insane lover part 14

      PART 14

Maneet entered the huge farm house..geet was spell bounded looking the huge house with classy decors..she cant say mansion  is better than farm house..both are unique..n well decorated’geet s mouth n eyes were wide opened..n she walked gapping around the surroundings’she walked looking up the ceiling..the chandeliers n lightings she has never seen before’she tripped  n maan holded her by waist’she hugged him tight in fear n has closed her eyes..maan looked at her n was lost in her..he made her stand on feet..both did not leave each other n their position was more compromising..both were glued to each reduce her fear,maan slowly kissed her both eyes..current passed thru her spine..


Maan:princess,u r safe in kings ur eyes’

She opened her eyes..n found safe..she smiled at him..hayee..he was lost in her smile..


Maan:cant u see n walk..


Geet:when ur house makes me lose my sense,how am I to look down..aap haina muje bachanekeliye..

She said cutely..


Maan:haan..i will be there for u..always’


Geet:whats there..

she showed the other side of house…


Geet:king,ur house is sooo biggg..


She extended her hands large n said..maan was lost in her cute antics..


Geet:pls show me ur house na..what if I get lost in ur house..then how will I come back to my king..


Maan: ok come I give u tour of whole mansion..they started with living room..Decorated with Italian design furniture with with huge chandeliers in mid’ then they went to the kitchen..which was fully marbled.. geet is under maan’s spell seeing such huge and beautiful house.. in excitement geet open fridge and shock to see that is full of her fav items chocolates,juices, frozen food,cold drinks, ice creams etc..geet got so much excited and in that she hug maan tight and kissed on his cheeks tightly..and  said

thank u..

but it awakes maan inner desire’ his whole body burn with desire and passion..but he have to control his feelings..


Geet take out a chocolate and unwrapped it and offer maan for a bite first but instead of eating maan hold her hand and ask her to eat first she happily had  that.. then maan takes bite from same side where geet took bite’ it tasted geet sweetness more then chocolate sweetness’


Then maan took her to guest room’ simple yet beautifully decorated.. then..then on 1st floor..dadi’s room..rano maa’s room..his gym which had all machines.. geet lost in thinking about farmhouse.. maan notice it and hugged her from back and give peck on her shoulder.. geet came back to her sense..


Maan: what happen ned princess.. where r u lost???????


Geet: (turn and out her arms around maan’s neck) u know king.. I read and watch in all stories and films that king only do friendship with another princess who having all the things all kings have..but I don’t have anything huge and beautiful like u.. then how can u be always my friend..u will forget me na when u get ur real princess’and puts her head on maan’s chest..


Maan understands her insecurity but also got angry.. how can his geet talk like can she say she don’t have anything..all my things  only belong to geet no one else and why the hell I will look some other bloody girls when I have such a beautiful angel for myself’

Maan: geet we are friends na.. and for me u r my everything u see me with any other friend.. for which geet look towards him and nod for no.. then and I promise u na I will be only ur friend.. and friends having right on other friend I call ur maa as maa na so she become my maa too that all my things even me belongs to u only..  then in short u have everything which I have so stop thinking like that..he gave her peck on her forhead and leave for geet’s room’


Maan closed her eyes before opening her room’s door..he opens the door and slowly open geets eyes’ this give geet shock and surprise beyond limit..

The whole room was filled with pink ..the colour of wall to the bed..the pillows..the hangings..the looked like a fairy tale princess room with princess bed in centre.. its also having geet pics all over the walls along with maan only..

Maan has specially designed this room for her himself n made the work done’he chose every things specially for her..he purchased all things ,which she loves..if its the spread with cartoon pictures or the toys which she wall having 42″ inch LCD tv with attach DVD player a shelf full of her fav cartoon ,her video games and movie DVD’s’ she held his neck tight n kissed him in joy..and before maan understand what happen she runs to explore her room..she open her changing room..which is full of different types of dresses, shoes , accessories, make up..etc..geet love it a lot and


Geet:(shout from inside of changing room) king I like it a lot u bought so many dresses for me..thanks a lot’then she went see bathroom..poor maan followed her every where’ in bathroom its jacuzzi with mini swimming pool  .. haye geet is totally dead..


Geet: king see swimming pool..

Maan:princess I know u want everything like fairytale so I redo it like ur choice..

Geet again hug him and kiss him all over his face’


Geet: king now I want to see ur room..plz plz take me their na’how can maan refuse to her cute plead..

maan took her to his to hers..she was again lost in beauty of his room..

Geet was so tired ..she sat on his bed n rubbed her tummy..

Geet:king,im hungry’

Maan:u be here..i will come now..

He switched on the tv she may not get bored’


He went down n came with her food..

He was rooted at the entrance seeing her..she was lying on stomach n swinging her legs in air..her frocks front has lowered n partly her cleavages were out..n as she swayed her legs her frock was lifted up n she was unaware that her inners were visible to him..he gulped his saliva..

She was so much lost in tv changing channels.

Maan s throat went dry n he made geets attention towards him…

Geet :king..u came..

She took the food from him..

Geet this all for me..


She started to have it..

Geet :yummy..hostel mei na..they don’t make tasty like this..sometimes it will be gud..sometimes blunt or spicy..wo kya haina..the cook is oldna..n her eye sight is also poor ..poor she..what can she do..

She pitied the cook n started to cherish her food..

She was licking her fingers..maan was losing himself seeing her lips..

When she took a piece of food to eat..he stopped her n made her feed him n he took the food tasting her fingers also..the innocent kid asked him..

Geet:king,u did not have food..


Geet:mei bi na jalli hoon..

Geet:u also have it..but its juta of m9..

Maan was looking at the food left over near her lips..which was teasing him for last 5 minutes..

He bent n took it with his mouth..partly it touched her corner of lips..

Mei tumhara juta khasaktha hoon..u r special..i can take it from ur mouth too..

He said shamelessly..with the hidden meaning..but she did not get him..

Geet:chi..aap mere mouth se khayengi..chiii..u r king..n u have so many servants..u make so many dishes..then y u will take the food from my mouth..

Maan:bcoz it tastes ur honey sweet..

Geet:if u want honey taste..u can add honey..

Maan laughed loudly..he pulled her cheeks..

Maan:u r such a cutie pie..chalo khalo before it turns cold..

He started to feed her..

Geet:for u..

Maan:u feed me..

Geet:u only said not to be fed by my mom also..then y r u feeding me..

Maan:after a long time we are seeing na..n I know u take more food when u r fed..i will be here for only a day na..i want to take care of u..

Geet:oh..then ok..

Both fed each other..n kept the plate aside..

Geet was yawning..

Geet:king,I want to sleep’

Maan at first was thinking to sleep with her like he did in mansion..but today he hesitated..her looks are making him insane’n he did not trust himself.

Maan:geet,come with me I will take u to ur room’..

Geet:no..i cant walk..i want to sleep..

She layed on his bed..testing his control power..

Maan:geet,I showed ur room na..u sleep there..

Geet:then,carry me there..


Geet:u r my friend na..friends always helps their friends im not in mood to carry me there..


Maan was left with no option..he placed his hands under her back..n carried to the adjacent door,which was inside his room.. in other side it opens in led to geet room..

He placed her on bed’but she pull him..he tripped over her..he was fully over her..he looked at her eyes..which was twinkling in happiness and naughtiness..whoever looks at him can say,he was burning in make her his..her every innocent kiss made him week..he distangled her hands n lifted him from her..


Maan:now its late..go to bed..

Geet cutely pouted.. Geet took a big doll with her

Geet:I want to play with these all..

Maan:u can play sleep..


He forcefully made her lay on bed..N tucked her in spread..n placed her a forehead kiss..

Maan:goodnight princess..

Geet hugged the doll n said..

Geet:gud night king..maan snatched the doll from geet and say now sleep and don’t hug anyone else I don’t like it and for u its ur king order..

Geet nod like innocent kid and sleep..

Maan switched off the lights seeing her drifting to sleep’

Maan went to his room and pushed his hairs back in frustration ..he is irritated because of this controlling he cant do anything even though he is so close to geet and even get jealous with a toy..god give me a break.. how can I be jealous with a toy..but y not only I have right to hug geet and sleep..he take cold shower and come to his bed n tried to sleep..he couldn’t..geets antics came to his thoughts..the way she fed him..she cares for she loves me..

His mind asked’she is still not matured enuf to feel what is love..then how can u say its love’

His heart don’t want to accept his minds voice’he loves her n will make her love him..she is his..his only..

Who can change the reality..geet is not in love with him..she is a mere teenager..who can be easily manipulated..n maan was successful in it’.the girl who was never been out of house or close to any boys was close to maan for the first time..she treated him as other friends without knowing what a relationship of man will be ..the gifts he gave her just made her head over heels in affection with him..her fairy land stories made her obey him as king..his orders must be obeyed n she was blindly following it..n she was lost in the sweetness n care he showed without knowing the real reason behind his actions’she cared for him as a friend..he was same for her like pinky’but a little more..she made him do whatever she asks’n he does’the same way she do with pinky..her friend..pinky does whatever geet asks swearing on friendship’her body was reacting to his touches as he was the first one to touch her differently…n she did not knew the difference of touch of man n friend..for maan..he is insanely love with her..for geet…what will she think when she understands the reality…


Maan fall asleep later’he found a weight on him n opened his eyes only to see geet settling herself near him..her legs n hands wrapped over him n half part of her body was on him..

Maan:princess..what are u doing here..

Geet made a loud cry..

Geet:king I feel scared to sleep alone..wo ..pinky always sleep with me na..pls..let me sleep here..

Maan felt bad for her n cant see her in tears..

He wiped her tears..

Maan:don’t cry..ok..u can sleep here..

Geet:thank u king..u r so gud’


She hugged him tight n closed her eyes’maan reciprocated the hug n that’s when he felt the difference.her softness pressing his hard chest..he felt like there was no barrier between them..the cloth did not make a barrier.his hands moved on her back’he felt same’she has removed her inner’he want to move away from her’but stopped n hugged her more keeping in his tight embrace..she is mine..i have the right on her..

She slept..he swifted her totally over him n kept his hands encircled over her waist n slept peacefully..saying..gudnight wifey’

Morning when he woke up..the sight was pleasant for him..he don’t want to take his eyes of her’both were under the spread in a very intimate position..his heads between her valley of chest..his hands over her bare breasts,,he lifted a little taking of the spread’there she was lying half nude..her strap of frock was not in shoulder..n it was rolled till her waist’he took of the spread n checked if he has crossed his limits..both were having their clothes..maan sighed ..

Maan:ye geet bhi na..only she can make me lose senses in sleep too..

Maan was looking at her without taking his gaze’her small curves n pink buds invited him to taste..he has lost his lost ounze of control..he gently rubbed his fingers on tip of her buds’he looked geet..she was in deep sleep..n was not aware with his touch..which gave him courage to continue..

Meri patni hai..i can do whatever I want..

he started to tease her another bud with his tongue..geet chuckled in sleep feeling tickled.. he saw her nipples erected.he took her curves slowly  in his mouth sucking it..

geet let a moan in sleep n her hands clutched him brought him to senses..

he moved away from her closing her with spread..he pushed his hairs behind in frustration..

maan st:maan,what r u doing with her..u want to be physically with u realize what will happen after love making..can she bare the intimacy..what,if she got pregnant..she is only 16..she cant   face it’if u want her life long keep distance..if u want to risk her life go ahead’

maan:I want her thru out my life..ok..ill keep myself control’only for a yr more till she finish 12th…

maan corrected her dress n went to washroom…



precap: its just starting is only start now..LOL


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