part 36

In morning after breakfast all leave for temple where family have a 

special pooja for bright future of maaneet… after that maaneet take 

blessing from elders… and leave to meet their friends..


Maaneet and gang decide to meet in mall and celebrate maaneet’s 

bday their..


In xyz mall


Gang were already present when maaneet reach all attack on both of 

them girls on geet and boys on maan..typical friends style…after 

hugging wishing maaneet they come in cafe to make further plans..



In cafe


Sam – so maan kya plan hain celebration ka??????


Maan (teasingly) – plan kya hoga tum logo mein aapni treat to le li ab 

mein aur geet akele jayege celebrate karne aur kya???????


All make o shape face to maan and geet is mutely giggling seeing 

their reaction.. because they knows maan already plan a surprise 

party for geet and gang in noon itself but he want to tease them…she 

remember their morning moments..


In morning


Geet come out from shower in her bathrobe all wet looking extremely 

sexy, its her habit because she already lock main door so that no one 

come inside but for her bad luck and maan’s good luck their secrete 

door she forget to lock… maan come from their to wish her again and 

give her surprise too but he himself get such a sexy surprise when he 

going to call her name he seen geet comeing out from bath looking 

ever so beautiful hot and sexy… water drops dripping from her hair 

some drops on her face…her milky slim legs… maan lost himself in 

pure and freash beauty and start walking toward her geet not notice 

maan present in her room she busy in drying her her hair. Maan 

come close from back and put his palm on her shoulder . geet 

started  suddenly feel someone present in her room.. she open her 

mouth to 

scream but maan is quick enough to put his plam on her mouth and 

with a jerk turn her to face him and hold tightly from waist from other 



Geet get shock what maan doing in her room, and most important 

from where he come inside…


Maan understand what geet might be thinking, he smirk looking into 

her eyes which showing so many questions and shock..maan come 

close to her earlobe and huskily


Maan (huskily)- mujhe nahi pata tha ye bday mere liye itne 

surpriseing hoga…kal raat se surprises pe surprise hi mil rahe hain 

mujhe…waise i don’t mind it freankly speaking i love it..and bit her 

earlobe…and remove his plam from her mouth..


Geet (moan)-maannn


Maan again look into her eyes… his eyes showing raw passion and 



Geet – maan plz…


Maan – geet is plz ka mein kya matlab nikalo haan??? He is talking in 

riddles…and making geet confuse..


Geet – maan plz leave me koi aajayega…


Maan(with naughty grin in his eyes) – geet koi kaise aayega door to 

lock hain…


That time it strike geet again  from where maan come???????????


Geet (innocently)- maan agar door lock hain to aap kaha se 



Maan – geet maan ko aapni geet k pass aane se koi door nahi ruk 



Geet (she hit maan chest playfully on his flirt tone)- maan batayiye 



Maan – geet tum na bilkul jhali ho tune main door to lock kar liya par 

what about that door??????? And point toward the other door..


Geet hit her head on her silly question – are mein to ye door lock 

karna bhool hi gayi thi..


Maan- waise i love ur this bhool dekho mujhe ek aur birthday  gift 

mil gaya…he said naughtily


Geet blush and look down…


Maan hold her chin and make her look into his eyes


Maan (lovingly) – geet plz kabhi aapni najare mat churaya karo , jab 

mein tumhari aankho mein aapne aapko dekhta hu na to lagta hain 

mera koi aks hain wajood hain warna mein koi nahi..


Geet (lost in his eyes)- maan i love u…


Maan-i love u too geet…


Both lost in their world bark disturb them… maan left geet and


Maan – u get ready aaj hum temple k baad mall jaa rahe hain.


Geet (questionally) – mall kyu maan?????


Maan (mock her ) – mall kyu ???????? is that a question geet are i 

plan some surprise for us and our friends i want to spend this whole 

day with u and our friends… bas isliye aur waise bhi i know evening 

mein ye sab possible nahi hain as family might be plan something in 

evening as surprise for us..


Geet – ok maan aap jayiye mein ready ho jati hu..


Maan (teasingly) – are mein kyu jao yahi mere samne ready ho jao..


Geet blush with his shameless comment…


Geet (push him out of door smiling shyly )- maan u become 



Maan (stop at door and see over his shoulder) – geet abhi to mein jaa 

raha hu lekin ek baar mujhe official licence mil jaane do mein tumhe 

nahi chodne wala…and wink on geet and leave…geet blush more…




Dev(making baby face) – yaar this is not fair aisa thodi na hota hain 

humein bhi treat chahiye…


Unison – yes we also want treat..


Geet start laughing madly seeing their baby faces…all look her is she 



Pinki – oye geet tu aisi kyu has rahi hain?????????????


Geet (controlling her laughter)- are tum logo ke faces to dekho… are 

maan is just joking…he already plan a party only for us..


Karan dev and adi attack on maan to bit him all laughing enjoying..


First they went for movie…a comedy one where they three siting in 

couple maaneet , dev and sam and adipinki..and karan is busy in 

admiring girls in theatre. Whole time maaneet busy in romancing…


After movie they went for  lunch in restaurant..


Restaurant decorating in the way what geet like only candle light in 

dark hall, with red and white roses… violin playing soft romantic 

music… all memorise seeing beautiful decoration with geet…


Geet eyes get teary admiring maan’s love , maan come and hug geet 

from back..put his arms around her waist and hold her tightly… geet 

turn with jerk and hug maan passionately, maan respond with equal 

passion.. after sometime they loose hug..wipe her tears


Maan – geet lunch karle..


Geet only nod lost in maan all went to take lunch..again lunch is 

romantic maaneet were busy talking through eyes..even caught by 

friends and last get hell teased..

After lunch all went  for shopping where maan buy somany things to 

geet and vice versa…after shopping in evening


Karan – guys now what???????


Dev – why don’t we went to maan’s farmhouse , what say?????


All agreed and leave for farmhouse… maan know’s it only drama their 

is something planned or else why suddenly they want to go 

farmhouse that to in night????


Maan(st) –  do i look like bewakoof to them… ke mein itna na samjh 

sako why they want to go farmhouse in night..


In farmhouse


Whole hall is drak no light when they all enter geet scared and hold 

maan’s arms tightly..


Suddenly lights on nad elder come sing birthday wishes maaneet 

having pleasant smile on their faces, they touch elders feet


Dadu – maan geet go get ready tum dono ke liye ek aur surprise 

hain..go guest bhi aate hi honge…


Maaneet come back after getting ready…whole hall filled with vip 

guest along with press and media.. why not its big announcement 

for business world the famous K n H industries partners going to 

become relatives..  


Darji and dadu went on stage to make announcement..


Dadu – ladies and gentlemen’s may i have ur attention plz…all guest 

turn toward them..


Dadu – aaj ka din humari family k liye bahut special day hain aaj 

mere pote aur harjeet ki poti… ka janam din hain ye to aap sab jante 

hain par iske sath sath aur bhi kuch special hain, maan geet beta 

yaha aao..


Maaneet went on stage.. geet on dadu’s side and maan on darji side…


Darji – yash aur mein humesha se humari dosti ko rishteydari mein 

badal na chahte the…humara barso purana sapna aaj pura hone ja

raha hain..


Maaneet look surprised toward dadu and darji and then 

eachother..their heart start beating faster…


Dadu – ji sahi samjha aap sabne humne aaj maaneet ki sagai karne ka

faisla liya hain..


Maaneet heart missed several beats…is it true they both were waiting 

for what the moments from some many year is that really come…are 

they really going to engage…


All family members come in the stage… mom and mummyji hold 

shagun thals in their hands… maan and geet still lost in this sweet make them sit on the chairs… maan and geet lost their 

words only thanks their elders from heart through heart for this 

special surprise..both were feeling a known feeling…


hit me


Zindagi mein aaj lamhe khass aa gaye.. {{special moments have come in life}}

Aate aate dono ke dil pass aa gaye.. {{two hearts have come together}} -2



Mom and dad come forward and do aarti of maaneet..put tika on their forehead..



Tere kadmon pe hi rasta thehra hai mera…

{{my road has stopped at ur footsteps}}

 meri aankhon ki toh manzil chehra hai tera..

{{ur face is my eye’s destination}}

Tu hi tu hai, tu hi tu hai {{just you,only you are}}

Khawon ki dua.. {{the one of my dreams}}

Tu hi tu hai, tu hi tu hai {{just you,only you are}}

ik mera khuda {{my god}}



maaneet both were blushing and looking down… not able to believe…


Yeh dil seene mein tha par kabhi dhadka nhi tha…

{{ my heart have never beaten}}

Yeh teri aahat ise de gayi dhadkan…

{{now it beats for you}}

Ki udti hai yeh neende

{{ my sleep has flown away}}

ki wo ankhon pe hai karwat…

{{ he is always in my eyes}}

Hui mehsoos pehli baar yeh rimjhim…

{{feel the rain for the first time}}


Now mom put duppata on geet head’s…



Tu hi tu hain, tu hi tu hain

{{just you,only you are}}

jeene ki ada..

{{the way to live}}

Tu hi tu hain tu hi tu hain

{{just you, only you are}}

sanson ki hawa..

{{my breath}}

Tu hi tu hai, tu hi tu hai

{{just you,only you are}}

Khawon ki dua..

{{the one of my dreams}}

Tu hi tu hai, tu hi tu hai

{{just you,only you are}}

ik mera khuda

{{my god}}


Now mummyji and papaji come forward and present maan shagun(dress watch chain..)


Sitare bhi wahi hai wahi aaj chand bhi hai…

{{the stars and the moon is the same}}

Magar aaj roshni hai kal se kuch zyada…

{{but it brighter today}}

Ki teri hi nazar ne dikhaye laakh rang hai..

{{ your eyes gave shown lacks of colours}}


Dadu and dai come and present geet a neck piece..and bless them,

Now darji and beeji come and present maan gifts..




Tere bin tha yeh mausam kal talak sada…

{{without you this season is plain}}

Tu hi tu hain, tu hi tu hain

{{just you,only you are}}

jeene ki ada..

{{the way to live}}

Tu hi tu hain tu hi tu hain

 {{just you, only you are}}

sanson ki hawa..

{{my breath}}


Then they make them stand and do ring exchange.. both were shivering and sweating with faster beating heart.. both can feel each other over filled emotions…after ring ceremony cake come and they cut cake and feed each other…


Tu hi tu hai, tu hi tu hai

{{just you,only you are}}

Khawon ki dua..

 {{the one of my dreams}}

Tu hi tu hai, tu hi tu hai

{{just you,only you are}}

ik mera khuda

{{my god}}



Both lost in each other eyes they read and understand what emotion is other one is going through…


Press and media taking pics of the event because its the very big 

event…in whole party maaneet busy not get time for each other..


After in party finish they come back mansion…but in different cars 

geet with mom dad and maan with darji and dadu..


Next – most awited…maan’s plan in action…


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