insane lover part 16

Its very new and unique feel for maan that now his geet is actually his wife..his forever one can separate them.. now he only want to make rano agree  their relation.. today his heart  is having huge satisfaction that today he made geet his soulmate.. he was having mixed feeling  of happiness emotional satisfaction and most important ..he missed his mom dad..if they are here today it will be a  biggest surprise from them.. he got them an angel,as dil  just like his mom wants..he felt bad for dadi..she would be happy to see him married..


Geet unaware of maan’s feelings was still lost in her world and natural beauty..She came running to maan and said..


Geet : king come na lets go for kasuli sunset point.. but maan was not in mood to go there..he don’t want to share this moment with anyone else

Maan: nahi princess I m very tired he said very lovingly removing hair curls from geet’s face and put it behind her ear..and cupped her face..

Geet: innocently: king then we will go  back to home I know ur very tired na..u travel a lot yesterday na..ok lets go back and their we will watch movie’


Both come back..whole drive maan hold geet close to him.. her sindor gave him more happiness..he thinks , he is the richest person today in this world he have most beautiful girl as his wife’but geet..she was unaware that maan filled her mang with sindoor as a marriage…for geet its only sindoor given by god as a blessing..

Maan and geet come back and geet ran to kitchen to eat something and to make coffee for maan..rano taught her how maan like coffee when she is in delhi’.

Maan resting in living room sofa waiting for geet to be back’ when geet takes little  more time ..he

was restlessly waiting for her.. 

Maan: princess what r u doing???? Come fast na’

Geet: king wait na I m coming’

Maan resting on sofa with close eyes when geet place coffee in front of him and tap his shoulder..king..she called him

Geet: king see what I brought u..

Maan open his eyes.. and see geet standing their with his coffee.. its smelled the  same  way he likes.. he again overwhelm with her gesture he thinks indirectly she is fulfilling her wifely duty’

Maan: princess u make this for me’geet nod in yes and sit beside maan.. but maan pull her and make her sit on his lap’she circles his arm around maan’s neck and start talking non stop..about her school,hostel, friends,teacher.. on and on and so on’ 

after sometime geet ask to watch movie and maan take her to mini theater in farm house itself’

mini theater design in in casa de la flora resort in Khao Lak Thailand


Geet amazed to see DVD collection almost all her fav movies ,combination of romantic movies,cartoon movies, etc..even some English movies’… once movie watching is maan’s fav hobby he can spend his day and night watching movies, but after his parents death he forget all his hobby but with geet he want to rejoice his every hobby and its also geet;s hobby so.. maan lost in his thought how geet changed his life’when geet voice make him back to reality

Geet: wow king so many DVD’s u have..ok which movie u want to watch tell me we will watch that’

Maan come and hug her from back and give her a peck on her shoulder

Maan: princess its ur day na we watch ur fav movie whatever u wanna see..

Geet get excited and choose ”JAB WE MET”’ and show it to maan..


Geet: u know king its my fav movie’ u know y?????

Maan nod for no then she say..

Geet : ismein heroine ka naam bhi GEET hain..aur mera bhi geet..same to same’

Maan see her excited like kid who get his fav chocolate’he again kiss her on cheeks and settled themselves on couch’geet almost sat on maan..

In whole movie geet lost in movie and maan in geet’in between he gave kisses to geet on cheeks, on neck..cares her waist, arms hair but geet is too lost to notice it’

In last scene when heroine kiss hero..geet stiff she feel some butterflies in her stomach’. Maan notice it and concentrate on geet’why suddenly she become between he miss that kiss scene in tv’lolzzz

Maan: what happen princess????? Are u ok?????

Geet herself don’t know what and why she feel like that..

Geet: kuch nahi king..i think I feel hungry..lets go for dinner na’

Maan knows something bothering geet but he think he can ask her later.. first his princess is hungry’

He take her to the dinning area..beautifully decorated table for two..with different lighting as maan knows how much geet love lightings.. geet today really feel like princess getting pampered fby her king..

Seeing table and arrangement geet again kissed maan in excitement and run to look what is their for dinner.. and for her surprise dinner is full of her fav with different types of food including fast foods and desserts..

Today maan want to make it special for geet.. according to him, its their wedding day..maan lovingly feed geet and same with geet she fed maan’.


After dinner maan and geet went to his room’..maan presented her beautiful red princess dress..geet get excited with that..for maan it’s a wedding gift for her..

 maan kiss geet on her forehead then both eyes then cheeks..geet again feel butterflies with his kisses and stiff’ maan feels her every moment ‘he get insure ..doesn’t geet like his closeness????? Why she is reacting like that after that movie???

Maan turn her towards him and lift her make her look in to his eyes’


Maan: princess why u stiff suddenly????? Don’t u like my kisses?????/

Geet fumbled and:’ maan cup her face and motivate her to say..he don’t like that his geet hiding something from him’

Maan: princess don’t hesitate to say anything.. we are friends na and friends don’t have any secrets between them’

Geet:king that movie wo when..h..ero..ine na I feel butterflies my stomach.. its ..i feel something strange’ why I feel like that..aur hum tho hamesha eyes cheeks foreheads par kiss karthe haina..they both kissed here..y?

she showed innocently her plumy lips..

Maan shocked with her innocent question.. first its their official SR and geet innocent seductive question aroused him more..

Maan: (st) geet why u make it so difficult for me to control can I control so much when u asking me this type of question..why u r so nave that u cant understand ur body start feeling desires’ plz geet k babaji help me..that I will not end it with something out of limit’

maan cleared his throat..
maan:wo Gf bf hothe haina..wo aisa karthe hain..

geet is no where to stop her torture her next question make maan’s heartbeat almost stop..

Geet: king when they r doing that how they will be able to breathe and most important don’t feel while beating each other’.


Maan : princess they where not beating each other they are loving each other.. when u love someone na.. his/her every action give u pleasure not pain.. and in that heroine may be thanking hero for this love like that way’

Geet: ooo like that’

Maan: hmm..

Geet : so I also want u 2 thank for ur love for me like that..will u teach me’

Maan:(st) ye ladki mujhe pagal kardegi aise sawal kar karke..

Maan : princess its too late..lets go we will sleep..

geet:king..iam ur gf na..n u r a my bf. say na u will teach me.

maan:geet lets go princess..

..but geet thinks for a while and suddenly put her lips on maan’s.. like movie’.this action of geet break all self control of maan and he took her lips in his..he started kissing her like hungry maan..sucking her lips.he locked her in his arms so she may not move from him..his hold was so tight n was moving on its accord on her back..’geet close her eyes in pleasure which she was unknown’both are lost in their world..maan encircle his tongue on geet’s lips asking her to givw him entry.. geet being nave does not understand his intension..then maan bit her lower lip lightly geet gasped n opened her mouth for air   and he enter his  toungue in her mouth’maan’s hand’s roaming on her body like he own it’.he lifted her n made her legs encircle around his waist..still kissing her ..geet clutch maan’s shoulder for support and dig her nails in his shoulder’they were heading towards their room in same position…

Maan was kissing her with so much passion and love’he forget his all sanity with geet’s gesture’ he come back to reality with geet’s moan..king..


Maan left her’. To see panting heavily and flush face with tightly close eyes’ maan caress her face and

Maan: princess are u ok????????? Geet opens her droopy eyes to see maans eyes fill with love but she is not able to understand..what was that..she nod yes..maan was afraid may be she get scared with his passion but for his relief. she said.

Geet: king I m ok’ just panting.. may be because I m tired..

Maan: ok let’s sleep’

Geet and maan both resting on bed with geet’s head on maan’s chest and he  caress her hair..with one hand n other encircled on her waist…

Geet: king may I ask u something?????????

Maan: yaa princess anything u want u don’t need permission..

Geet: king what do u mean by SR???????

Maan : (ST) what happen to her today why she is asking this type of question..that too today only when I m too much aroused just with this feel that today is our SR..

Maan: wo..princess..when two people get married na to haan to celebrate their happiness they make SR..

Geet : ohhh its like that..but what they do on SR????????

maan:u want to know..
maan :they love each other..
maan :like this..

 he started to kiss her so passionately that geet forget herself in his passion.. and maan starts removing her did not take much time as she has changed to  a frock.. geet is so much lost in his love ..she not even feel when maan remove her dress.. maan leave her lips when he feel that geet is out of breath..and come to her neck..and bite claiming geet forever… He touched her n***** and outlines it with his fingers over her bra making her to moan louder giving him the needed permission to go forward. he unhooks it n slides it down to get the full view of her curves..which was little red becoz of previous night incidence..He rolls his tongue over it making her moan again.. a naughty idea came n he pinches her taut n***** with his fingers making her gasp in pain and pleasure. then his hands caressed n kneaded her curves. replacing with his mouth..His lips n hands  went all over her body ,making her scream in pleasure..his hands travelled below to the last barrier..gently massaging her thighs n taking her lips again for a passionate kiss he took her weaker moment n removed her panty..he left geet for air..she was panting heavily… maan hurriedly remove his cloth and join geet nude body… both  llooked each other ..geet shied seeing his nude form…maan looked at her  body like crazy… maan caressing her curves with one hand and latching other like a hungry man… geet moan in pain and pleasure… after satisfying with one curve he come to other one..while his one hand busy roaming all over her body…then he come down on her waist…he become little harsh..

 geet was only letting him do what he want..she was unaware where they are heading too..n nor she knew its wrong ..

Maan placed numerous kisses on her waist n belly button..her marble skin was making him harder to hold back..while it was becoming hard for Geet to hold. She grabbed his shoulders for support while Maan was being a bit harsh with his kisses. n squeezing her body harshly with his palms..She could not take it anymore and moaned his name ..


which only made him to be more passionate…  he place his ma******on her wet co** … geet moaned in pain .when he thrusted hard… …aah..y u r doing this..…

hehe ..we devils…LOL


in delhi airport dev and aarti landed with adi.. dev lost some weight due to slow poison.. his attitude has not changed..deep he was scared to come india,but tried to be cool dude..even aarti too was afraid..’ adi take them to maan’s hotel where they will make their life worse..he showed them their room below the ground floor…where noone where allowed without maans permision..the room was quiet big luxurious n had all facilities than they thought.the royal touch said how rich the owner must be..

.they both were tthinking how to betray each other..


aarthi st:if the owner is middle aged man.i will seduce him n will trap him with my beauty n brain..then he will be at my feet all life..then i will show this man what i can do?

dev:i will butter this owner n i will stick to him..when the correct time comes i will show i am a devil..

adi was smirking at both…

adis st:welcome to hell..both of u…u both dont know u both are playing with ur fate..n now ur fates string is in maans hand..
ere dev gragged a glass n poured water in it..he saw his hands shivering..he held his other hand over it for shivered…
precap . maan back to delhi..maneet missing each other..

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