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                PART 24

Maan made geet wear her dress immediately n kept his door open..maan was showing her his projector room..n played her a jackie chan video..geet sat there last in it..


Rano came n saw geet watching the cartoon..




Geet turned:haan maa..


Rano:chalo..what r u doing in kings room..u must be with me..


Geet:kyun..king bought me here..i will stay here only..i am not coming with you..


Rano:geet..i am saying na..come out..he must have more works to do..


Geet:mama,why u r behind me..i am only watching tv..


Geet was really irritated by rano..n did not realise she actually told it raising her voice..

Rano:wo gudia..ur king must have works..n this is his room..u come out of his room..if u r here how will he work..


She said thinking,her geet is still innocent n dont know ,she will be irritating maan..n will not let him do his works..


Maan:maa,let her be na..i have no important works also.she has come after so many moths..let her enjoy..


He said..rano could not say more than it,when maan himself said to leave her… u say..


Maan:have u finished  making night dinner maa..

He asked so,rano may go leaving them alone…


Rano:hmm..wo..nehi beta..i ve chopped only veg..will be ready in an hr..i will leave now..




After rano left,maan locked the door n came to geet.he sat next to her..she was lost in the picture..whereas maan was lost in her..her laugh..her cute antics..


He kept his head on her laps n watched her more closely..geet did not say anything when he pressed his face under her shirt  tickling her stomach n kissing her belly..she was melodious for him..he was in peace with her..his wife..his innocent wifey cutie..he pulled her cheeks n kissed both..


Geet:king,wo film wo tho finished ..


Maan:hmm..we will see next at night..kuch go to ur room ..take rest n join me at dinner table in half an hour..maa will also be waiting..


Geet:i will take rest here itself..


Maan wished to keep her with him 24×7..but he cant may create doubts..already geets hug must have created so many questions in all..


Maan:princess,do as i said..obey my order.


Geet:ok king..

She stood up to leave..


Maan held her hands..


Maan:u remember ur gift..




Maan:u will sleep with me daily..


Geet:wo..ya..i remember..n when i objected my kings order..


Maan:but u must not say to anyone u sleep with me..


Geet:yup..will not say..babaji kasam..


Maan cupped her face thinking he is doing all this becoz he feel insecured..his wife must not be seperated from him..he wanted to speak to rano..but not today..when the perfect time comes..n now geet will also be staying he must be careful with their behaviour..noone should doubt them..


Maan:i love u princess…


Geet: hmm..


Maan;tum bhi bolona..




Maan:i love u too king..


Geet:i love u too king..its ok na..


Maan hugged her..his princess said she loves him..but he did not sense it..she just repeated what he asked to say..she did not say it knowing the full meaning..


Geet went to her room..n took some rest..




Geet n maan were in dining table..


The table was filled with all geets favourites..rano as usual served maan first..maan stopped her..


Maan:maa,today geet has come after so many first serve her..

She served geets plate n tried to feed her..


Geet:maa ,i ll eat myself..

Rano:tum bohut din baat aayiho..aaj mei tumei kilaungi..

Geet nodded no..


Mama,i am a big girl..i can eat myself..

She totally refused..


Rano thought her daughter is really grown up..




Rano served maan n maneet had the dinner with small chit chat of all normal things..after that both went to their respective rooms..rano cleared the table n ate her geet was back all servants were sent home at 6..rano went n checked dadi..she has already fed she gave her medicines n applied oil on her hands n legs …


After dadi slept rano came to geets room..


Maan told geet he has some office works..till that geet can be in her room n watch tv or read books..he has told her to change her dress to a specific red night dress..geet forgot to change..she was so lost watching tv..


Rano came to her room..n carressed her head..n kisses her..geet too was waiting for this heart said to accept her mom..n other said mom doesnt love her..if she has she would have come to meet her atleast once in this year..even king was so busy..but he came every week n holidays to spend time with me..


Rano:gudia,chalo bohut der hogayi..apna kapde badlo aur mere saath chalo..



Rano:u will be afraid to sleep alone here..u sleep with me..i must take care of dadi we both will sleep in dadi’s room..


Geet:mama..i am not small girl..i will sleep here..u go n take care of dadi..


Rano:ya i girl is grown up..but u r still my small geet…u must be stop watching tv..suba  change ur dress..i will make u sleep


Geet went to wardrobe n took the night dress which maan was two piece dress..geet removed her dress without any shy..she removed her jean n shirt..she was removing her slips..


Rano:geet,kuch tho sharam karo..go n change in washroom..what if some one comes…


Geet:mama..last time u gave me bath also..that time u did not say like that..


Rano:u said u r grown up..u must feel shy ..u must not  change dress like this..its ok..i am only here..u must not remove dress like this..what if its day time aur servants come here..


Geet:why aap ke saamne ok..not before others..


Rano:mei tumhara aapna hoon..


Geet:so,its ok..


Geet thought..hmm so only king also changes me n says to dress up neatly before others..


Geet changed her to the satin night dress..


Rano:gudia ye night dress bohut clinging hai..that too only to ur knees..


Geet:mama..aapko sab mein problem kyun hai.i like looks like frock na…its only for night..i am not wearing it outside my room..warna king will not purchase dress for me like this..


Rano:haan wo tho sahi hai..


Geet:ok mama..u go ..i will sleep after this film ends..


Rano:ok..gud night..


Geet:gud night..


Rano went back to dadi’s room n slept there..


Maan was looking all this in his cc camera..geets every move n rano’s advice..though he was feeling guilty,his insecurities took over his love on rano..he locked geets room from his room..he called geet in intercom n asked her to close her eyes n wait for surprise..geet stood in her room with her eyes closed..suddenly she felt herself up in air..


Geet:king,shall i open my eyes..


Maan:no..not till i say..




Maan moved to his room thru the hidden door between their room n closed it..even geet cant find it..


He made geet stand on her feet


Maan:now open ur eyes..


Geet opened her eyes n jumped in joy seeing the decorations of room..


Maan has decorated the room n bed with flowers,candles,balloons n ribbons..


Geet:king..its so beautiful..what is special today..


Maans st:hmm..our suhagrat..


Maan:for first time we are going to sleep together in our room you like it princess..


Geet:its so nice..


Maan lifted her up n moved towards the bed..he placed her softly on the bed..geets mind went to the projector..


Geet:king,i am not so sleepy..shall i watch tv..that picture i did not see fully..




But he smirked n placed a cd on the player..


.he has changed the picture to a romantic film which has more close scenes ..maan asked her to remove her over coat.she did..he settled her between his legs leaning on bed post hugging her from back…both were watching silently.but maan was admiring geets feel in his hug..he kissed her exposed back making her shudder.her grip on him tightened..his hands reached her thighs which were exposed..n are inviting him..making his desire wake up…geet was feeling wet between her thighs..he rolled her dress up n threw it on floor..she hided herself in his embrace when the cool ac hit her bare skin..


His hand roam all over her bare body’she continuesly hiding her shivering body in his well build chest..Contact of the naked bodies making both insane for wild desires but last barrier still on their bodies as maan not trusting on himself..for geet it’s a familiar emotion which she always feel whenever maan touch her but maan its scared emotion by which he workship his love his life’


Maan slightly massage her breast where his other hand busy massaging her forbidden area which is all wet taking toll on his passion’his lips on hers gently nibbling hers n making her go insane to crave for his kiss…maan was placing his lips on every part of her body..she was feeling electrified..geet is all ready for love making where maan is no less aroused he going wild with his passion and start sucking n kissing her all over her bodyn made geet also touch him the same way..

she was drooling his manly body,which is rough n tough’.geet is all lost in his passion.. his world of love but she her self unaware of word love she is only following his action and her body reacting in natural way’


Finally not controlling his emotions he take her hand and put on his manhood ask her to massage it..geet did as he said’lost in eachother but suddenly maan come back his sense when he feels he is going to come’maan trying to take her last barrier..geet knew what is his intension as she has seen it in cds..but she was she stopped him..n says pls king ..

maan too accepts as in one way its also for good 2 leave her in single barrier

then he makes her again to touch n massage she does.

he was calm after he came out..

he slowly leave her and went to washroom ..where geet lied there still in maan’s world..


After coming back from washroom he take her in his arm and sleep peacefully..same with geet’his closeness give her feeling of security,calmness,love which is first priority of every kid’



Next : first morning of geet in her house’.. 



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a treat from my side to all


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    u write so beautifully ….love ur stories….updt soooon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

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