I don’t want any lame excuses i want results. Do whatever u feel like but i want that dog to beg for his death and death is also scared to come to him because i don’t want him dead so soon i want him to feel 1000 times more what me and my family go through…he snatch everything which i posses and it time for revenge, now i even snatch death from him and leave him to repent every second of his bloody life… i want his life hell… a well build handsome with perfect M shaped lips man of twenties sitting in his cabin which is having every facility its not less than a 7 star office why not he is India’s number 1 business tycoon business world turns up side down just blink of his eyes saying this to his men in death cold voice… there is no emotion only pain and revenge reflecting… his death cold voice is enough to run shiver down in person…


                                   They Claw at my Soul
With a Jagged Knife
And Suck at my Blood
With a Withered Life.


His man leave from there in last 10 years he know his boss and only one thing he come to know that his boss not less than a insane person how snatch breath of a person who dare to give a single glace which he posses..


Boss in his cabin look toward his parents pic which is placed on his table he softly cares her mom and dad pic’s


Boss(teary eyes) – mom u look still so beautiful and dad u still look so young… i miss u both so much… mom dad u both are made for each other..see how perfect pair u r..death too didnt part u..but u both parted from me..u left me alone to suffer thinking about u..why mom..why dad..why u both didnt hold ur breathe atleast for me… u know ur little camp become a heartless man just because of (now his deep passionate eyes become red in anger).. i m not going to leave that person so easily , i make him beg for his death… i still remember ur each scream… dadi’s every pain in last 10 year..That bustard destroy my everything even my childhood.. now it his turn to pay back for his every sin…


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