PART 26

Maan reached home ..he knew his princess will be in library..he said rano maa to arrange table for his lunch..n warm up the food if it is will give him atleast 10 min for him to have some private moments with his princess…he hurriedly rushed to library where geet was all lost in her story books…maan entered n pulled her towards him..she was shocked by the sudden pull..she was about to scream..when he attacked  her like hungry animal and start kissing her …geet get first shocked but maan’s ascent gave her feel of peace ..its her king..and she too start responding him with equal flavor ..maan was only away from her for 3-4 hours but that was hell for him..her juicy lips all the while inviting him.he couldn’t concentrate on his works knowing geet is waiting for him…he was so lost in his passion.. his hand automatically went to the place where they belong under her kurti…and started  massaging geet’s breast…

he ordered ur mouth..

he don’t want to leave visible marks ..bitting her lips ..she grasped for air n opened her mouth.. maan found his entry and started  relishing her sweetness…maan never got enough of her…..he squeezed her breast harder geet was having butterflies in her stomach..his wildness always made her weak on knees..she moaned in pain.when he handled her mounts harshly..if he was normal he would have not given pain to her..but being away from her he has become mad… after playng enough with her tongue n cherishing her saliva, he pecked her lips and came down kissing her color bone n skin visible to him..he took the duppatta n lowered her kurti from her shoulders..he sucked the swell above her chest.he cupped both her curves in his both hands n dipped his face in her valley…geet threaded his hair pulling him  more closer to her curves n started to moan his name…


it was giving pleasure to her..noone at her place cant deny it..



Her moaning gave him different level of wildness…maan came back to sense when he heard rano’s voice…

Rano:geet ur king him for lunch..n u too come now..

maan hurriedly left  geet and manage to correct there dresses and messed up hairs..he sat opposite to geet..

maan:princess..maa is coming ..dont say what we did..

geet:I know king..warna..maa will taunt me..i wont..

maan:waise kya kar rahi thi..suba se..

he immediately changed the topic..n geet started to blabber what all she did .. how many cartoons she many story books she read.. n what she did not understand reading the books..the long words n the meanings..

maan smiled n genuinely explained the meanings of the words,she showed in story books…


Rano came and saw maan in library..she felt glad that a stranger is doing so much for them… she called them for lunch..

Maan:princess..y u did not have ur lunch till now..its 3 now..

Geet: no one cares for me like u king..mama always taunt me..i am angry with her..she shoved me from dadi’s room..u told me there is no machine n I can be with dadi for how much time I want to be there..

Maan looked at rano..

Maan:acha tho meri princess gussa ho..

Geet nodded cutely..

Maan:ok..i’ll scold ur mama..geet:hmm..can u?

Rano:erm..she was disturbing dadi’s sleep..

Maan:may be..but I don’t want u to scold my princess..ok..princess..i scolded ur come lets go n have lunch..

Rano was quietly watching he was consoling geet like a small kid..geet showed her tongue out  making both maan n rano smile..

Maan extended his hands..geet kept hers..maan walked to dining holding her n first made her sit..both had lunch..with normal chit chat..rano just admired their bond..without knowing the real relation behind her..she thought him as a helpful man..who gave her roof when she was in road..n like every mother she thought geet as kid..not a grown up girl..geet’s innocence did not leave her to think she is matured…n she too has feelings..n her innocence was mishandled by the same maan whom she is thinking as god..


After lunch both spent some time with dadi..then they watched some movies in his room…rano often came n checked them both..maan kept distance knowing rano will evening rano gave them snacks n coffee..when rano was confirmed geet is not troubling maan she went to finish her works..maan informed her they are going to play basket he will be in  ground floor.n if anything she may call him in phone…rano did not offend knowing geet will cry if she refused..n maan was here only for geet..n more over the trust on them both..

Maan:princess,don’t u want to change ur clothes comfortable one for playing..he was dreaming her in short skirt n sports bra..n the game will be a romantic one..

Geet looked at her suit..

Geet:im schools too we play in suits only..

Maan sighed..then he smirked making a  plan to play romantic game…

Maan locked his room n took geet to the basement under his room.. both went to basket ball court for playing basket ball….geet was looking the court in awe..maan went n came back with the ball.. every game the winner gets some prize..u know na..

Geet:hmm..i know..

Maan:then say in our game what the winner will get..

Geet scratched her head..according to her prize to king means kiss..

Maan:princess if I won what I get??????

Geet (innocently) : I will gave kisses in return of every goals u if u do 1 goal then I ll gave u 1 kiss… she say so because she think it’s the way to thank maan..

Maan was in another cunning  plan..

Maan:no..i want something else..if u r ok..we will go with game..

Geet:what king..i will accept any condition of urs..lets start the game..

Maan smirked..

Maan:if u put a goal I will kiss u..if I made a goal..u must remove ur dress one by one..

Geet thought..she has been nude too before with maan..n there is nothing maan has not seen or touched her..moreover her mama is not there to scold..

Geet:what if any one comes n see me removing clothes..

Maan:this basement is inside ur kings room.ur .king wont let  others. See u like ur king..

Geet:then ok..

Geet  agreed for the deal..

Maan smiled at her both ways profit is his..n he too want to play a game scincerely..

then match start…

maan was surprised seeing geet playing gud..but he was maan ..he did the first goal..geet stamped her foot n threw the dupatta on the resting chair..seeing her sad face maan made her do the next goal..maan pulled her in embrace n kissed her lips tenderly..

geet pushed him..geet:enough…now lets play..

maan st:she pushed me to play..he soon made the next basket..maan smirked..she frowned n took away her kurta..maan was drinking her beauty..the next goal he made her do..she expected her kiss in lips again..but maan has other plans..he trailed kisses on her exposed skin..her full arms,neck n above her slips…the milky white skin n her prominent curves..he hugged her tight making her curves glue on his taut chest…geet was also loosing herself in him..

maan left her n continued the game..he want to feel her more..

maan won this time..she removed her pants..maan looked at her hungrily..she was in her slips n panties..still 3 more to make her feast..

maan was looking at her breasts which was heaving up n down when she ran towards the basket..he was so lost in her n she did the basket..

geet jumped..yippeee..

but she was lost when he went on his knees n pressed his lips on her slim legs..he parted her legs n kissed her inner thighs too..she  grabbed his shoulders for was going too much to handle..

maan:hmm u made basket when I was lost in u..he said..

n moved taking the ball from her..she was chasing him to get the ball..he made the basket..

geet  stood still..maan came near her..

maan:ur slips..

she puted n removed it..she was now only in her minimum clothes hiding her feminine parts..maans eyes was like xray..he looked her from head to toe..geet was feeling her body growing in burning sensation which his eyes were moving on her ..she now want to finish the game..she tried hard..whenever they got close both breathed heavy..she finally made the basket..

now maan kissed her exposed cleavages above her bra..she moaned king..

maan:hmm..u know..i love to hear my name from you..

he sucked the skin n came below her bra to stomach..her white slim waist..he caressed it making her feel butterflies..maan tasted the skin with his lips n played with his mouth

maan now next it will be ur bra..i will make u take off..he said shamelessly..

..she opened her eyes..n it took seconds for her to come back out of his passion..he was again back to game..he has made her bones weak..which was easy for maan..his leyes fixed on her inner..her hands went back..n unhooked it..she was looking at floor..she was blushing..n maan came near her..

Maan:princess..i will kiss u..if u don’t remove it..n I will say u lost the game..

Geet:no..i did not lose the game..

Maan:then ..

He himself took off her small cloth..her perfect curves n her pink buds..his intense gaze made her shy n somewhere the inner girl inside her made her  cover her with her hands..

Maan st:no ways of hiding….

Maan moved with ball saying..i will now make u remove the last one too..he winked at her..n geet now was full wont..

N geet ran behind him to take the ball giving im the view of her fully..the only one single piece of cloth over her..he watched her curves jump up n down when she jumped n did the basket..


Maan want to take the he let her basket ….now maan sat on the chair..with geet on his laps..she was like a small baby in was nowhere to hear her..

.maan attacked her cleavage with his lips..he was sucking the buds hard ..geet:aah..


He took her other mount in his mouth..geet hugged him tight..maans hands went between her thighs..she was wet..n it instantly made him arouse..he kissed on her panty line..n was about to remove..geet stopped..


Maan rubbed his face on the softness..geet was getting week..he again tried to take her last inner..

Geet was stubborn..something inside her stopped her to take it..she knew..if he was successful..then his harness will be inside her..which she feared thinking..the lovemaking scenes n the girls loud cries{moans}..shivered her..

Geet somehow gathered her courage n said..i wont..this is not fair u r taking it..maan kissed all over her body..

Maan:hmm..lets see..i will make u take this..

They were ready for the next round to play..maans eyes was only on her panty line..the inner treasure which he had not seen for many days..

This time it was really a tie..geet was playing with full effort..n the ball was in her hand..when she aim for basket..maan kissed her cheek n took the ball from her n he made the basket ..

Maan; it..

Geet king..u cheated me..

Maan:so what..i made the basket..i did not say u cant cheat me..he moved further..she took steps back..

Geet:no..i wont..

Maan pulled her panty..she escaped from him n took her dress to wear..

Maan:I wont let u wear this. Till I kiss u there..he pulled her close..she started to run ..

Geet showed her tongue out n ran again..u cant catch me king..u cheated me..n I wont take it..


maan get frustrated. And start chasing her…for his last view…

geet ran out of the court to next tennis court..then next..maan was chasing her..only her body was making her more insane..he want her to see..he is not going to make love..

maan:princess it will be hard if I catch u..u don’t know what can I do if I catch u..

geet:no..king.u did not I wont be bare before u…i only u must listen to me..

now they were running around the swimming pool..both are in opposite sides..



in this tom and jerry game..geet’s leg slipped and she fell inside the pool…and start drown ..she was having fobia of deep water…seeing her condition maan was almost feel dead..he became numb seeing her..…her helpless face pierced his heart millions of time..

she screamed..

maan came out of his numbness n  jumped in water immediately to save geet… he came out scooping her in arms..geet has fainted already..he placed her on the floor..n patted her cheeks..


he started rubbing her palm and feet randomly calling her…

he cursd himself number of times to be so careless towards this 1min he died millions of death… he patted her again..there was no response from her..

maan pulled her to a tight hug n cried..

maan:princess..get up..pls..ur king is sorry..i wont cheat u..pls ur eyes..ur king will die if anything happenes to u..u r my life..u r my breathe..get up princess..

still geet was unconscious..

she was still cold..he removed the last piece of cloth..n wiped her with towel..

maan:sry princess..i took it without ur permission..but I have too.. maan removed his dress..n hovered over her..he cupped her face n started to give breathe at the same time his body was transferring heat to  her body..


only thought of losting her make maan INSANE he forget all his limits…her unconscious body provoking him more…he need to give her warmth of his body..



precap : Evil SmileEvil Smile


2 Responses to INSANE LOVER 26

  1. ushankitvc says:

    awesumly hawt updt…loved it…mischievious maan…their bet awesum…both ways maan would gain…OOOPs!!!!geet unconcious…cliffhanger…continue sooon plzzz…

  2. kirannn says:

    fabulous update

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