PART 29

Geet’s excited and crimpy noise echoing in whole mansion’y not’today is the first day of her college..she is running like a kid here and there and poor dadi rano maan nakul’everyone have to listen her non stop bak bak in short her planning’what she will do’how excited she is’she will make so many new friends..even she tried every new dress what maan brought for her..and show it to every1 for their suggestion but madam is dam excited and could not select any dress..atlast everyone accept their defeat and geet was nowhere to stop..n maan made her accept his choice of dress by commanding her..orelse all must have to wake up whole night becoz of her excitement..

at night she wake up maan at 3’o clock and asked him to select shoes and accessories matching to the dress for her.. maan selected a pair of accessories and shoes with his half opened eyes..but for his misery princess reject and bug him more to choose other one’.geet is busy in her wardrobe where maan is sitting holding his head on bed..he knows if he shout at geet now., she will lose her all excitement and seeing her so much happy how can he snatch that cute smile from that juicy lips..JUICY LIPS bingo””

Maan (smirking) : accessories select karna hain na’me abhi karta hu and we will see how u refuse to wear them’

Maan slowly get up from bed and come toward her’.geet unaware of her intentions’geet get started when a pair of warm arms encircle her slim waist..he put his chin on her shoulder’.and kissed on her cheek

Maan: princess how can u reject everything without even trying it?????and u forget to choose most essential cloths’

Geet: what I forget to choose tell me na fast I want to be perfect plzzz she said it with puppy dog eyes that maan cant refuse and turned her towards him with a jerk and next moment, he  kissed her hard..both are lost in each other nibbling sucking each other like hungry maan geet also become wild as she think this is the only way to kiss’maan left her when he found her out of breathe’she was panting n coughing ..

Geet: king see I m out of breath again’y u kiss me so hard..

Maan: princess I m sorry ill try to be soft next time’but its ur fault when u make such faces I cant resist myself’

Geet:hmm’now tell me what I forget’

Maan: u want to wear everything new na’what about ur inner wear’

Geet: omg how silly I m how can I forget it’now what should I do dadi and maa is already sleeping’wait ill awake them’

Geet try to go but maan tight his hold and say..y u need maa or dadi when I m here to help u?????????? u go and try them and show me ill select one for u’.

Maan going to have a nice time to enjoying his princess ramp walk with only inner wears..

Geet try some and show it to maan..he having tough time to resist her but there is more treat for him’so he doesn’t do anything just kiss her hard whenever she come in with different wear’n he rejected all saying its dark n will be visible over her dress or some lame excuses..

After enjoying her ramp walk in lingeries for  whole 30 mins..finally maan selected one’now maan ask her to try asscesoires..

Geet: king ill try them tomorrow’me tired and for accessories mujhe saari dress bhi to pehani padegi’

Maan: who ask u to wear dresses..u did demo to me already..saare din se dekh raha hu u go and come wearing only accessories’nothing else’not a single cloth on ur body’becoz i have seen u already in those.

geet went to the dresser n took the same colour of her cloth..

maan said na.something else.

she took the chain bracelet n weared it..

maan looked at her..

maan:come here..

she came..

maan:this is matching to ur lingeries..are u going to wear this outside..


maan took off her upper clothes.u can have the below one…i said u to try without i may see if it is matching to u are not…

he said squeezing her check accessories this is not needed..he traced the panty line with his fingers..this will be on u till i have my go n try..

geet tried most n he rejected..

she was tired n sat down..mujse nehi hoga..u urself help me king..

maan was expecting that only..she must call him by her own…

maan neared her..n hugged her..

maan:u invited ur trouble sweat heart..he thought..

he surfed the accessories n took the earrings.n weared it slowly..he placed a kiss on her earlobe..this suits u..he took a red beaded small chain n weared around her neck..he kissed her jaw mishty cant bear heavy weight will scratch her soft skin..he placed kisses along her neck full..n came to her mid of cleavage..she has kept her eyes closed n arched her back making her view more near to his face..her buds were hard..he slowly teased it with his tongue…n she started to moan..he sucked her curves ever so softly..his hands worked on the other..he came to her belly n kissed her skin..he took a red flowered watch which was on the table n weared on her wrist..kissing her from arms to shoulder..she hugged him tight..



geet:i cant stand..

maan scooped her in arms n went to bed n placed her..he removed the accessories n kept aside..

geet:king,i want to sleep..

maan:u can..

geet:how will i sleep without you..

maan smirked i too cant sleep without my wifey..thinking he  slided beside her..he pulled her over him n  kissed her lips ..slowly patting her to sleep..

it was morning..maan got up early..he saw geet who was still sleeping over him..he placed her on bed without waking her..he wore her a night dress n kissed her forehead n went to his room..geet was sleeping till 7.30…bcoz of her midnight adventure n excitement of first day..

rano tried to wake her but geet was in deep slumber..atlast maan woke her saying its time for her college n she will be late on first day..geet sat on bed..n after that all ran behind her ..the palace turned on into a hustle bustle..geet screaming for her things..she forget to keep her bag ready concentrating in dress..n others..when she was ready n came down it was 8.45 n only 15 min 4 her college..she denied to take her breakfast..

Finally some how all manage to feed her her breakfast and maan went to drop her to her college in whole ride he is nervous like a school kid who is going school for the first time..all the time maan was busy in giving instruction to geet whereas madam is all lost in her excitement’not giving any importance to maan..

Maan(St): she already started going away from me’I cant survive without her..if it is going like this ill arrange home college for her..i will not tolerate any dam thing between me and my geet..

They reached college.all were looking with wide eyes opened as the shining black car entered with a different aroma..geet stepped out..she was wearing a pair of blue jean n red banian with an overcoat. her hair.was left free.. she has done a simple make up..her clips ,watch,bracelet n her shoes everything were unique n matching..  her long studs dangling in air..


Kisi ameer ki beti lagthi hai..

But very beautiful..

See her lips..

See her structure yaar..

Geet was unaware of the eyes watching her.. when geet got down she saw pinky at entrance n she quickly bid a bye to maan n ran to her..maan went back disheartenly. he cant stop her studies for his fear..

In college geet n pinky lost in their talks catching up the whole holidays..and both went in class’whole college is admiring her beauty..they reached there class room’where professor was already present and taking intro from student..

Geet and pinky ask permission to come inside..

Pinky n geet took a seat which was empty n only one girl was sitting alone with sad looks..geet n pinky being nonstop chatters said hai to her..n she too said hai..

professor asked the girl  to introduce herself..

girl:hai,I am meera kapoor..i studied in Mumbai.n she sat down without saying anything about her..

geet n pinky asked meera about her n where she stays..

.i lost my parents when I am young..i have only a brother..she said with present I am searching for a house to stay as paying I am staying in hotel..can u guys help me in it..

Pinky:I think I could..

Meera s eyes twinkled..

How?do u know any house..

Pinky:yes in our house there is accomadation..the renters who stayed left 2 days before..if u r ok you can come to my house..ill ask my parents too..

Meera thank u so much..

Pinky :we are classmates n now friends too I think..

Meera:yup..i too need friends..nice meeting u both..she said genuinely..

It was geets turn to introduce…geet introduced about herself only about her studies n where she studied..she said about her parents..but as maan said she avoided that her mother is a cook..then pinky introduced herself n about geet n her being friends in shimla n all..

 after that bell rang indicating break..meera,pinky and geet went to canteen..

the three are going to sit when someone hold geet’s hand..she get scared and turn to see who is there..

there stood a well built tall handsome hunk standing with a killer looks’he was holding geet and she is looking toward him..with scared innocent face..

Boy: excuse me miss this seat is reserved for me and my friends..u can take another one..

Geet is so lost in his looks that she did not listen anything what just he said..pinky murmured sorry and takes geet with her..

Geet: omg another prince’pinky u see him how handsome he is na..just like a movie hero john Abraham hrithik RANBHIR KAPOOR that’geet is going gaga about his looks where pinky was praying for her ears’.


Precap : now who is this handsome’s?????? Socho socho handsome koun hain’????????hero ya villain in maneets life?LOL


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  1. ushankitvc says:

    awesum …..ramp walk fr selecting inners and acessories…..continue sooon….

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