insane lover part 19

Maan placed his lips on hers n tasted her like hungry man’y not ..he has craved for her every day n night..15 days is not less than 15 centuries for maan..his insane ness toward her makes him like this.’.geet dig her nails on his shoulder..without knowing she is giving him pleasure’she even started responding she thought its king’s order for her to respond whenever he kiss her..’he always wanted her to respond to his kiss n he has taught her how to respond..the same way like he does.’.maan’s raw passion and geet’s innocence taking toll on both’.
Maaneet fall on bed while lost in kissing each other’the feel of ur love close to u that too after 15 days long distance is make craving more for each other..kiss was passionate because maan craving make him more demanding..he slightly bit her lower lip..she gasp and maan makes an entry..tasting honey sweetness of her’he massaged her breast , she arch her back to give him more space..maan’s hand went to her feminity portion geet shocked with his sudden new act which gave a new pleasure..indeed she feel’s heaven with this new feel along with some she wanting something more than this..
Maan leave her lips when he found her out of breath..but attacked on her neck within no time..geet is wriggling beneath him due to pleasure and demand for more..but maan knows his right’ maan push off her nighty strips from her both shoulder and look her swallon area with so much passion and desire’that he can eat her raw just now’he start sucking her hard nipples’and massaging other with his hand and other hand busy in discovering her feminity’.geet not even in state to protest..her new found desire and satisfaction what maan giving her take her other world where only she and maan exist..for a time being she forget herself’.
King geets  moans ,which force him to be more wild but he controlled and pulled himself from her and lied next to her pulling her over on him’ both were panting heavily’maan cares her hair..
he wants to confirm,if she is ok after his passion..he dont want to force her which she doesnt like..
maan:geet..r u ok..r did i hurt u..
geet showed her neck which are red..
geet:u bite me so hard..its paining..see..
maan smiled at the cute complained..he gently kissed her neck..
maan:next time i’ll be careful..ok
geet:what king?
maan:u r comfortable with me na..
geet:ofcourse..u r king na..u give me all things..
maan:do u like ..our..closeness..
she is stepping 18..he wants to know what she feels for their love..n physical relation before he takes a step ahead..
maan:i mean my kiss..our sleeping u like it..
he tried to clarify ..but couldnot put hiswords straight..
maan felt reliefed..she did not regret it..
 he carressed her back and make her sleep..ignoring his self aroused condition’ he also slept peacefully feelling his geet close to him’
7am..maan open his eyes..only see most serine scene ‘geet cuddling up in to him hiding her face from morning sunrays which is lighting room  and her beauty..her innocent face in soft sunrays giving complex to dew drops which sparkles in the rays..their shine is nothing infront of geet glowing face..why not directly or indirectly its glow of maan’s insane love which is reflecting on her face and enhancing her beauty’
Maan gave a peck on her forehead.. called her lovingly..princess’
Geet cuddle up more in him..she don’t want to awake so soon’he don’t want to disturb her sleep but according to his surprise he had to do this sin’
Maan: princess plz na wake up sweety..i have a surprise for u’
With the name of surprise geet jerk open her eyes and sits on maan’s stomach’
Geet:what surprise tell me tell me plz’she asked so lovingly…
Maan: if I tell u now ..will it remain a surprise kya????????? No na then get ready fast we have to go some where’
Geet put her face on maan’s chest lying on him..
king but I m feeling sleepy..
he tightly hug geet by waist’and kissed on her cheeks..
Maan:plz na princess get up na’geet hug him more tightly’.and nod for no’
Now maan loosing his control but before it gone beyond limit he has to take control on situation’he get up from bed  loosening the hug from geet’and take her to the royal bathroom for a royal bath’
He make her stand near wash basin and give her brush and paste and tell her he will be back in some time..she cribe like small baby but maan manofy her with a peck on her lips’
Maan: princess ill be back..just brush ur teeth’and wait for me here..dont even try to go anywhere..
Geet: but’before she say anything
Maan:its ur kings order…and leave from there to the next section of bathroom which having big bath tub’maan fills it with milk and rose petals’he want to give geet bath like new born baby..
He want to pamper geet like a true princess today in all sense’he brush his teeth and come back to geet’he picks her from behind in his arms’he take her to the bath tub’
Whole bathroom is fill with accented candles and a bathtub in mid’fill with milk and rose petal’geet amused to see this site’
Geet:king is it for me??????????
maan:yes dear princess will have the feel of real princess..
he gave her a white cloth..
geet:whats this?
maan:wrap this around princess will be bathed by her king..
geet for first time found it odd..after puberty,her mother has also stopped giving her bath..
maan:u r princess na..go soon n change ..till that i’ll fresh up..ur surprise is waiting..
surprise..that one word made her not to think more of what maan said..
geet:how to wrap this…?
maan taught her how to wrap n tie above her chest..
maan:now go out n remove ur clothes..n wrap this n come..
she went out..
maan smiled..n removed his clothes n started to take shower…when geet barged in..
the sound of door made maan look at her..
their stood the seducing mermaid cladded in white cloth ,tied up to her shoulders..the cloth only covered her feminine parts n came only till her thighs..he was hardened seeing her..
geet stood their rooted..maan was only in his inners..she has seen heros in films..but having a view in front..that too closer..she gulped her saliva…she can feel something in her body..the adreline rush..for first time she is seeing his body in minimum clothes.or to say a mans bare body for first time in real…his 6 packs..the water running thru it..she did not take her eyes from him..maan smirked seeing the effect on her..
he was happy that geet is feeling something for him..least he knew its only a mere attraction..
he moved to her..n she moved back..
she dont know why she was feeling shy to look at him..her red hue made him insane…he dropped his idea of giving bath to her after his bath ..he scooped her in his arms n moved to the tub n placed her inside it..the cloth sticked to her like another skin…her dark nipples where  visible n poking over the cloth..maan sat on the tub n gently massaged her body..she closed her eyes with new feel he was creating inside her..maan was looking at her n his hands went inside the cloth massaging her breasts..she started to moan..he came to her legs n moved his hands up n down till where the cloth ended..he massaged her thighs..she bit her lip feeling this type of pleasure for first time..that was a wrong move of her..he immediately took her lips in his..she hugged him tight to hold the passion..instead it awaken him more..her hands moved on his bare back..feeling his skin under her palm..maan made her stand n opened the shower..he was kissing her nape ..she arched back without knowing the cloth was slipping ..n there she stood nude before him…he never thought she will remove her last barrier too..she was standing there senselessly with her eyes closed..he placed  kisses on her body from top to bottom..not to disappoint the birthday girl…he again came to her lips ending giving her one more passionate was really hard for him..
he don’t want to loose control..he quickly finish bath and take her out from bathroom'( hey girls its enough for u no more’isse jayada k liye wait karo..hehehe I know I m devil’)
maan present her cute princess jeans top for todays surprise…he himself make her wear all clothes from inners to outer..she was feeling proud to be treated like a prince..n her excitement of surprise made her curiosity more…both get ready and maan make her blind fold..take her to the car’. Geet followed him without any question’
maan remembered, once geet talked 2 him about her friends tour to Dubai’ she cribbed a lot that she also want to  go there for shopping because her friend shopped a lot from there and geet love that things’so today maan plan 1 day in dubai for geet shopping he did not trust himself wholeday around geet..because he know she is his little seductress who will not leave a single chance to make him aroused’
both reached airport ,where maan’s plane is ready for both of them’maan open her blindfold when they reached  the plane’
maan: princess open ur eyes sweety’
geet follow his order and open her eyes to get another surprise she is standing front of  a royal plane on which maaneet is written’geet face turn into Oshape..
geet: king is it urs’???????? Maan chuckled with her question’and expression ..he hugged her from back, put his chin on her shoulder and. said.
maan: no princess its ours..see there our name is written na”’maaneet”’
geet:but my name is geet na’then maaneet’
maan: princess what is my name’??????
geet..hmm maan’
maan:and ur name
geet: geet..
maan: maan+geet become maaneet’simple ok now lets go’we are 
getting late’
geet: king but where are we going???????? And mama’I should inform her na’
maan get jealous with rano name by geet’he think he was successful In making wall between this both but here geet want to inform rano..something he cant tolerate..
maan :frustratingly I m king na I don’t bother to inform anyone about me’or take permission from anyone..geet get scared with his high voice’maan notice it and closed his eyes to control himself’
maan picked geet in his arms and take her inside the plane’its interior is royal.maan make its like this because he know his princess is fond of king queen story and living style’
maan sit on couch and put geet on his lap’she is pouting her lips..thanks to maan’s rude voice how can be maan remain angry with her..he take her pouting lips into his..and start sucking passionately’maan ameazed on himself from where he get so much passion everytime and everytime how she match with his insane passion’even geet respond him with all her anger’how dare he shout on him..this way she pouring her all anger on him’maan feel it by her kiss..but love when indirectly she is in command’both where lost eachother forget where they are’plane takeoff but both is in their own world to think about anything else…
Maan come back from past when rano come in his room’.his coffee still on table untouched’
y he needs coffee when his princess memories is enough for him’ to be fresh’
Rano come and stand front of him..when she notice untouched coffee’
Rano: maan baba what is this,u did not have ur coffee??????? Its must be  cold now..wait I’ll  bring another coffee for u’.maan always love it when rano pamper him’
Maan: ji maa..u get me a coffee’tab tak mein fresh ho jata hu’even geet’s memory make him hard’before anyone notice it he must get rid of it’another shower time’
Precap: shopping in Dubai’and meeting after whole 3 months..socho socho kya kya hoga ab???????????Evil Smile

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