PART 23

Rano came back n said dadi has woke up..


Maan:ok..lets go n see dadi..she will be happy to see u..


Maan turned to rano n said..


Maan:maa,todays dinner all must be of geets choice..u go n prepare it..


Rano smiled at him..


Though rano has thought to do so..when maan says she was much he cares for geet is back after a long time he is making things all best for her..a warm welcome home back ..


Rano:yes beta..she went to take care of kitchen,,


Maan takes geet to dadi’s room..geet was looking at the corridor..they are passing by ..each n every thing was classy,luxorious n beautiful..she held his arms tight n giggled showing her excitement..maan kept his hands over hers..and another hand on her waist’but unvisible to others’as he don’t want any problem in there relation’

His hand on her waist arousing maan to the core he want to feel her skin bare under him’last 3 month separation make him more insane for her love’


Maan(lovingly):when u are smiling for this itself then what wil u say when u see the rest..


Geet:i am already bowled by the ive decided what to study..i want to go do  interior designing..i will also make such beautiful decorations..then I will make another palace for u king’


Maan:as u wish can study what ever u want..but the palace u dcor is ours not only mine ok’.


Geet:but..king..will mama will accept..


Maan stopped n cupped her face..they are standing before dadimas room ..which both forget in their talks..


Maan:when ur king is there why are u worrying..i will take care of all things..




Maan:muchi..and softly peck on her assure his promise to her’


Geet was so happy..she jumped in joy n hugged him tight..she kissed his face all over..


Geet:i am happy..


Dadi came to know from rano that geet is back..her eyes were fixed on the doorstep waiting for the angel to come..but what she saw just made her smile..gave a content of smile in her lips..geet hugging maan n kissing him..Hanging on his shoulder n jumping..the smile on maans face was which dadi was longing to see.then what she saw made her close her eyes..


Geet who started kissing him eyes cheeks all over his face then finally landed on his lips’her kiss were not passionate but it work as fuel in fire..maan is already tough time to controlling and her innocent act force him to losse his control’he was startled with her sudden kisses because he was all the while lost in her lips the way her lips moved while she was talking to him.her kiss turned him up..he pullled her waist n kissed her in return.. after long time both get apart, panting lack of breath.. he atlast kissed geets forehead..


Maan heared dadi clearing her throat..she still cant talk..but has improved a lot..


Maan :did dadi saw us..

He turned n saw dadi’s closed eyes..but a teasing smile on her lips..maan get confused is she awake or not????



Geet turned n saw dadi ..


Geet:dadi is sleeping..I will wake her..

Maan stopped her..




Dadi could hear them..she was already happy,feeling that geet too has feelings for maan calling her princess..


Dadi thanked god..atlast my grandson got his happiness..if i could talk i will get them engaged immediately..


Geet:yes king..

He came to her ears n whispered huskily


Maan:princess..hmm ..wo..kiss me when we are alone..not outside our room..

..what if others or rano maa see us kissing..its our private moments not to be seen by others..


Geet:oh..private moments..ok.. hmm like I saw in that movie where actor and actress spend time alone with telling others..ok..dyan rakhungi..


She entered dadis room n sat on one side..maan on other side of dadi..maan took dadi’s hand’s n carressed it..


Maan:dadi ma..see princess has come to see you..


Dadi opened her eyes..her eyes showed how happy she was..geet hugged her tight..she too was happy seeing dadi back..she sat close to her n took her hands in hers..


Geet looked around..


Maan:what are you searching..


Geet:wo,dadi’s machines..


Maan:now she is mostly no need of machines.. now i can sit with dadi for hours..mama wont taunt me..geet machines are there dont go to dadis room..


Maan:hmm..maa wont scold you..u can be near dadi..

Rano came there n saw geet..


Geet:dadi u know what i missed u so much..i want to tell u so many things..about my school,friends my exams..


After a long time dadi was hearing her bakbak..she smiled at the way geet was talking..her eyes  n facial  expressions which changed n showed her innocence..her hands which was cutely moving here n there..her cute antics..dadi smiled..she missed geet so much..dadi looked maan from corner of her eyes..he was drooling geet..


Dadi:hmm..not bad..he proved he is son of my son..lost in his love..drooling over my bahu not bad na’


maan and rano were listening to geet.. much u will talk..dadi must take rest..come with me..


geet :i came just now..i am talking to dadi after so many days..u are taunting me again..


he spoke back n turned her face..even dadi felt geet was talking rudely to rano..


..rano :is ladki ko kya hua..jabse ayi hai teek se bath bi nehi ki mujse..


maan:maa..may be she needs time..she must be tired..aur wo dadi ke saath waqt bithana chathi thi..aapne use roka ..use bura laga hoga..


rano:hmm..haan ..may be..

she came to geet..


rano:teek stay with dadi..but she needs rest too..dyan rak..

geet nodded silently..


after sometime rano left from there for household work’


maan:ab chup kyun ho chatter box..shuru ho jao..

he said teasingly..she came to him..


geet:mei ..mei..chatter


maan:yes..u r..


geet:dadi..see king na..he teases me..kya mei zyadha bolthi hoon..

geet cutely pouted..dadi chuckled seeing her antic.


Maan n geet were non stop teasing each other..dadi was happy..her angel is back..she pressed maans hands n smiled showing that she is happy..maan kissed her knuckles..


Maan:i know..u love geet..n u r happy that she is now with you..

Dadi winked her eyes showing yes..


dadi slept listening her bak bak..maan saw her sleeping peacefully n hushed geet..they both silently made their way out ..


geet:now where are we going next..




geet:where.another surprise for me..


maan:yesahi samjo..


maan took her to his room..n opened the door..


geet :wow…ye kiska room hai..

maan:humara room..




maan:ok..mera room..


geet:chalo chalo..andher chalo..i want 2 see my kings room..

for those who see it looked like maans room is distant from geets room..

..(do I need to tell in between they have adjoining door,for others the door will not be in both sides it looked like book shelf)


maan’s room was a big king size room with separate garden there was a stairs inside his room which took to swimming pool inside the garden they have basket ball , volley ball court,tennis court etc…in room right side there is big gym’.in mid of the room big soft comfy king size bed like specially made for geet

Geet was amazed to see room’s richness’and she pouted her lips..maan look this and cup her face


Maan: what happened princess’


Geet:I m ur princess na king then y my room is not having swimming pool and garden ..y only ur room having this??????????


Maan hug her and sweetly: it not just my room princess its our room..and all my things belong to u only i said its our room..

and again kiss her..


maan came to naughty mood..


maan:princess,u kissed me before dadi..when i have shown u this room..n said its all urs..u did not give me any gift..


geet:aap ko kya chahiye..


maan:i want u to sleep with me all night..


geet:wo tho hum humesha karthe haina..whenever u r with me,i sleep with u only na..


maan:hmm..wo alag hai..koi nehi tha..but here ur mom will ask u to sleep with her..not in ur room..


geet:tho mei mana kardungi..i’ll say i will sleep with my king only..


maan:no..u will not say like that..mamako bura lagega..


maan:u will say,that u r big girl u will stay in ur room itself..


geet:then how i will sleep with you..

she asked so innocently..


maan:wo mujpe choddo..

she did not realise when maan took her shirt off talking to her.. maan scooped her n placed her on bed..he opened his right drawer of bed n took out an ointment..




maan started to apply it on her breast which was sore becoz of his passion he gave in her room..


he was applying smoothly,more than creating havoc inside her..she clutched the sheets in her fists..she moaned as his fingers gently rubbed it..n blow air over it..


maan:..aaj raath i want to touch u , you must be better for night.


Geet::hmm..she moaned feeling him kissing between her chest..n moving up her throat..he came to her lips n gently kissed it..


Maan:princess,u r mine na..


Geet who was under his touch lost in his passion said:hmm..


Maan was on cloud she said she is his..


Maan was monitoring cc camera too..he saw rano climbing stairs..


Maan made geet wear her dress immediately n kept his door open..maan was showing her his projector room..n played her a jackie chan video..geet sat there last in it..


precap: night together after 3 monthsEvil Smile…iske aage aapna imagination use karo…till next updateLOL


2 Responses to INSANE LOVER PART 23

  1. adsshri says:

    Awesome part
    maaneet private moments were seen by dad 😉
    dadi is also happy to see maaneet together and geet is still agnry with her mother
    maan has made full plan to sleep with geet in night

  2. usha says:

    awesum…was missing the updts of this ff…thanx fr the new year gift…it is awesum…dadi happy seeing maneet 2gether…naughty maan…waiting and getting ready fr 2nite…continue soon…
    Wish U a Very very Happy New Year, 2013

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