part 32

After dinner all come back to mansion , all were really tired with full day masti so everyone retried to their bed within no time and slept..


Next day early in the morning maan come inside the geet room from secret door and seen most worthy scene in front of his eyes..his sleeping beauty sleeping like a kid cuddle up in a pillow maan feel jealous with pillow who is so close to his angel while he is craving for her from so many years and here this nonliving idiot pillow is enjoying my meao’s closeness..


Maan slowly come close to her and remove her hair stands which irritate her in sleeping with this geet pouting lips due to hair crapt a beautiful smile which bring maan perfect M shape lip a smile too , he softy peak on her forhead and slowly come to her cheeks with remove contact with her skin… geet blush in her sleep too and moan his maan which bring maan back too reality..


Maan (st) – maan control ye tu kya karne ja raha tha agar kisi ne tujhe aise ya geet ne khud tujhe aise dekh liya na to teri jaan le legi.. par kuch bhii ho ye hain to pure sleeping beauty bilkul masoom bache ki tarah soti hain…


Maan cares her hair softly and – jaan i know tum wo teen words sunane ka liye bahut betab ho and i promise aaj ka din tumhari life ka one of best day hoga… ur will cherish each and every moment of this day… aaj to delhi mein bhi snow fall hoga wo bhi bin musam.. and chucked on his own silly thought.. he leave a packet and went from there to his room…


After some time geet open her eyes and sleep think about dreamy what she saw sometime ago that maan is so close to her and kissing her very lovingly she blush with her own thought.. and hit her forhead playfully..


Geet (st) – geet tu na bilkul jhali ho gayi hain koi aise x rated sapne dekhta hain kya.. babaji chi chi babaji ko insab mein nahi late , soch agar maan ko pata chala to wo tere bare mein kya sochenge ki unhe kitni besharm ladki se pyar ho gaya , par mein kya karo ab to maan se dur rehna impossible se lagne laga hain.. jab bhi unhe dekhti hu kho jati hu.. geet sudhar ja kahi shadi k pehle aisa waisa kuch kar diya na to bas teri khair nahi..


Geet busy in her thought when she notice a packet on her bed.. she hold that packet


Geet – ye yaha kaha se aaya koun laya?????????


When she notice there is a card place on it.. she read it..


For my heart beat..



Geet lips form a beautiful shyly smile.. her heart start beating fast.. she open packet and see a really beautiful white colour suit in it with a letter..


Angel ,

            Mein janta hut um soch rahi hogi ki ye dress kyu (geet nod her head in yes) are bata to raha hu (geet – tu jaldi batao na) are haan baba tu pado to sahi pehle hi jaldi karne lagi..( geet smile ) haye geet tumhari ye pyarisi smile na meri life line hain.. ( geet blush) ok ok ab itna bhi blush mat karo ki mein aapne aapko control na kar sako ( geet look here and there that how he knows and again in letter) geet mein waha nahi hu aur waise bhi tumhare bare mein jaanene k liye mujhe tumhare samne hone ki jarurat nahi hain tum to humesha meri dhadkano mein basti hu aur aapni dhadkano se koi kaise anjaan ho sakta hain.. ( geet eyes form tears with his confession ) ab geet tum fir se cry baby ban gayi (geet lips pout cutely and mein cry baby nahi hu) ok baba tum cry baby nahi ho tik hain , aacha tumhari baton mein , mein asal baat to batana hi bhul gaya ye dress tumhare liye hain ( geet – lekin dress kyu mere pass to bahut saari dresses hain) are i know tumhare pass bahut saari dresses hain par aaj mein tumhe is dress mein dekhna chahta hu.. plz kyat um aaj mere liye ye dress pehnogi..( geet smile and nod) thank u jaan , waise u look really like angel while sleeping… just like innocent little kid.. that i can loose myself to u…( geet  -iska matlab wo sapna nahi tha maan sach mein yaha aaye the aur… she cant think further and blush more… and hid her face in plams..


Geet get ready and come to dinning table… she look stunning in that white suit all stunned look geet…


(geet dress) 


Beeji – geet aaj to aap bilkul pari lag rahi hain..


Geet (blush) – thank u beeji..


Mummyji – haan geet kisi kin ajar na lag jaye and put kajal behind her ear..


Dadi – waise rano geet ko jiski najar lag jati wo to subah hi pata nahi kaha chale gaya..


Geet face get pale hear this piece of news that maan is not at home… and mom notice it..


Mom ( teasingly ) – kya hua geet abhi to tu khush thi , maan ghar par nahi hain ye sun kar tu udas kyu ho gayi..


Geet – nahi.. wo… mom..mein.. aisa wo..


Dadu – soniya kyu meri bachi ko pareshan kar rahi hu jaane bhi do tu aap geet mere pass beith hum sath mein breakfast karenge


Geet went to him and sit beside him and start eating… but she is very restless because absence of maan and other enjoy her restlessness because maan already told them his plan except that he is going to confess his love today , they all knows that maan plan a surprise for geet and this dress is also gifted by him..


After breakfast geet leave for college while mom and mummyji msg maan that geet is leave for college..


Geet come out from mansion and sit inside the car back sit , driver take his sit and drawn off… geet is lost in her cribbing about maan..


Geet – ye maan ka to mujhe kuch samjh nahi aata pehle subah subah room mein aaye aur mujhe mile bhi nahi aur fir ye dress pehne ko bola , par jab mein dress pehnkar aayi to janab ka koi ata pata hi nahi hain pata nahi itni subah subah kaha chale gaye.. agar jaana itna jaruri tha to bata ke jate ya bata ya nahi to kaam se kaam ek call kar dete… aur chalo maan liya call karne ka time nahi tha to kaam se kaam ek msg to kar hi sakte the na.. par nahi ye na bahut bure hain kaam k aage sab kuch bhool jate hain mujhe bhi.. par haan mein bhi dekhti hu aane do janab ko aaj mein tik karti hu..


Geet is too lost in herself that she is fail to notice that its not way to college but somewhere else…


After sometime car stop in front of a bunglow which is situated in a beautiful desearted place.. surrounded by on greenery… cold winds are blowing slowly making environment more romantic..



When car stop geet come back to reality and notice her surroundings.. she get scared for once when driver open her side door and rise his hand to her.. his face is not visible because he is wearing drivers hat.. geet hesitate and her body get stiff when she heard a familiar voice..


Driver – madam agar aapki aapke babaji se aur aapne aapse discussion khatam ho gayi ho to plz aap car se bahar aayegi…aur is nacheez ke naam aapni zindagi ka ek din karengi…


Geet – maan…


Now maan look up and take off his hat and smile to her geet memorise to see him and here maan condition is also same..

Maan is busy drinking her angelic beauty from his loving as well passionate glare.. both were lost in each other eyes..


Maan slowly rise his hand toward geet which geet held with her all love .. and comeout from car… maan close door of the car and take geet in his strong arms geet eyes are locked with maan passionate eyes.. maan start walking towards the bunglow.. but geet is only looking in maan’s eyes.. she doesn’t need to know where maan take her what place it is… she is only know one thing she is with her maan , in his arms which is most secure place for her … if she is in his arms no one can harm her..





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