insane lover part 15

Maan come out from bathroom only in towel wrapped around his waist with bare chest .only another towel aound his neck with which he is drying his hair he stopped and see his princess cuddled up to herself and sleeping peacefully like kid..maan can stand whole day to see this site..geet open her eyes from her beauty sleep due to disturbance of sun rays..she sit on bed and rub her eyes with back of her palm like small kid..and yawn’

Maan come to her and kiss her cheeks: a very good morning princess’

Geet too kissed his cheeks and: good morning king..

She leaned on him lazily..her bare shoulders n arms touched his bare body,making crackers in him..he kept his hand on her back patting her’

Maan: u sleep well na..geet nod for that and

Geet:king u too sleep well na..

Maan:it is the one of the best sleep I ever had.. so calm so peaceful with my princess in my arms..he said romantically..but everything go over geet’s head..

Maan:patted her cheeks..get up princess and get ready we need to go out.. u wanna go for site scenes na’ geet jump out from bed with name of site scenes and run in to the bathroom to get ready’ maan getting ready in changing room when he heard geet calling him..

Geet: king’king..

Maan :what princess

Geet: I forget my cloth plz gave it to me its very tough time for maan..he curse his fate to play this idiotic game with him and test his self control..geets innocence is playing vital role in seducing maan.. some how he gather a black knee length flower print dress for her with towel..hehehe no inners.. and come to bathroom door and knock it.. he call her..princess..hesitantly..not sure with his own desire..

Geet open door and peek through it.. water dropping from her hairs.. some drops on her face.. teasing maan’s sense.. how dare they touch his geet.. her fresh innocent face n the aroma of her soap seduced maan to the core..he get highly aroused on seeing her’he is totally lost to even hear that geet ask him to give dress and towel..

Geet get irritate and snatch it ..and that was another blow..geet was standing in a towel..she shut the door on maan’s face because she is feeling cold..maan is still under spell of her effect unknown to geet.. suddenly he come back to sense with geet another shout..

Geet: king its only dress and towel where is my remaining cloth??????

Maan: what remaining cloth????? I gave u na..ur dress and towel..maan confused what about she is talking?????

Geet: offfhoo king don’t u wear inner wears kya..dont u get this simple thing I m talking about my inner wears.. maan embarrassed how can I forget to purchase this essential things for my princess..

Maan : wo..princess..i..forget to buy them..but u don’t worry I gave u another dress u wear them and come out them we went for shopping..and I buy u whatever u ask for..

He hurriedly go and come back with geet’s another dress jeans with long thick top she come out wearing dress and get ready’in mean time maan prepare breakfast geet come on dinning table..maan gulp his saliva seeing her figure which is visible even after her thick top.. her unsupported curve n nipples poking over her top teasing  his sense.. geet come close to him and tap his shoulder say what??????

Geet: king what happen with u..since morning u seem lost some where.. cloth dete time bhi u not replying me and even now..she check his forehead to check his temperature..

Maan feel good that geet notice his expression and he shamelessly say: I lost my sense seeing angelic beauty like u..

Geet being a child and innocent get excited with maan’s compliment.. really king I look beautiful in this dress’and turn left and right to show him her full view even her unsupported curves also turn..maan clutch his fist to control himself’and gulp glass of water which is placed on dinning table..

seeing single plate geet innocently ask

Geet:king y only one plate..ur not eating kya????????

Maan sit on chair and pull geet and she landed on his lap..

Maan: now u eat urself and even feed me by sitting on my lap’like yesterday..

Geet: wow its just like fairytales..king make her princess eat by sitting on his lap..but y u ask me to feed u..u should feed me na..

Maan:ok we do one thing.. ill feed u and u feed me just like ur fairytales..what say??????? Geet agreed and both have their breakfast like that only..

After breakfast both went to most famous mall road not before covering geet with shawl for geet inner wear shopping’mall road Shimla’s main shopping center, with a good number of Banks, Restaurants, Post office, clubs, bars and post office. It also houses Shimla’s famous Gaiety Theatre’ maaneet went in one of the famous boutique in a XYZ mall.. the owner recognize maan.. and welcome them with whole heart..

Salesgirl(SG) : welcome sir how can I help u???????

Maan shutter saying but he have to..wo.we wan..t her..

SG: what sir??????? I didn’t get u??????? she try to being close to maan which geet doesn’t like..get frustrated..

Geet:he is say we want inner wears for me..dont u understand it and hold maan’s arms tightly..maan feel good and hold her from waist and make her close to him..

SG take then to that section..geet select few and went in changing room trial.. its almost 15 min geet is inside and outside maan getting restless..and atlast he crush door and seeing geet’s bare backshe was trying to hook up.’he gulp his saliva and curse himself for this..

Geet get sacred with this n took her hands from back..the inner fell to her arms.making her upper bare..maan turned instantly..but it did not help him…all the walls had mirrorn reflected geets image on his side of mirror too..geet corrected her bra instantly.the fear went . n she  relaxed seeing maan their..

Geet:king I m not able to hook it plz help me na’

Maan(st): maan bte bahut shok hain na door crash karne ka ab bugto..

He start sweating and shivering he knows that he start feeling geet as his wifey but seeing her like that is something he cant handle.. he close his eyes tight and with shivering hands he try to hook.. his cold and shivering hand make geet shiver when it touch her back.. and she moan’ king’.

Maan lost his all control hearing her moan and kiss her shoulder.his both hands encircled around her bare waist,,.geet closed her eyes and again moan..she feel something which she never feel.. she can say its feels awesome.n heavenly when maan touch her that way’

Both are lost in eachother when SG knock door ask them if they had any problem.. maan hooked her fast and come out.. sg gave a sheepish smile thinking what would have happpened inside’

After coming out he push his hair back but smile..

Maan:I know geet I start affecting u..the way u moan my name it gives me an unknown satisfaction.. I love to hear this moan all over my life..i wanna see same passion in ur eyes which exist in my eyes for..

After shopping maan take her back to car and both leave for Jakhu Hill


it is Shimla’s highest point and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. The peak offers a panoramic view of the town and its the top of the temple is an old hanuman temple’

its lonely place due to no tourist season.. the hills are covered by snow geet run to play in snow.. and maan follow her.. suddenly maan’s cell rings and maan take it as its adi’s call.. geet doesn’t like itso she make snow ball and poured it into maan’s shirt..maan shocked with antics..

maan:princess what this’stop Ill not leave u now..bahut masti aarahi hain na..abhi bata hu.. he take out his shirt and make snow out of shirt..mean time geet run to save her life as she know that its maan’s turn now.. maan run after her’ adi heard all on phone and shok his head..

adi(st): only geet having guts to play prank on MSK.. I pray babaji maan get all the happiness which he not get in his past and I know maan happiness only lies on geet’

here maaneet play like small kids in snow throwing snow making snowmans.. after that they went to have lunch..after lunch they went to Shimla State Museum The Museum, which was opened in 1974, has tried to project hill-out and the cultural wealth of the state. There is a collection of miniature Pahari paintings, sculptures, bronzes wood-carvings and also costumes, textiles and jewellery of the region.

Then 11 km from the Shimla bus-stand. Tara Devi has a temple dedicated to the goddess of stars on top of the hill. There is a military Dairy Town here as well as the headquarters of Bharat Scouts and Guides. At a height of 6,070 ft, Tara Devi is an ideal place for a person wanting peace and some rest.

Maan feel good at that place.. he stop going temples after his parents death but today he come for his geet..

Geet saw a colourful bird n ran to watch it’maan was standing there..pandit came to him..

Pandit: beta its devi;s blessings..we gave like this to every couples..if girls apply this sindor in their maang her and her hunband relation remain one for next 7 births’u apply this on ur wife’s forehead..

Pandit mistoook geet as his wife..maan was lost in thoughts.. he want geet in all his 7 birth ‘sometimes he felt bad for touching her without any rights..even though he feels her like his he want to get his he wont be in guilt touching her..he moved to geet.. he took a pinch of sindoor from box and apply it in geet’s forehead..

Geet:king y did this’ y u applied this sindoor..only married women keeps sindoorna.. I m not married na..

Maan : princess ..pandit ji said its gud for girls..its so only I applied it on u..u know if u apply this na I will fulfill all ur wish n will be with u for all lifetime… and pandit ji say na its goddesss blessing to us can we refuse the blessing of god..

Geet: then I have to apply it daily kya???????

Maan: no princess not daily and u will not even say it to anyone.. warna may be all will laugh at u’

Maan somehow able to convince her.. geet innocent glowing face glow more with red sindoor’ maan today officialy make geet front of god for next 7 births..


Precap: SRWinkLOL


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