PART 28

Maan made rano agree for her college. Geet is on cloud 9’…because maan get here whatever she wants. its true that she is going away from rano but at the same time she loved pampering by rano too.. rano made so many efforts trying to manofying geet ‘like preparing geet’s fav food’spending time with her’massaging her hair’giving her many things but both end up with arguing and atlast princess geet will be angry’


It is just a  week for  geet’s college to start..maan is in noida branch for some business work..and geet is busy talking with pinky on phone..

Pinky: u know geet..yesterday me and mama went for shopping’she bought me dress for first day of our college’she was saying in college, girls wear bright n  beautiful dresses and she don’t want me to look odd in old dresses..that’s y..

Geet:really aunty bought u dress..thats so sweet of her..par meri mama ko to time hi nahi hota’she is not even taking me to market’buying a dress is far away’

Pinky: so what ..tu rano aunty se bola’I m sure she will buy u a new dress..

Geet: (disheartenly) no pinky she will not..aur if I force she will get angry and scold me’pinky ill talk to u later’bye..seeing her mother geet disconnected the phone..

rano heard this all and feels bad for geet’she decided to take her on shopping’that day itself’she knows maan is in noida branch so there is no chance ,that he will come early and nakul can take care of dadi for some time’

Rano comes and caress geet hair..geet gave her forceful smile..rano felt more bad..she very lovingly sat beside her and asked..

Rano:gudia u want new dress?????????? Geet’s face get lighten and she excitedly nod yes..rano smiled seeing her expression..

Rano: ok then we will go for shopping today’and ill buy u new dress. new shoe new clips n new toy too’geet was happy hearing it..she hugged her tightly..she run to her room to get ready’

Geet wear a short white frock till her knees..she is looking like an angel..she came back and rano hesitate with her dressing’but shruggle off by knowing if she say anything to her now’madam muh phulakar beith jayengi..n she don’t want to disappoint her..

Rano and geet went for shopping..maan was busy in site’he did not know where is geet and what she was doing’after done with his work maan opened his lappy to see his princess..but geet is no where to be seen in mansion..he checked all his cameras again..’he get scared..????? his heart beat start beating fast..his breath getting abnormal.. he was addicted for her.n .her absence make him mad..he some how took out his phone from pocket and called geet’s mobile..geet picked his call..which gave him little bit peace’

Maan:in hard voice) where r u princess’.y ur not at home??????????/

Geet get startled with his hard voice ..she has never heared his voice so rude.she somehow managed to reply: wo mei maa k sath shopping pe aai thi’

Maan: princess if u want something u can ask me na y u r troubling maa for such small thing..he said little calming himself..but the reality is he is mad that’the difference between rano and geet is getting reduce..which is a threaten for maan..

Geet:I doesn’t ask maa anything she herself want to buy me a dress..

Maan:so what? cant u inform me before going out..

Geet pout like a kid and not replying’her childish act makes maan chuckle..

Maan: aacha baba sorry..i just got worried na..u r nowhere seen tho bas..


Maan:princess plz don’t get angry na’aacha batao what u buy?????

Geet:king I m confuse’I m stuck between pink and red’what should I buy???????

Maan:buy both .problem solved'(ruby always do so’if I stuck ill buy bothWink)n I want all my wishes of my princess comes true..take both..

Geet:na I want one for 1st day of my college’mama said she has money for only one..n I must chose only one..ok wait ill start video calling and u select a dress for me..


Geet switched on video calling and the site burn maan to the core..geet is standing wearing a short dress in mid of crowded boutiqe with so many sales boys around her..maan’s anger boiled’he without a words get into his car and and rush to her..

Geet :hello king..where were u lost select a dress na..but maan..he  was in his peak of anger..

Maan:geet which mall’he shouted at her..just his words make her shivering..she start sweating with his deadly voice..rano who is selecting some other things comes to her to show her but her voice stuck in her throat seeing geet shivering badly..she is looking pale..her face lost all its colour’

Rano shake her but..again maan’s voice catch rano’s attention..

Maan:which mall geet..

Rano take mobile from geet and answer..:wo maan bete we were at xyz mall’on abc road..

Maan disconnected the call..and reached there in 15 mins’this 15mins is hell for both maan boiling in anger and geet shivering due to fear’

Rano tried everything to make geet normal..but maan’s deadly voice made her almost dead..she never heard this kind of threatening voice..

Maan reached to them..and gave deadly glare to whole staff..who is helping rano to make geet normal’with his one glare all get back to there work..rano stammer

Rano:wo maa bete she na what happen to gudia..she is not responding..dont know what happen to her’

When maan entered he saw a man just walking beside her..his hands touched her back n went..rano did not see it..n geet was thinking why king is so angry..

Maan did not say a word just hold her from her arm and dragged her to his car..rano confused with his act..but thinking he did not like geets dress chosen by hern he is taking them to next shop by  helping her..he did not want any scene here so taking her home..

With maan’s touch geet tears start coming out..he push her inside the car’even rano seat..after taking his seat he entered the boutigue n saw the man who touched geet on her back..he forcefully pulled him in front n broke his hands..the man yelled in pain n others looked at him in horror..geet could see it from where she was sitting..she closed her eyes in fear..

Maan:remember this..this is what u will get to touch which is mine..

Man came n took the wheels n them whole driving..trio lost in there own pov


Maan’s pov

How can she go out in this out can she let other seeing what is just mine..that lustfull dare that people see my princess like that..n how dare she let another man touch her..


Geet’s pov

How can king talk with me like that’he very well know that till now no one talk with me like that’his deadly voice took my breath away’he always scolded maa for threatening me now whom Iwill  complaint..yaa ill tell this to dadi’dadi will pull his ear..

Then why king fight with that man..poor him was crying when king twisted his hands..i am really scared seeing it..


Rano’s pov

Why maan beta came there and y he is so much angry’may be some reasons were there..but the way he dragged geet from there is not looking good na..what people will think about them’yaa its true that they are friends but at the same time there is no comparison between this two..the way maan beta behaved is not right..but may be possible he don’t want to creat any scene there after all he is MSK..n he wants best for his friend..he might not like the shop or so..

Maan parked the car before mansion n dragged geet to her room..rano ran behind him..she was now totally confused with his anger..maan pushed geet on the bed n she fall on it..

Rano:beta..why are u angry on her..

Man: I am angry on u both..kesi maa ho aap..did u watched what she is can u take her out in this dress..all were looking at her with lustful eyes..n one even..

He stopped cant able to say someone dared to touch his love.

Man:n u..u were lost in selecting dress that did not even match her..

Geet was pouting cutely..

Rano dipped her head..

Man:now u go n do ur work..with that he closed the door of geet n locked it..

Man:till I say no one will open the door..

Geet:king open na..

Man opened n went inside..rano has standing outside looking at maans anger..

Maanprincess bohut shocktha na..frock pehenke gumne ka..why cant u remove all ur dress n go out n give free show to all.. can i..

Man:u feel that is many times I have said don’t wear small clothes outside this room..stay alone ..that is ur punishment..

Geet:king ..i will be scared..

Man:ok..i will open the door in half an hour..till that u must stand inside ur room without this cloth..n dare u did not obey my words..

He said increasing the ac of the room n went out..he locked the room..

He turned to rano:why r u standing still here..she must realize it..more over u don’t think I will open the door..he barged into his room shutting himself inside it…he was in anger he punched the wall..he want to go again n pull all the eyes of the persons who looked at her..n kill the man who touched her..

Maa tured on the camera of geets room only to see her cuddling in bed..she was sleeping ..

Man:here im burning for what she did..see how she is sleeping..he barged into her room by his secret door n pulled her n made her stand..


Man:what punishment I gave u..i did not say u to sleep..

Geet:but king..

Maan in a swift tore her frock n inner n  threw it away ..she feared him again..the ac hit her bare body..she covered herself crossing her with hands.standing in her single piece..

Man:dare u hug urself..its ur punishment or it will be more severe for u..that u cant handle it..

Geet let her hands down..maan sat in bed n looked at her..she was tempting but his anger was more..n she must also know what will happen if she goes against his words.she is his..only he can feast her..only he has the rights on her to touch her ..she is meant to be his..

Man looked at the was 15 minutes..n geet started to shiver..time passed..

Geet:king..i feel very cold..pls..


Geet:pls..she said n her lips quivered..

Man felt bad..

Man:will u ever wear short dresses out of this room..


Maan:come here..she came near him..he turned off the ac ..he took his dress off n hugged her giving her heat of his body..she was terribly shivering n need of the warmth..she cuddled to him more..he rubbed her back..n kissed her softly..

Maan:im sry princess..its all for ur gud..see becoz of u I left my meeting n other works too..n I cant see other mens noticing u..

She was not in position to think what man is telling she pulled him closer to get more heat from him..maan covered both of them with the duvet.kissing her every part n rubbing her cold skin to give heat…he started to kiss her quivering lips n she too toyed with his..soon geet was normal..n both were laying on bed cuddled with each other..

Geet:king..mujei bhuk lagi hai..

Man got up n weared his shirt n pant..he opened her wardrobe n gave her the salwar..go n change in washroom..we both will head down to lunch..

Geet nodded ..

Man:u wont come out in short dresses..u remember..


When she went to change man opened the adjacent door n went to his room..her nearness always gave him energy..he was fresh after this small making out.sesion..he came out n geet too joined him ..both headed down to lunch..geet was grumpy..she was angry on man,but couldn’t show him..becoz of him she couldn’t enjoy shopping nor purchase new dress..but all her anger vanished stepping into hall..there was line full of dresses with matching jewellaries n even shoes..

Geets anger vanished in thin air..she turned to man..

Geet:king ye sab mereliye..

Man:nehi mereliye..

Geet:aap ladkiyon ki kapde bhi pehenthe hain kya..

Man want to bang his head..

Man:g..e..eet..he gritted his teeth..

Geet:ok I understand its for me..

Man:yes..all is for give ur cheeky smile..

Geet smiled at him..rano was happy to see geet back out of her shell…n she is not angry…



PRECAP: COLLEGE’S 1ST DAY.. 2 NEW ENTRIES..socho socho agar ek male entry hui toShockedLOL



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  1. ushankitvc says:

    awesum updt….OMG!!!maans anger even scared geet….maans punishment and his warning…..ooops!!!a whole new warrobe fr hr…continue sooon….

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