insane lover part 17

Today is going to be best day of maan’s life his angel,his princess, his lifeline ,his wife is coming back from hostel’  after completing her 12th last 1 year so many things has changed in maan’s life maan’s behavior, dadi’s health is much better..she has started to move her hands n legs in bed..but not her body.’even KM’now maan is little bit less arrogant because his revenge is completed now’ dev is in his worst situation’in mental asylum’under care  of maan’every day he is begging for death but maan is not leaving him even  to die’rano and geet almost depend on maan for there every needs’ maan even left  his old mansion and shifted to new one’not new one but to his mom’s dad place’his nanu’s home..he don’t want to proceed his life at same place where he lost his mom dad’ this new place is having all happy memories of his mom ..he renovated the house and decoration ‘s according to geet’choice’
maan is sitting in his bed room actually their bedroom’ resting  in his chair and lost in his past’.


maan is back from shimla’its has been 5 days that he is back but for both its like ages they meet’and the feel he is married make him more curious to be with her..but he has to settle some scores with dev..he want his future peacefull not with revenge feel’ he want to remember only the present when he will be with geet no one else  must have right on his thoughts and feeling’not even hatred feel must be in his mind and heart’
it’s the day he and adi start there plan to trap dev and aarti’ Dev..becoming weak. becoz of the slow poison maan gave.. his hands started to tremble .slowly his legs..then his one side became paralytic..

Dev:aarti I think something is not good with me..i think we should go to doc’but I don’t have money for doc’
aarti: even I notice it now a days ur hands and legs are trembling’wait we ask some money from mr.aditiya may be he can help us’.

Aarti try to contact adi but he intensionally avoided her call and  smirks seeing her despression on camera’.
adi:ms.aarti so much desperate to talk with me..but sorry anuty u have to wait for atleast 24 hours’maan want to see at which extent u go for money’

Here maan also watching her worried face and dev pale face’..he was enjoying there restlessness..everytime dev moan due to some inner pain maan feel some satisfaction’
but adi and maan knows they need to give dev some other drugs too’

Adi:maan  aarti want to talk with me about some money’.they want it for dev’s medication’

Maan: hmm adi u know na what u have to do..u execute our next plan but not today..u do it tomorrow..let them suffer today more..
adi see some calmness on maan’s face since he is back from shimla’
adi: maan hows ur shimla trip and hows my bhabhi??????????

Maan first shock with adi’s sudden question’but gain his sense back..

Maan: she is fine adi’waise how u know I met her???????

Adi:maan  the happiness in ur face  tells me everything..the way u come back from London its obvious that my bhabhi having guts to call u here like that’ and u also came CANCELlING ur important meetings’

Maan M shape lips curve into a little smile almost unnoticeable’but twinkle in maan’s eyes say everything to adi’
adi :ok I must leave now’


Maan come back in mansion’and met with dadi’
dadi is happy that at least maan change little bit’due to geet now a days he lives his life more happy.. but when he is talking about dev and aarti he become a devil..but when he is talking about geet he is again an innocent boy maan’like he was when his parents are alive’

Maan’s closeness and caring and his happy face give dadi a new hope to live’she was recovering but not like way it happen with geet’

Next day adi came to meet dev and aarti’

Aarti:mr.aditiya is this the way to treat ur partners???? Hmm we are trying to reach u from yesterday but ur not taking my call’.here dev is suffering from god knows what disease and no one here is helping us..not even they are calling any doc…

Adi calmly sitting on couch and hear her every idiotic talk and finally he threw  the contract papers on table and say her through his eyes to read it’  

arti shocked seeing contract..she will be a bar dancer..must not talk 2 outsiders..n go out of hotel..24x 7 under bodygaurds..they will take money n  food given only byhis partner..they will not ask  money till the partner he himself gives them..aarthi feels frustrated.n cheated..

Aarti : what rubbish I never signed this contract’ she say it loud’

Adi :ms.aarti read it carefully..and below it see u yourself signed basically u  do not have authority to talk with me like this..infact u have no right to talk’so from today ur new bardancer without salary  in a red light area ..a cheap bar dancer ‘ congrats for ur new job’and if u want u can cancell this contract through court but let me remind u, first u r already in wanted list in india na as a partner of criminal’. So think before doing something like this’ he say it sarcastically’

Aarti: what is this y u  r trapping us???????who is our partner..we will talk to him…

Adi : hmm ms.aarti I think u have some memory problem..just now I said to u…u have no right to say anything even after that u r arguing with me..its not good for ur future..n for my boss..he will come when he wishes to see you..i’m just following his orders…what u both did u know..he is taking his revenge on you..

dev:who is it?
adi:hmm…u have brain..n u r sitting here without any job..hmm,,so u are free only full time..squeeze ur brain n find who is it…

Aarti become numb hearing all also heard everything and get shocked how badly he is trapped he is not worried about aarti but only for himself’but adi’s next set of words gave him some relief..just him but for adi its is his another plan’maan watching everything on camera..and enjoying their plight’ he loved aarti’s n dev’s facial expression which is changing with adi’s every sentence’

aarthi wants dev to be safe..only if he is fit they both can escape from this she said to adi

Aarti: atleast for ur revenge save his life..

Adi:ok but one condition..u  both have to beg infront of me..on ur knees fold ur hands and beg..then may be I  can think about it’

Aarti did as adi says..even dev do as he wants to save his life and this shameless people  can go to any extent as they r selfish’

Maan closed his eyes and said: see dad I have made ur killer beg for his life like once I begged him for ur life’but it is just starting he has to beg for his every breath even for his death’

.dev was attended by dr..he thinks he will be cured but dr.was making him more weak..he starts to depend on others ..arthi was fed up with dav..realizing he is of no use..she started to illtreat him..when she goes 4 dance maan comes there as shadow

dev:who is there..

maan:ur moth.. infront of me..

maan:if i am alive i can come infront..

dev:who r u..

maan:one among ur sin..

he laughs gets scared..

this happenned daily..n dev started to shrink in his shell..he cant find the person who adi was mentioning..the persons who dev harmed were not to be counted in they were endless..

..maan:ok..let me say who i am…i am ur rajbeer..

maan plays a girls scream in audio..

maan:u know who she is..ur sister…


dev got scared..jiju..
after that he feared daily..
oneday aarti was going to bar..

Dev: aarti don’t go leaving me alone here.. some bhoot are present..they threatens me’I..i thinks its rajbeer and simran’s ghost who threaten me'(they are maan’s parents)

arthi says :u r getting mad alone u think of them…i think u must be treated for mental balance..

dev:believe me aarti..think for once..

arti:ive more to to escape from this hell..i cant even go to beauty parlour..ive trapped becoz of u..

dev:we are trapped becoz of u..u only brought this deal n made us fall in trouble..

.the fight will continue n arti will leave for dance or she will not get food..

it happened every night ‘whenever aarti is with him  argued on ghost topic..atlast maan play his last trick and dev confess his deeds’

dev”jiju..pls im sorry..i killed u n sister for money..but see i couldnt enjoy money..only ur maa n son is taking care of it..pls leave me…leave me..i beg u..pls let me live in peace..dont scare me..

Dev confesses what all he did ..maaan now comes infront..

maan:u r finished dev’.dev was shocked to see the shadow was none other than a man who is alive…

Dev:  tell me who are u??????? I ve never seen u in my whole life..i dont know who u r..why r u doing this to me..

Maan: u know me MAMAJI..


Maan:yes MAAN SINGH KHURANA’the same boy from whom u snatched his childhood, his mom dad, his innocence, his dadi..his everything.. now I made u beg the way ,i beg mom beg dad beg in front of u ..not  to kill them but u killed them’ive made u bed ridden..u know why..the same way u made my dadi…now its ur time’enjoy ur death…haha ha..


now the reality dawned on dev ..but it was too late..

maan asked the dr to give him injection…in which his mouths shape turned..
maan:u will not be able to say the truth also..

In mean time maan missing geet like hell..its not like they where not talking with each other but this distance is something not bearable for maan’

One day after finishing this dev and aarti’s fuss maan talking with geet about his new mansion..he don’t want to live at same place where he lost his parents..

Maan: princess tell me ur choice what u want in ur dream bed room’

Geet get excited and: I want exactly like fairytale bedroom how they shown in movies room for colour must be red or pink but ur fav is white na to combination of white and red must look good’
little bit of royal touch like u have in ur mansion..king size bed in between pool I saw it on net.. hmm bed must be cover by curtains’all walls are fill with dullness only brightness so many light that too different-2 colours’ and yaa a royal bathroom with a bath friends say every princess having her personal swimming pool..but I manage with bath tub’whole house is fill with colours and lights..brighetcolour curtains’ bada sa wordrobe full of different -2 types of dresses,jewellary, sandals,accessories’like  u made in farm house..she says all this lost in her dreams but for maan her every word is like order..he is smiling on her innocence and seeing  her face in phone when she said all this in a dreamy way…


Precap: flashback continues and maaneet celebrating geet’s birthday.. 


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