INSANE LOVER
                  PART 27

Maan hugged geet tight in his embrace..both their body were glued with each other..he can feel her every skin on his..he dipped his head in crook of her neck..his hands are continually massaging her back..’the feel of losing her is something which took maan back to his past..where he lost all his precious relation..that fear  again become alive seeing geet struggling for breath.his life is struggling in his arms…he rubbed her every body partto create heat..he kept his ears on her chest n his another hand on her pulse.. like he was making his heart believe that his life is safe and sound in his arms’


Geet’s body start responding to his warmth’she needs more heat n unknowingly he pulled him more closer..their both body start losing their self in each other..the hotness of room also became high .. this 2 hot bodies are showing their wild passion to each other ‘this hotness is something beyond the limit for both

Maan’s insanity forced him to taste geet in all the way..but today losing her forever just made him blank..he did not thought anything than her life..his desire was lost..only thing running in his mind was to save geet..geets hands was moving on his bare back..creating a new desire inside herto feel the feeling which she is sensing now…maan was loosing himself in her sensual touches..

 Maaneet passion reached to its highest it was geet who made his demon awake..’she opened her eyes half n looked at him’ her in his embrace so tight that she felt he was choking her..he started to kiss  her all over the body  madly..his hands are in her womanly assests..which both did not realize..

Man kissed her lips u know..i was scared..maan singh khurana for the first time was scared in his life..dont ever do this jaan..i will not be able to live without u..

He again crushed her in his arms..

His legs went between her thighs n found her all wet..he knows she is all ready for him’geet was also moaning his name maan is feeling heaven by her every moan’he kneeled on her side n was already to rock inside her’just then his cell phone ring and brings him back to reality

Maan st:what he was going to do..she is not in his senses n im taking advantage of can I be so low..

‘ maan mentally thank to the caller..because of him today he didn’t cross his limits..

 even geet come in sense with his cell phone ring’her eyes showed how much she was uneasy looking herself without the single cloth n his hardness at her core..

man:sry jaan..

he moved away..

I did not do anything to u..i want u..but with ur own will..u don’t want to get scared of it..

His phone again rang..

Ignoring call maan look toward geet who is looking him..with half open eyes.. maan gave her a glass of water..she struggled to sit’maan helped sit n  take a sip..maan  carressed her hairs and then cupped her face..

Maan:how do u feel now?????????

Geet: I m ok now’I have a fobia of deep left her sentence uncomplete’

Maan: geet u don’t need to get afraid of anything till ur king is alive’and hugged her tight’I nearly lost u jaan..

his inner cells still shivered due to that past incidence’

Both were lost in each other when maan’s cell phone rangs again’maan asked geet to change and get ready while he will attend the call..geet nod innocently and stood in bed in naked state awaking maan’s desire’man covered her with the duvet n asked her to go n change now..


After getting ready both start playing video game in geet’s room itself’

Maans eyes never let her for even a single minute..

He was scared if she moves he will loss her..

Rano brought dinner to both n both had it silently..

At night man stayed in geets room..he kept her close in his feel she is with him in real..

The next day man took geet with him to swimming pool..


Man gave her a packet n asked her to change she opened it n found it was a swim suit..maan undressed him n stood in his boxer..

Geet:king..i hv phobia..

Man:u r with ur king..u trust me na..then come with me..geet changed into the swim suit n stepped into the pool..

Man:lay on my hands n sway ur legs n hands..


Man:u say na..u will listen to ur king..


She closed her eyes tight n held man tight by her one hand n did what man asked to do..

Though man was aroused seeing her in swim suit n when it glued to her like a second skin too..he controlled..she must learn that if she ever fall in swimming pool she can save herself..

It was an hr..geet was getting used with water becoz of man..

Man kissed her now..

Enough for today..i will teach u daily ..n I want no excuses from u..





geet’s vacation went fast…geet spent time with dadi n reading story books..the rest of time was filled with man…maneet enjoyed outing games..watching tv..n man took her for movies also…seeing maan pampering geet this much, respect towards maan by rano increased daily..where same with maaneet their passion and desire toward each other start increasing day by they both cant sleep with out each other warmth..

its time for her college admission..rano request maan to help her’in which maan happily agreed..rano ttold  geet to persuing she may get job as accountant anywhere.’.but geet wants to do interior which again become reason of difference between mother and daughter..

Rano stopped geet because she doesn’t have sufficient money and asking maan in all the things she doesn’t want too.. ‘she thoght he had  already done so many favours’and now again asking help from him..she hesitated..

 but geet atlast run to his king after having a huge argument with rano..maan make rano understand that bcom is not worthy nowadays compared to interior..if geet did bcom she has to do masters will take another 2 yrs..n maans valid points made rano agree for her studies..maan made a deal that geet can serve KC after her course’which rano agreed..

Maan helped geet to get admission in delhi university but in girls branch..not in co-ed classes’his possessiveness n inner insecurities did not let him trust anyone not even on geet’he knows geet can be easily handled by all becoz of her innocence..which is positive for him..same time its negative when she steps to outer world..   




precap:geets entry n new college.

.maan in site visit..geet in market with her short frock..ab kya hoga..OuchAngry


One Response to INSANE LOVER 27

  1. ushankitvc says:

    love this story an it very close to my heart……loving this maneet….now hope the admission to college will not create prob fr maneet…..

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