insane lover part 21

Geet packing her luggage in hostel all lost and upset..lost due to maan and upset because she is leaving her friends forever…with whom she spend so many years of her life…

She did not  have much luggage here to pack because her most of the things are in maan’s guesthouse…she spent her most of the time in guesthouse where so many servants are there to pamper her like princess as ordered by maan…but still she is upset she is going to miss her friend , hostel, class , teachers,cook,gardener,.etc..…

She completed her packing and waited for  the car..

Pinky came n sat next to her..

Pinky:i ll miss u geet..

Geet:me too..u r my best friend n room mate..we both have been so close all time..

Geet hugged pinky n cried..

Geet:i ll miss u a lot..we cant meet often..ur house n ours is far a way na..n mama will not let me come n see i am going to live without ur support..most of the time we did combine study..n u taught me all…she said sobbing inbetween…

Pinky:geet,hum,ek kaam karthe hain..we both will join in same college..its hostel ho ya days scholar..what u say?

Geet became bright..

This is nice idea..we both can see daily in college..

Pinky:ya..but i pray to god..that we get gud marks so we get admission in delhi university..

Geet:delhi university hi kyun?y not others..

Pinky:my dad often says..its the best n i want to study there..u will also join there na..

Geet:ya..jahaan tum..mein bhi wahi join karungi..i will say king ..he never disagrees to my wish..

Geet said licking her chocolate…

Pinky:u got king for fulfil ur wish..u ask king that i will drop u like always in ur home..

Geet:i cant pinky..if he says once then its it..noone must go against his order..he is king na..

Pinky:haan yaar..we must give respect to king n obey him..geet.noone has come till now..nor my parents nor ur kings car…its boring..all left only we two are here..

Geet:tho kya karein..i too feel bored..

Pinky:geet lets c cartoon in ur phone..

Geet:ok..give the chip ..that u brought..

Pinky n geet layed on bed in stomach n played the cartoons..suddenly their eyes fell on a folder,till now which they have not opened..

Pinky:geeet,we have not seen this folder..lets see what cartoon is this..


What they saw made them shocked..

Geet:pinky..what are they doing..

Pinky:this is also one sort of love..didi said me..once i went to her house n saw her n her lover watching this..she said its secret between lovers..n not to say to others…all men will do this to their loved ones..

geet(ST) : its also a sort of love,,then y i m feeling something strange..y that couple closeness affecting me this much…y my body aching to be touched by king… may be we both not met with each other from last 3 months thats y i m missing his pampering…

Geet gulped her saliva watching the love making scene…she felt a strange pain in her body..she tried to close her eyes..but the eager to know what is next..she kept watching till they both were called..


Her king has sent car to pick her..

Geet n pinky hugged each other n parted to their destination..

2 well build person come running to geet to take luggage from her hand….and escort her to the car….and geet walked in full attitude..

While drive geet forgot the xrated film n lost in her past..she is eager to meet king ,but she is angry on her maa…

Geet(st): wow I m so excited..i am  going to meet my king after 3 months..i miss u a lot king..but ill not talk with can you miss my birthday…leave birthday she did not even come to meet me in last 1 year..she only talked with me on the phone..yaa I know dadi needs her more par mein bhi to unki daughter hu na..cant she just take out a day for me…

But how can I forget my birthday wow king make it so special he sang a song for me…wow



Maan’s fingers playing with guitar strings…and she played  along with him..herself unaware of her act which build new hope in maan’s heart..


sajde mein yun hi jhukta hu, tum pe hi aake rukata hu

kya yeh sabko hota hai

humko kya lena hai sab se, tum se hi sab baate abb se

ban gaye ho tum meri duwa)- (2)

khuda jaane ke main fida hu, khuda jaane main mitt gaya

khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai, ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda


maan dancing hugging her from back..lost in her ascent…..geet feel burning in his passion..lost in her new found desire…


tu kahe to tere hi kadam ke main nishano pe chalu ruku ishaare pe

tu kahe to khwabon ka bana ke main bahana sa mila karu sirhaane pe

ho tum pe dil ki baate sikhee, tum se hi yeh raahe sikhee

tum pe mar ke main to jee gaaya

khuda jaane ke main fida hu, khuda jaane main mitt gaya

khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai, ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda


maan did not leave her for a sec…with every word his emotions going deep…for her


dil kahe ke aaj to chupa lo tum panaho mein

ke darr hai tum ko kha dunga

dil kahe sambhal jara khushi ko na najar laga

ke darr hai mein to ro dunga

o karti hu sau vaade tum se, baandhe dil ke dhaage tum se

yeh tumhe na jaane kya huwa

khuda jaane ke main fida hu, khuda jaane main mitt gaya

khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai, ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda

sajde mein yu hi jhukta hu, tum pe hi aake rukata hu

kya yeh sab ko hota hai

hum ko kya lena hai sab se, tum se hi sab baatein abb se

ban gaye ho tum meri duwa

khuda jaane ke main fida hu, khuda jaane main mitt gaya

khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai, (ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda -2)


both finished the song…maan hugs her tight  n took her lips into a passionate kiss..he lost himself in her sweet honey taste .she too responded him with same passion..

 she doesnt know what she really wants.did she really knows what he does with her..y she does whatever maan says not even thinking for once about its consequences..y she is giving to his passion..y she loses herself for her bodies desire..

its true maan is going insane for her not with every passing day but with every passing min..or may be sec…but when the string of her dream brokes,how she will react..maan who is thinking her submission as her love…can he ever face then or will go more insane in her..its all in hands of destiny…

she only remembered having dinner in air..n soon she slept..when she opened her eyes she was in shimla sleeping all over maan fully nude..the frock she wore was lying carelessly on floor..her inners were on floor over maans dress..his breathe falling on her.his hands moving on her bare skin in his deep sleep.creating a strange feeling between her thighs..which she dont know…she felt wet..n she immediately ran to washroom..when she came out maan was looking at her intensly..which made her eyes look at floor..

maan came to her..he was in his boxers.. was ur birthday jaan..

she hide herself in his neck..

geet:u made it special..king..really i felt like one have ever done this to me..

maan:yup made special even by making u sleep in ur birth dress..he hugged her waist n nuzzled his nose with hers..he was hardened seeing her wearing a towel..

geet shied n hied herself more in him

maan gave her a morning kiss n placed numerous kiss on her exposed shoulders..over her cleavages..feeling he is more drowning..he left h er..

geet,u have school..jaldi ready ho jao..i will drop u..

ji..she was red ..

geet:i want pasta for breakfast..

maan:i will make u dear..

he made it by his own hands.n fed her…he never missed to fulfil her any wish..

maan after getting ready dropped geet in hostel ..she cried a lot not want to leave him..he consoled her..only 3 months,then u will always be with me..she agreed n maan returned back to delhi..

flashback ends


geet came back to reality when she heard cars horn..and smiles on her thought how always maan pamper her..he never let her missing her mom…how at her every demand make his he was present at her service everytime she ask for..

geet(st) : yaa its true maa papaji love me a lot par they never fulfill my demands like king..king always obey my I also should obey his words na..mein maa ko humari meetings k bare mein nahi bataoungi not even over dubai trip…waise bhi I m not going to talk with her..she doesnt love me…

maan manipulated her mind like rano maa loves him more that’s y she does not come to meet her..but he also told her he loves her a lot na to she cant get angry with him..this made geet away from rano..geet only think what maan want her to think..(ok no offence I already ask u all…that what u want and u all choose this ff according to so many surprise are waiting..isliye no issues if u have any plz pm us..not on comment..)

she take out her cell and caled maan..who is desperately waiting for her to reach Delhi, he deliberately did not take her call..he want to see her directly..after all his waiting is going to end today…

maan(st ) : sorry princess I cant take ur call…I wait for u to come in this mansion back..and I m dyeing to see and if right now I take ur call na then I ll  surly end reaching u

in car geet cribbing…

geet: how dare he avoid my call…he never avoids my call then y today..let me reach mansion ill take his class…

driver stop car at one restaurant…for geet’s lunch..another plan of maan..he don’t want to get geet involve with rano with lunch excuse so he arranged lunch for her..ooopsss royal lunch for princess geet on her way..

driver open gate for her and she come out with princess attitude which maan taught her..he made her forget that she is maids daughter now ,she is only princess geet who belongs to a king…and all bow their head in front of her…

she enter in hotel and see a beautifull decorated lunch table for her with all her fav dishes…including lots of chocolates…her INFATUTATION towards her king increases day by day more..

hotel manager came with a bunch of flowers combination of orchids with with lily along with a red rose…

they make geet comfortable and placed the note in front of her..

geet took that and start reading it..


I know ur angry with me…for not coming to take u back and up on that avoiding ur call…but I am extermly sorry for that plz forgive ur king na…(geet smile on his pampering) ohh at last u smile..this smile make my day..ok now have ur lunch I hv ordered  all ur fav dishes and yaa specially chocolate pastries for enjoy it fully and come soon..i m waiting for u at our home…muhhh love u a lot…

Ur’s and only urs



Geet get happier and enjoy her lunch fully…they again continue there drive…when they reach Delhi geet’s bodyguard called  maan to inform him about there arrival…but our geet madam lost her her game which she playing in her cell phone..

Finally they reached  mansion…geet look up and bowled with its beauty..she live in her fantasy world and she still remember how she always tell maan about her dream home just like fairy tales and here she is standing front of her dream home just like she want exactly someone steal her dream and plot in front of her..

She come out from car all shocked…when first she come in mansion its not like this now its totally changed…

She fall more for maan…and she run to him…who is standing in living room impatiently…in her madness she miss to see her mom who is standing on door with aarti but geet avoid her and runs to maan and hug him tight.her body when touchd his he felt lively after 3 months…even maan get shock with her sudden hug.he too hugged her back in happiness lifting her in air n twirled her.. but he  gained conscious soon and made her stand on her feet…both lost in the hug..for maan its 3 months 10 days 7 hours 13 min and 10 sec..and geet in emotions that he pamper her to this extend that he steal her dream to make it true….

Rano nakul and every other servant stand there with shocking expression no one gone a believe what just geet hug maan and he return it with same love….

Maan cupped her face..princess how r u?

Geet:king..i missed u missed u..missed u so much..she extended her hands wide n next moment give him kisses all our the faces thanking him for such a wonderful lunch again hugged him making all shock..and rano…




Precap: TongueWinkLOL


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