Character sketch


Character sketch


Late Mr.Rajbeer Singh Khurana ‘

Rajeev Khandelwal (29446) size:1280x1024

maan’s dad ..who was a fun loving guy, and a well know business man in India but very down to earth… he believed everyone very easily.. he loved his mom , wife and son so much he can do anything for them… unfortunately killed by his own Brother in law for property…

Late Mrs. Simran Khurana ‘

a perfect wife, mom and DIL, loves her family a lot, treats her MIL like her own mother…her son maan is her life..humble n  beautiful woman but unfortunately killed by her step brother along with her husband…

Mrs. Savitri Devi Khurana ‘

head of the Khurana family… she is in coma from last 10 years because of her DIL’s Brother,in attempt of saving his grandson from his uncle..


25 years well build handsome young man.. his single look makes any girl crazy and well know heartless arrogant India’s NO: 1 business tycoon, he doesn’t give any second thought to kill any person who dares to leave a single glance which he possessed… he is famous for his no mercy character in business world… he gets whatever he possess matters how he get that… he is  living his life because of two reasons …first his dadi who is in coma from last ten years and second to take revenge from his uncle who killed his parents in front of his eyes…

Mr.Dev Chopra ‘

step brother of simran khurana who killed his own sister and her husband insake of his BIL property, now in bad books of maan, regarding  his bloody sins…

Mohinder Handa ‘

rajbeer’s driver he is working for him from last so many years.. very loyal towards khurana’s… like brother n friend to rajbeer…treated as a family by khuranas..

Rano Handa ‘

mohinder’s wife, a perfect Indian mother figure ..who loves her husband and daughter too much..even she respect Khurana’s very much.. as they loves her husband a lot…

Nakul Kaka ‘

one of the oldest and loyal house care taker in Khurana mansion… he know maan from childhood… he love maan as his own son he was even present with maan in his bad time…


a 15 year old beautiful..innocent…naive yet bubbly girl… full of life..the air around carries the charm with her..her chirpy n friendly nature is loved by all… she is only daughter of her parents… very pampered …lives in hostel in shimla… studying in 10th grade… princess of her papa and maa..kept away from the harm of outer world…


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