insane lover part 20

In bathroom under shower…cold water was running thru his hot body..but no effect…he is too much aroused with geet;s sensual each and everytime they come geet respond him everytime..with same passion..which make is wild desires more hungry..only his princess having eligibility to do so..with coming close or with a glimpse ..she is capable to make him cross his every limit..she make him INSANE with her innocent and nave gestures…till now he is successful enough to make a wall between mama and for geet her king is her only world..


Maan’s (ST): I know what  I am doing is wrong..the way I make wall between rano maa and geet…I have done wrong ..i must accept was really hard to make  distance between them. I always make excuses to not let geet met with her mom..and I use that holidays for myself…i dont want to do that but i want to..what if geet said about me n our closeness..what if mama comes to know about our relation..what if mama makes me away from my can i live without her..i can sleep peacefully only when she is in my arms..

.in last 1 year without mama’s knowledge,we both have spent countless time with each other..and each and every time has its own sweet memories…like that dubai trip..when geet asked me to inform maa about trip at that moment I decide that after that moment geet will take permission from me only…only I  have rights on her….her every single breath belong to one have any right to rule over her..her thoughts,her decision..




Geet sitting on maan’s lap all the way..and hiding her face in his crook of his neck..awakening his wild raw desires..and his hands started busy in exploring her soft skin carelessly…his both hands are inside her top… she herself get aroused with his passion but don’t know what is INFACTUATION..n the body’s adreline rushes..he was the only man to touch her physically  ..she never knew what physical need is..nor love making..she was giving up always to him…she was in hostel n so she never faced men of outer world..n when she comes home maan never let any men before was like she belongs to a female soceity,where only maan was present..other than maan was only nakul,who treated her like a baby..

Maan was cupping her curves..she arched her back feeling the blood running from top 2 bottom..her nipples poked over her dress..maan could not take more..he instructed air hostess not to disturb him till they reach dubai..he scooped her to the bed room in his plane..he placed her n came over her..he removed  her top  n within minutes removed her bra too..maan kissed her cleavages n teased her nipples with his tip of tongue..geet was moaning


maan:do u love it,


maan slowly sucked her giving pleasure n taking pleasure..he removed his upper clothes..both were half nude only in their jeans..they both rolled on bed..n both their body created fire inside them..maan came to her lips n kissed her..she responded to it..his hands busy kneading the curves..n pulling her more close..he kissed her nape n earlobes..she was giving more access to him..only she did was to hug him tight as the passion he is giving she dont know what to do..his hands went on her back n rubbing her back curves..geet was only moaning n maan was often asking

maan:are u ok jaan..

what could a minor girl say..when she is very blind in him n his instructions..

geet was speechless …as he promised he was gentle n did not teeth her..he was giving him soft smooches n his lips were driving her insane..maan’s hand went to her jean button..AH informed him they are about to land dubai..n asked both to fasten the seat belt..maan thanked her mentally..or he dont know what he would have done..he made her wear her dress n he dressed up too..he combed her hair that others wont doubt them..


They landed in Dubai Airport at around 10 am and out of airport a limo is waiting for both…first they reach a hotel Hyatt…( no offence as a writer I take liberty…)

After freshing up maan ordered breakfast  of geets wish..geet looked at her favourites..she was about to take a piece of puri dipping in gravy..maan stopped her..

Geet:what king?

Maan:i ve  kept my promise by giving u surprise n being with u on birthday..but what return gift u will give..

Geet:ive nothing..what u want ..whatever u ask ..i will do..

Maan took the puri n kept in his mouth..

Maan:now take it

Geet:itni si..ok..

She bit the half which was out of his mouth..

Maan:u must take full..

He kept another piece..she took it without knowing the mischief plan of maan..when she reached his mouth,he took her mouth in his n started to taste her many times he have her,he dont feel enuf..her sweet honey taste is the best in world,which can quench his thirst..after having a naughty breakfast maan gave geet a full  barbie girl frock to change..she weared it..


he  took geet to the Dubai mall…geet is shocked to see ” the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination. The Dubai Mall, with its 1,200 retail outlets, two anchor department stores, and over 160 food and beverage outlets is one of the Dubai Shopping Festival strategic partners.”

Geet is excited like kid to see such huge place first time in her life…he is looking her face…no thing having guts to impress maan and break his eyelock from his princess…geet pulled maan in the mall like a kid and looking everything amused everthing look so good so impressive…

After to much window shopping thanks to princess geet who is hell confused what to buy?????? Finally maan take her to the a famous ladies wear designer boutique and choose dresses for her by himself…

Geet enjoying her pampering and relaxing on couch where other side poor boutique staff facing wrost time of there life because the sadu MSK is making them running on there toes…..atlast finally he choose few dress and ask geet to try them…and send all staff out of room for privacy..possessive him cant share her beauty with them…

Geet fisrt changed to the new jeans tops.3/4ths then skirt skirts..then frocks..the dress was growing shorter..from full frocks to knee length then up to thighs.then half shoulder western outfits..later frocks which started from chest to thighs…maan selected them purposely for his princess..he want to see her like that when they will have their nights together..then came short half pants n only tops that was covering only her curves..her every buldges were seen over it..maan was gulping his saliva,whenever she changed..she kept the trial room open for him to see her..torturing him with her beauty.. is it..

Maan:hmm..perfect..but not beautiful than u..

Then she tried night dresses..some were very revealing..

After the trial maan paid for the dresses..

Geet:king..where ..i will keep this dresses..we bought so many..

Maan:u dont worry princess..ur kings palace is too big..

Geet:but mama will scold me..for taking so much gifts from u..

Maan:dont worry..mama wont know about this..n ive already said to u…never say things that happens between us to mama..our shopping,our outings,our sharing time,me coming to see u..we staying in farm house..our kisses..our sharing rooms..u wont say anything..if u say,i wont talk to u..nor come to see u..only ur mom will come to see u..that too when she is free..she is busy with dadi..u want her to leave dadi n come to see u..

He perfectly played with his words..

Geet:nono..king..i wont say anything to mama..u cum to see me..dadi is sick na..she needs mama..

Maan geet never goes against his words…but mentally he said…i’m sry rano maa…i need geet..she is now my happiness..only one to give me the happy life which i lost..i cant lose her..i cant let her go away from me..i’m sry ..i’m keeping u away from her..only for few days maa,,when i feel u wont oppose our relation,i wont be inbetween u both..he slipped his hands in geets waist n pulled her near him n walked ..



At 3 pm finally they come out of mall for lunch but its another tough job for maan…thanks to his princess unique demand…she want to eat pani puri in lunch that to with extra spices…with addition demand in road side..and other side maan has arranged a lavishing candle light lunch for his princess… finally he succeed to manofy her for lunch..after so many promises with a another round of shopping in another big mall…

Lunch is romantic yet royal touch….in the same way the way geet like princess lunch with so many dishes for meal…maan signalled the waiter n he came with a big Barbie cake…geet screamed  n jumped in joy

Geet:omg king..itna bada cake.

Maan:meri princess keliye.

He said all the waiters to move out..only they both were there..

.maan made her cut the cake and they fed each other..a piece of cake left on side of her lips..maanbent n took the cake along with her lips..happy birthday jaan…he said inside her mouth driving her insane in his another passionate kiss…after a while, for her surprise maan sing a song for her…then maan asked her for a dance n she accepted..she has never celebrated her birthday like this..she was having a wide smile on her face..thats what maan too wanted from her, her happiness..they both went on with a romantic dancing…( sorry girls no ahem ahem…last update is more then enough for u…)

Finally both fed each other with geet sitting on his lap…n maan never let a chance having it as a naughty lunch…

Maaneet as promise again went to mall for second round of shopping..they buy almost half of the mall..geet buy presents for her school friends class friends teachers mansion nakul rano dadi Gardner driver watchman…etc etc…but not forget first she buy so many things for her king..according to her taste…..the things maan left using a long ago..thanks to geet again buying and using he use to wear 3/4th with sleevless tshirts…at one of time its his fav dress…but time made him emotionless and he distance himself from his every fav things…even dresses…because his mom say that he look very handsome in 3/4th and tee…and after her mom’s death..he start hating it…but now he want to be happy like before for geet..for his dadi..and for his rano maa…

Day is no end if maan can stop time but finally its to come back..while maan arranged a romantic dinner in aircraft it self…dinner in air…geet was maan himself fed her in her half sleep…she was not comfortable with her full frock to sleep..

so maan with no other way removed her frock n bra n let her sleep in inners..he covered her with duvet n he too joined her in bed to have a gudnight sleep..his hands kept on playing with her bare skkin n his lips replaced her sleep too geet was arching her back n giving more access to maan to proceed..without knowing what she is doing..maan took her hands n kept between his thighs..making her feel his hardening…

Maan whispered to sleeping geet..

Maan”only few months princess,then u will feel me inside u..i’ll never leave u that night.i will make the day so special than this..our official sr..i will marry u before maa n dadi..that day will be more special than this day..i will give u lots of surprises..tum khushi se pagal hojaogi..

.u know what..u make me insane n uncontrollable..i want to have u right now under me..i’ll drive u to edge of pleasure.n u urself will ask me to be with u…i’m waiting for this 3 months to end..i cant  live without u..u r away from delhi n im having hard long wait is cuming to an end..

maan hugged her n slept..

When they reach shimla geet is sleeping cuddling up to him like a baby where maan too sleeping hugging her close..he get up with announcement ..he weared her the frock and picked geet in his arm without disturbing her peacfull sleep.. they reached the guest house back…all the while geet was sleeping she was too tired…



Maan come back from his thoughts..when he heard his bedroom door open..he knows rano maa is back with his coffee..

Maan come out from bathroom..drying his hair..rano offers him coffee and he nods n took it..…

Both were talking when they heard cars horn…rano’s face lite up so as maan..and both come to living room…..





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