part 33

Maan slowly rise his hand toward geet which geet held with her all love .. and come out from car… maan close door of the car and pick geet in his strong arms geet eyes are locked with maan passionate eyes.. maan start walking towards the bunglow.. but geet is only looking in maan’s eyes.. she doesn’t need to know where maan take her what place it is… she is only know one thing she is with her maan , in his arms which is most secure place for her … if she is in his arms no one can harm her..


Maan gently put geet on bunglow entrance and forward his hand which haveing house keys, geet even now only looking in his eyes but maan gesture her to through eye toward his hand , geet look keys and again maan eyes with questioning expression , maan rolled his eyes on his innocent jangli meao..


Maan – geet its our new dream house just for us , is ghar ko aapne hatho se open karke ismein entre karo…


Geet – maan par aapne ye ghar kab kaise??????????


Maan – geet u know dad give me responsibility of Noida project last year..


Geet nod in yes..


Maan – that project is huge success to dad ne uske profit mujhe dediya.. so with that profit i purchase this for u.. mein tumhe kuch special dena chahta tha.. jo humare pyar ka witness , ab chalo jaldi se isse open karo karo aur ghar mein enter karo..


Geet nod and open door with keys… she hold maan’s hand and ask him to entre with her.. he nod and both put their right feet together inside when geet feel something wet below her feet…till now she is only looking in his eyes.. she look down and see a cement frame… which capture her feet print and again toward maan…


Maan again pick her in his arms and


Maan – geet i want to capture this first step of urs in our house.. thats why…


Now give her whole house tour , while geet still in his arms..

Whole house looking like a palace , and come back to living room… and slowly put geet on her feet..


Geet – maan ye ghar to bilkul palace jaisa lag raha hain..


Maan hug geet from back and place his chin on her shoulder..


Maan – haan ye palace hi hain aur tu yahi ki princess ho aur mein tumhara gulam…


Geet smile and turn around and put her arms around his neck maan lock his arms around her waist and bring her more close to him…


Geet – maan aapne mujhe saara ghar dikha diya sivaye us room ke and point toward a close door…


Maan – wo room sabse special hain… come close to her ears and huskily say… because its OUR bedroom… and bit her earlobe


Geet maon – maan…and hid her face in his chest… maan cares her hair and


Maan – geet ye dress tum par bahut khoobsurat lag rahi hain.. thanks meri request accept karne k liye aur ye dress pehne k liye…


Geet – maan geet ki zingdi par sirf aur sirf aapka haq hain.. aapko geet se request karne ki jarurat nahi hain… geet k liye maan ki zuban se nikala hua har shabad hukum se kam nahi hain…


Maan loose hug and look directly into her eyes and forward another packet towards geet and


Maan   geet mein tumhe is dress mein dekhna chahta hu..


Geet take packet from his hand and went toward a guest room…


Mean while maan get ready… (ok ok no need to mention he is looking hot dashing super handsome sexy…oye ruby bas kar come back to reality…)


Geet come out from guest room wearing dress , she looks like Barbie doll…



(geet dress)


(maan dress)

Both come close to eachother lost in each other ,maan hearts bits rise looking a pure angelic beauty in front of his eyes…geet condition is not less her heart also bitting really fast looks maan..


Maan again pick geet in his stong arms and start walking toward their bedroom.. now geet feel conscious , her boby stiff and maan feel her hesitation…


Maan – geet don’t get nervous i will not do anything without ur wish aur mein aapni had janta hu..


Geet relax listen to him, her arms are lock in his neck..


Maan entre in their bedroom..


Room was full dark no lights and too chilled like freezing cold.. maan gently put geet on her feet and went from their.. leaving geet alone.. geet get scared because of darkness when suddenly a spot light fell on her face..


Geet – maan kaha ho tum?????


Maan – geet daro mat mein yahi hu tumhare bahut pass…dont panic..


Suddenly whole room lighten and but room is under effect of 3d which make it looks like they were in some where in snowy hilly area… geet for a second also thought about her where out… she look whole room like small kid lost in it.. maan come and hug her from back…


Maan – geet do u like it??????


Geet – haan maan par ye sab yaha matlab


Maan  turn her toward him… look into her eyes.. bend on his knees in front of his lady love… and forward his hand… suddenly artificial snowfalling start and room is still itself freezing cold… its looks like they were some hilly area.. but geet looking maan with loving teary eyes.. wwhich showing so many emotions… love respect etc..


Geet – look around and again in maan’s eye and put her hand on his hand ‘ maan mein janti thi agar aap mujhse kuch promise karenge to u make world ups and down to make it real… aapka pyar kisi bhi had ka mohtaj nahi hain… and that make me proud on ur love maan..


Maan – (stand on his feet) geet ye sirf mera pyar nahi balki humara pyar hain… jo kisi bhi had ka mohtaj nahi hain.. tum maan ke dil dhakan ho maan ki saase ho maan ka gurur ho , maan geet k bina aadhura hain…

Look directly into her eyes.. geet heart start bitting fast like her heart any time comeout from her body..



Geet just hug him with teasers in her eye… maan feel that geet going too much emotional and he too emotional but their is something more in store for geet.. maan loose hug and wipe her tears and kiss her forehead very lovingly

Music start playing background


Maan start singing lost in geet love… maan singing and pacing around geet..


tere bin jeena nahi

o meri jaan-e-wafaa – 2


zindagi bhar, saath reh kar

mujhe hona nahi hai judaa – 2


tere bin jeena nahi

o meri jaan-e-wafaa…



maan stop in front of geet and lock his arms around her waist and bring close her to him..


tu mili toh mujhe mil gayi zindagi ki har khushi- 2 jism main hoon meri jaan hai tu bin tere main kuch nahi kahe kya sun zara aati jaati saanson ki sadaa  geet rest her head on maan’s chest… and maan also hug her with equal affection and love.. 

zehn mein mere har ghadi tera hi khayaal hai – 2 tu nahi toh yeh khushiyan sanam jaise ik balaal hai aa bhi jaa, aa bhi jaa sabra ka le yun intehan   maan loose hug and look lovingly into geet’s eyes..  

tere bin jeena nahi

o meri jaan-e-wafaa – 2

zindagi bhar, saath reh kar

mujhe hona nahi hai judaa – 2

tere bin jeena nahi

o meri jaan-e-wafaa…



both where lost in eachother and sitting eged of window maan restting on his back and geet restting her back on maan chest.. their fingers playing with each other..



geet – maan aapne ye sab itna kuch kisliye kiya????


Maan – geet meine tumse kaha tha ki jab delhi mein snowfall hoga tab mein tumhe wo 3 words bolunga.. ab mujhe aapna wada to pura karna hi than a aur waise bhi mein tumhe jayada pareshan nahi karna chata tha..


Geet make o shape face and turn to face him


Geet – kya kaha mujhe pareshan nahi karna chate the… jante hain aap kal se itna sataya hain aapne mujhe i love u sunane k liye… kya kuch nahi kiya mein..



Maan (teasingly) – aacha kya tumne?????



Geet – haan wo mein… maan aap mujhe ched rahe hain na jayiye mein nahi baat karti aapse…



Maan (naughtily) – sochlo geet tum sach mein mujhse baat nahi karogi nad come close to her ear and say… aacha hi hain fir mein tumhe saja dunga mujhse baat na karne k liye..



Geet (innocently) – kounsi saaja????????



Maan – aacha itni jaldi bhool gayi ruko abhi bata hu and bit her cheek…



Geet hissed in pain while maan lick her cheek with his wet lips to sooth her pain , there teasing session soon turn into passionate act… maan place line of kisses from her forehead to nose cheeks eyes chin without removing his lips… now he come close to her lips corner maan looks into geets eyes which were close but her lips inviting him to take them in to him… he hungrily looking to her lips , geet open her eyes missing maan lips from her skin… maan looking her lips then her eyes as he asking for permission… geet blush and again close her eyes submitting herself to him..


Maan only waiting for her permission.. maan slowly start sucking her lips… and then nibbing it… maan rolled his tongue on her lips asking her to open it geet totally surrender to him… and open her lips..maan entre in to it and taste her sweetness… till now geet is not responding maan also want to feel her same way what geet is feeling now… he increase his pressure and start sucking her tongue more passionately now geet also start responding him with equal passion they come kissing each other god knows how much time and maan leave her only when he feel she is lack air… both were panting heavily maan touch his forehead geet eyes are close but she is blushing her cheeks are red like cheery..



Maan – i love u geet…



Geet open her eyes look into his eyes – i love u too maan…



And again hug each other…




NEXT – ?????????????


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