insane lover part 13

        PART 13

Dev and aarti is very happy with new contract .they thought now there financial problems will be solved but both don’t know that its starting of their end… maan and adi have trapped them fully..


Here months passes after maan and geet’s separation .. though they both chatted for many hrs in phone.. maan started missing geet like anything geet also missing her king .she  even cribbed in front of maan that she want to meet him.. which make maan craving for her more.. he himself felt was one day geet n maan were again chatting in phone..

Geet called him..maan was busy in meeting…his mood was worse as the staffs has not completed the work he gave..n next day was presentatation…he was yelling at all staffs for their lazy behaviour…n in verge of firing all staffs in anger..all staffs were already facing hell in office..adi tried to make maan calm..but maan said,all are worthless to work.all were praying god to save them n give an hr time..atleast they may complete within that time..shayad God listened to them n maans cell rang… he looked at the buzzing cell n was about to break it..he saw the picture displaying..his princess..his geet calling him..his lips immediately carved to a smile making all was so sudden his mood changed..he just nodded his head n said all to go…they left a long breathe n ran for their life n to finish the work…

Maan:hello r u?

Geet cutely pouted: achi nehi hoon…

Maan:kyun baby?

Geet:two days holiday..mama said me to stay here itself…


Geet:as she came to see me last week n i too went to delhi with her for week end for two days she said me to stay here itself..

Maan:ur friends will be there na..

Maan can see her in the phone…her cute frown added beauty to her..his eyes widened when she kept the phone in such a place from where maan can see her whole room..geet was in her school uniform..she was removing her dress in anger n throwing it on bed..first her socks,then coat,tie, n shirt ..she started to undo it..that her buttons broke n fell on floor..

Maan closed his eyes n kept the phone in ears..his heart beated fast still hearing the change of her dress..

Maan:here i am already having a bad time being away from her..n she is testing my innocent seductress..


Geet now answered..all my friends are already gone..

Maan:ur room mate..

Geet:pinky went just now..i dont want to be here..i feel lonely..all left me alone..noone cares for mama too katti with her..

She started to sob…for which maan s heart can he be in peace after listening to her cry..

Maan:princess..u r a gud girl na..dont cry..if u cry i cant work here..please dear stop ur cry..

Geet again sobbed..

Geet:king..u know i miss u so much..if u are here u will take me for outingna..

Maan:if i am there its ok..but im abroadna..ok..let me cheer u up..i will send u links of tom n jerry..u will c thru phone..but without others knowledge..n ur time will go..u will not get bored..

Geet sniffed her nose..sachi..

Maan like a gud girl..get up wash ur face..go..have ur food n then watch cartoon n sleep..ok..


Both kept the phone n smiled thinking about her cribbing..for now she has stopped her cry..but tomorrow she will again start..before that i have to do something..its long time ive seen her..i also miss her so much..


So, its time to meet my princess…

Maan called the staffs.n warn them..but.they submitted the files..

Maan:is the files finished n ready for presentation..

Yes sir..

Maan:then y the hell u all did not submit at first place

Sry sir..wo we finished when u was busy in phone..

Maan looked at his phone..he has spent time in chat with geet for more than an hour..

Maan glanced the files..ok tomorrow the presentation will be done under adi…he said n went out..


straight heading to the airport..he was having a smirk when he sat in his private jet..the news he heared just now has made him feel lighter..



dev and aarti has agreed to stay in london hotel..just only to know the details of hotel n its procedures..but both will look after the hotel together..maan made a special servant for them both to take care of give him every minute information to him…n dev will be given slow poison through his food..


According to contract dev and aarti will stay in london hotel have to come india first atleast for 1 year and get to learn maan’s way of working.. because he want everything according to his way…

Adi disclose this clause to dev and aarti.. which gave them a big shock.. and ofcource it again became a big reason of fighting between dev and aarti…

Dev is in most wanted list in India as a criminal of so many iilegeal business.. and aarti being his partner also comes in that list ..coming to India is dangerous for both of them and if they now cancel this deal they have to pay maan 50 corers cash within 24 hours n inform maan…

Both are badly trapped  n after so much hesitation they have decided to go with maans condition..n maans informer gave him this news..


Maan was too much happy because he is going india back that is first reason… yes he is going back to met his princess which is surprise for her…n in next few days dev n aarthi also will be he dont want to live long distance from geet..

Maan reached delhi first and went to meet dadi in KM.. he deadly wanna go shimla but don’t wanna come in rano’s bad book so he have to play safe..

Maan reach mansion nakul kaka and rano both are very happy to see maan back and welcome him wholeheartly… then he went to meet dadi.. even dadi is very happy because after geet went back hostel she is feeling very lonely and sad geet is the only one who talk with her  n entertain her with her cute antics..


maan talked with dadi and told her how he trapped and forced dev and that aunty to come india.. even dadi feeling like laughing hearing maan calling aarti as aunty.. she think maan also start talking like geet sometimes.. but also feel bad because of maan’s state.. she always miss that nave and innocent maan… who love to laugh who is full of life he even don’t know the meaning of sadness and dullness… but fate make him like this…a revengeful man.. heartless arrogant businessmen who smile only for geet.. she pray to her babaji that geet will stay in his life always and change maan like before….


After met with dadi maan come back to hall for having something..he started  to work on his plan..mission meeting geet..

Maan called some person in shimla..n chatted to him.. here for few days..


Maan:as u asked me to see ur sight for construction…i will be there tomorrow in shimla..

Rano who was serving snacks n coffee ,immediately looked up..

Maan:ya…tomorrow full day im free…ur work will take me only an hr..

Maan:ive no meetings..n i thought to stay in our farm house…just refreshing a day..or to roam in shimla..

Maan:ya ..i will be back to delhi next day..

Maan kept the phone..

Rano maa,i am going to shimla for business meeting to night..i will stay there for a day..just pack 2 set of dresses for me..



Rano hesitated..

With the name of shimla rano get excited because geet also complain to her that she is missing everyone king dadi her nakul kaka mali kaka and so on…

As maan said he is free in shimla she hesitatingly asked


Maan:kya hai maa..

Rano:beta can u  spend some time with geet if u can..

and our maan is only waiting for this… his heart is jumping but he maintain straight face and only nod in yes

to rano…

maan:but dont  inform geet about this because i myself don’t know wheni will  get time to meet her ..if i got any other appointment i will not be able to meet her..

rano:i can understand beta..ill not say…

but the real reason is that he want to give her surprise but maan told her to inform geet’s hostel that he is coming so they dont creat any fuss..

rano gave him her visitors pass..with that he can see geet whenever he wants..

maan came to dadi

dadi,im going to meet geet..

dadis face brightened..

maan:what u want to say..that u miss her bak bak a lot..

dadi made an angry face..

maan”ok..apki ladli bahuko kuch nehi kahunga..i will say that u miss her..

dadi blinked..

maan came n kissed her forehead..

maan”dadi,dr said u r not improving..y dadi..y u r not giving response to them also…i want to c u back fit n fine..dont u want to see my marriage n play with ur grand children..

maan winked n tears escaped from dadis eyes..

maans naughtiness is one reason n the other..she so much want to see her grand children..

maan wiped her tears..

maan:ur happy im allowing it..if u r so happy i will give u grand childrens before my marriage..

dadis eyes widened..

maan:just kidding dadi..

maan left to was night when he landed there..


Maan came to hostel straight. it was too dark…so no one did not notice maan..maan looked at the surroundings n entered the hostel…as rano has already informed they said they will call geet..

Maan stopped them n asked them geets room..

He was shown geets room..maan

looked at her..she was lying on bed in her

stomach..her legs for moving up n down..she was cribbing something looking at the phone

(geet’s room pic credit to keenu)

maan came n stood before her..n said..

thinking about me princess..

geet blinked few times to assure he is actually there..

she pinched pained aahhh…maan

chuckled seeing her childish act..

the next minute geet hugged him by neck n was hanging on him..her feet was not on floor n maan has to hold her by waist…

KING u here

She said in excitement…but maan was too lost to react…her sleeveless frock n the way she is clinging to him..her whole weight was on him..he can feel her every part sticking to his body…she has grown more beautiful…n her curves was visible over her frock..

She kissed  all over his face n maan was aroused fully..he crushed her in his arms…n kissed in her forehead cheeks n ears…geet felt goosebumps n red colour hued her cheeks..

Maan:i am here only for come lets go..

Geet:wait,ill pack my things..

Maan:no need geet

Geet:i need dress na..

Maan:dont u think..ur king can buy anything for u..just come with me…

She nodded n followed him silently..

Wardon gave permission taking her with him..for two rano maan is vip..

Maneet entered the huge farmhouse of shimla…


Precap:a day out in shimla..Wink


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