part 24

It become routine daily maaneet went college together and after that maan office and geet home… in evening all have dinner together…


Maaneet college romance is on full on they always busy with each other without caring anyone else…laughing giggling teasing in short full masti… dev try to spend more time with sam, sam also feel confortable with dev but she didnt name that feel love … sam is happy seeing maaneet happy…


One day in college geet is not in herself she is lost , she not even talking with anyone , if someone ask her anything she reply only yes or no… maan get tensed seeing her condition.. They come back from college and maan leave for office, all day he is not able to concentrate on his work , here in mansion geet is in same condition.. all notice her silence but no one knows y she is so silent..


Dinner time on dinning table…


Geet is all lost maan looking her but she didnt even look him for once..


Darji – geet puttar tu itni chup chup kyu hain?


All look her for answer because it is so rare to geet quite for so long..


Dadu – maan tumne to fight nahi kiya na humari princess se?


Maan – nahi dadu , aur aap humesha geet ki side kyu lete ho wo hi humesha mujhse fight karti hain mein nahi.. maan intentionally said that so geet come back in her sherni mode but


Geet – nahi dadu maan ne kuch nahi kiya bas aise hi i m not feeling well and leave from there..


All look her retiring figure, and then maan..


Maan – aap sab mujhe aise kyu dekh rahe hain ?????


Dad – maan sach sach bolo geet ko kya hua hain?


Maan – dad i really don’t know use kya hua wo to subah se hi aisa behave kar rahi hain even in college wo lost thi


Mummyji – kya hua hoga meri bachi ko?


Papaji – rano tum chinta mat karo wo tik hogi.. mein baat karta hu use and leave from there..


All waited for raj to come back in living room maan now really tensed somany questions are running in his mind…








Papapji reach her room but lights is off and geet eyes are closed, papaji think she is sleeping so just give her peck on forehead and leave from there


Raj come back in living room all look him with what happen expression?


Beeji – kya hua puttar?


Papaji – beeji geet so gayi thi isliye baat nahi hui , aap sab chinta mat kariye mein use kal baat kar lunga.. all leave for there rooms..


Maan pacing in his room … and think about geet..


Maan(st) – kya hua hoga… kya babaji waise to itna bolti hain aur jab bolna chahiye to chup ho jati hain… ab dekho kitna sata rahi hain mujhe chup reh kar. Sab janta hu koi sab natak hainn sone k wo itni pareshani mein so hi nahi sakti hain . aur mein bhi pata laga kar rahuga ki aakhir wo itna udas kyu hain?


With determination maan come to geet’s bed room… geet feel his presence in her room but remain quite.. maan come close to him and laid in her bed and hug her from back… geet immediately turn and hug him and start crying… maan let her cry and he all the while cares her hair.. after sometime geet loose hug and look into his eyes…


Maan – kya hua hain meao(its geet another name when ever maan and geet both get so much emotional he call geet meao only maaneet knows meao name)? Tum aapne maan ko nahi bataogi?


Geet(with tears) – maan wo meine kal darji aur dadu ko baat karte hue suna tha..


Flash back


Dadu and darji sitting in dadu’s bedroom and talking and geet stand outside and accidentally she listen everything…


Darji – yash hum maan aur geet k birthday k next morning handa haveli mein shift ho jayege aur raj ka kuch important project bhi shuru hone wala hain Mumbai mein to raj ko 2 mahine k liye Mumbai jaan hoga to mein soch raha hu geet ko bhi uske sath Mumbai bhej du wo bhi business mein help kar degi raj ki aakhir aage jaake maan aur geet ko hi to business dekhna hain.. ab maan to aapne sanjay ki help karta hi hain to geet kyu nahi?


Dadu – harjeet sahi kaha tune yahi tik hoga aakhir ye geet k aache k liye hain aur raj se use training mile isse aacha kya hain aur Mumbai wala project is really important for our company geet ko business mein lane k liye isse aacha kya hoga?


Dadu – to tik hain mein raj se baat karta hu , ki wo geet ke bhi jaane ki tayariya kare…


Geet get shock , she lost her sense after hearing their conversation.. she come back to her room…


Flash back end


Maan also shocked after this he himself don’t know what to say now , he didnt want geet to move handa haveli which is Delhi itself and here his dadu and darji is planning to send her Mumbai he will not let this happen at any cost… he look geet, tears are continuously coming out from her eyes he wipe tears from her eyes with his thumb and peck her forehead… he take her in his arm and she put her head on his chest he is very softly cares her hair to make her sleep..


She feel secure and contend in his arms and she forget all her insecurities and sleep peacefully.. after some time maan come back to his room where all four mom dad papaji and mummyji waiting for him… all knows maan didnt sleep if his angel is so upset they come here to talk with him and find no one in his room and the secrete door is open they all get he is in geet room , but no one ask him anything because all trust him and geet so much..mummyji come and hold maan by his shoulder..


Mummyji – maan geet ko kya hua hain , mein janti hu usne tumhe jarur bataya hoga..


Maan hug mummyji and start crying, all look him .. mom come forward and cares his hair… maan look up.. mom wipe his tears and make him sit on the bed both mom and mummyji sit either side of him..


Papaji  – kya hua maan?


Maan – darji geet ko 2 mahine k liye Mumbai bhejna chate hain aapke sath?


Papaji – what par darji ne mujhe kuch nahi bataya fir geet ko kaise pata?


Maan – usne galti se dadu aur darji ki baatein sun li wo dunno chate hain ki geet aapko business mein assist kare like me..


Papaji – par wo ye to yaha reh kar bhi kar sakti hain na fir?


Maan – darji chate hain ki geet business Mumbai project se start kare..


Papaji – what is this darji ko ho kya gaya hain pehle handa haveli jaane ki zid ab geet ko Mumbai bhejne ki , maan tum chinta mat karo mein darji se baat karunga.. geet yahi rahegi..


Maan – papaji plz meri geet ko mujhse dur mat karo, hum dono ek dusre k bina nahi ji sakte..


Mummyji cares his hairs and- maan geet aur aapko koi alag nahi karega aapke papaji ne kaha na wo darji se baat karenge ..


Dad try to lighten his son mood so


Dad – aur waise bhi tum ne itna aacha plan banaya hua hain birthday k next day ka to fir geet Mumbai kaise ja sakti hain..


All giggle and maan shyly smile on his dad comment..




Mom- maan bte geet bahut sensitive hain wo bahut jald baat dil pe leleti hain aise mein aapko is tarah tutna nahi chiye balki unka sath dena chahiye …



Maan nod in yes and put his head on her mom lap.. mom cares his hair and make him sleep… he slept after sometime and all leave from their…



NEXT – morning romance…Wink


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