dress b4 others..c how she has dressed without my guidance..

Rano:gudia,u r looking so beautiful..meri nazar na lage..she placed kajal behind geets ears…

Geet thought she is buttering now 4 taunting she kept quiet avoiding rano..


in breakfast table geet and maan both are having breakfast..where rano try her level best to pamper geet ..but geet is not even ready to look towards her . she was playing with food as she was so upset becoz of her mother…

rano tried to feed her..

geet stopped..n took a morsel of food without interest..

.maan is noticing all this from corner of his eyes…at last when he was not able to control himself seeing geet sad face




maan:if u finish ur food soon we will play basket ball in evening..what u say..

geets face light up immediately..

geet:sachi king..

maan pinched her nose..


rano:but beta u have office..

geet’s face fell down..

geet:u go king..mama doesnt like me..nor she will make me feel happy..

maan:geet..its ur kings words..i will come soon 4m office to play with u..ur mom will not stop me..


maan nodded yes..

maan:now like a gud girl finish the food soon..maan took the food in spoon n started to feed geet..which she happily took from him..

she was happy n thats what maan wanted..the smile on her face…its the energy for him..


 After breakfast ,both went to meet dadi in her room where geet enlighten the diya and sang the bhajan for dadi..when geet doing all this maan was lost in her..and thinking that she is doing all the duties like perfect DIL of the house…dadi noticing both maan and geet and happy to see each other happy…

Geet was again in her usual bubbly self n non stop chatting…dadi was happy ..someone is there to talk with her too..

Maan kissed dadi n said..

Dadi,enjoy ur day with ur going to office..will be back soon by lunch..

Dadi looked him..

Maan:ok i know what u r n lunch..

Dadi blinked her eyes..

Geet:wo kya haina dadi..king has promised me,he will play basket ball with he will come home soon…

Dadi looked maan then geet..

Maam:yes dadi..for her..for my princess nothing is important to me ..even work..

Geet hugged maan sideways..

Geet:see king is so sweet..

Dadi smiled seeing them together..she was again in dream like seeing them in marriage attire n having babies all around..

Maan took the chance ,that dadi was lost in some thoughts..he immediately placed a kiss on geets cheeks..but the sound was loud that dadi heared it..she watched them through corner of eyes..

Maan:bye with dadi..when she sleeps be in library if u r bored.

Geet too kissed him back

Geet:bye king..i will be waiting for u..

Like a typical wife she was saying..maan smiled..

Maan:will be back soon dear..

he put cameras everywhere in mansion and connect tham with his laptop so he can see her 24*7 geets moves..n ranos moves..then he went to office feeling satisfied …

in office too maans mood was gud which everyone felt like they are dreaming a maan in gud mood..maan was doing his works fast n at the same time watching geet..she was with dadi more than an hr..when rano came n shouted dadi must sleep,geet left making a sad face..she sat in library n started to read books..she was murmering something n complaining to babji..maan chuckled seeing her cute antics..he wanted to taste her again…she was giving him happiness n that was the reason for his gud mood..he finished his work soon…n postponed the after lunch meetings to next day n rushed home..



precap:basket ball..who baskets the ball will give gift to other..

geet fell in swimming pool…


2 Responses to insane lover part 25

  1. ushankitvc says:

    awesum…loved it…feeling sad fr rano too…geet is angry on rano….maan too feeling a bit guilty….interesting precap….continue soon….waiting eagerly….

  2. kirannn says:

    beautiful update
    loved it

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