part 23

Maaneet reach college all gang is ready to tease them for last night… maaneet come to their friends maan hold geet hand as like that belong to him only…


Maan – hi guys!!!!!!! How are u all????


Karan – kya maan hum to sab tik hain lekin ye question hum sab ko tumse puchna chahiye.. how are u both? And wink on them..


Poor geet become nervous and look down , her palm start sweating , maan feel her uneasiness and make his hold tight as he assure her nothing will happen , geet look into his eyes and he again blink his eyes..


Dev – waise maan tune kal raat wala geet ko diya hua promise pura kiya ya nahi…


Geet look dev and then look down blushing.. her cheeks get redder all start hootting… geet scared more her heart beat start fast…


Maan – guys stop it yaar dekho aisa kuch nahi hua aur ghar par mom dad aur sab the to bas…


Sam – maan u regret kuch nahi hua????????( tell me how many u all regret ki kuch nahi huaLOL)


Maan knows geet is really scared and nervous he plead his all friends to stop their teasing session all understand and , leave for their classes…


In class room maan and geet is sitting together and all girls get jealous seeing maan close to geet they all the while laughing teasing sharing lovely dovly talks, maan wants to divert geet’s mind from last night incidence he do all his mischief like hold her hand under table , care her feet with his feet , geet smile and blush with his mischief… after class got end all leave except maan geet and gang… meera come to them to say sorry for her stupid behaviour



Meera  -hi guys all look meera and wish her back


Maan and geet stand closely as maan side hugs geet


Geet – hi meera! How r u?


Meera – i m ok geet , wo i want to say sorry to u for my stupid comments on maan , she is so embraced for calling maan MR.HOT that to in front of geet…


Geet – meera its ok waise aacha hi hua tumne mujhe bata diya u all call maan warna ye to mujhe kabhi nahi batate…


Maan look geet with fake angry glare but geet give him smile which make him more irritate…


Meera – maan i really sorry to u too , mujhe sach nahi pata tha ki geet hi tumhari angel hain


Maan – its ok meera


Geet  – meera in friendship no sorry no thank u so stop ur sorry session and come with us we all going for lunch..


Meera – no geet all go i have some important work in library i catch u later


Karan – waise meera manana padega u have guts maan ko bol diya wo bhi geet k samne kya baat hain?


Meera – karan plz yaar i really don’t know geet koun hain


Karan – don’t get serious i m just pulling ur leg..


Meera – ok then i should take ur leave now bye..


Geet  – ok then bye…


All leave for lunch and after lunch for their respective works as maan for office and geet went home and all to their..


Geet reach KM , living room elders present and mom and mummyji is in kitchen.. geet wish elder and went to the kitchen with mission manofying moms…


Mom is chopping vegs sitting on kitchen dining table and mummyji is busy in stairing curd for lassi… geet come with ever so innocent face just like kid who want make to make her wish grant from her mom … both knows geet is here but avoid her as both are angry with her.. geet clear her throat to get their attention


Geet – mom…


Mom gave her a glare and again concentrate on her vegetables


Geet – mummyji


Rano didnt even gave her a glare totally avoid her geet go between both and bend down on her knees and hold her ears with teary eyes


Geet – i m sorry plz forgive me…


Both moms instantly melt and come to her bend besides her and hug her… geet start crying like kid..


Geet – i m really sorry meine jaan bhuj kar nahi kiya wo galti se drink exchange ho gayi thi..


Mom wipe her tears and rano peck on her forehead


Mom- i know geet meri geet kabhi galat nahi ho sakti..


Geet – (innocently) fir aap dono mujhse naraj kyu the..


Mummyji  -jhali wo isliye ki tumhari wajah se bichare maan ko kitna embraced hona pada tha…


Geet  feel guilt to trap maan in such mess.. both understand her inner turmoil and try to cheer up her..


Mom – waise geet i really enjoy maan’s condition when u ask him for kiss …and specially that maanu jaanu and maan have his own way to manofying 2 kisses laugh..


Geet blush – kya mom aapbhi..


Mummyji – aur nahi to kya praji and tere papaji k darr se maan ka chehra dekhne layak tha…


Mom – rano tum mere bte ka majaz uda rahi ho?


Mummyji – tum bhi meri beti ko preshan kar rahi ho?


Mom – rano geet meri beti hain tumhari nahi samjhi tum..


Mummyji – hann to maan bhi mera beta hain na ki tumhara to mein use kuch bhi bol sakti hu..


Geet looks both moms who love both maan and geet more then their own kids and hug both , both stop and care her hair … after some time all get back to work and geet also in kitchen to make up her dad and papaji who were still angry with her , so she decide to make their fav desert GAJAR KA HALWA…


In evening trio come back and fresh n up and sit in the living room for chatting both dad and papaji ignoring geet , geet feel hurt and looks maan , who assured her with his eyes as all going to be alright.


Darji  – raj puttar haveli ki saf safai kar de hum agle mahine maan aur geet k birthday k baad waha shift ho jayege…


Both dad and papaji look maan and he grin naughtily and wink on both of them , geet see it and get confuse with his action..


Beeji – raj tum sun rahe hona tumhare darji kya keh rahe hai?


Raj –  ji beeji mein karwa dunga…


Maan enjoy their plight


Dad – bauji aap hi darji ko samjhayiye na ye yaha kyu nahi ruk sakte.. (st) – maan k plan se aacha to mein darji ko conveince karne ki koshish karo warna agar bauji aur darji ko pata chala meine aur raj ne is khote ki help ki hain to is umar mein mujhe chitar padegi nahi nahi i cant afford that..


Maan  – dad aap kyu dadu ko force kar rahe hain agar wo jaan chahate hain jaane dijiye na…


Geet get angry with his care free reply twist her nose and leave from their..


Geet (mummered)- dekha babaji kitni asani se maan gaye humre shift hone k liye in se aache to dad hain kam se kam try to kiya but ye maan na pakke dust danav hain…


Maan come and hug her from back and kiss her on cheeks and rest her chin on her shoulder..


Maan – geet plz trust me mein ab tumhe aapne se dur nahi jaane dunga…


Geet (turn and circle her arms around his neck)- maan fir wo jo abhi aapne sabke samne kaha wo kyat ha?


Maan (jerk her close to him and circle his arms around her waist )- wo to sirf mere plan ka first step tha..


Geet – plan?????


Maan – hann plan aur stop crusing me aur hann don’t worry about dad and papaji wo tumse jayada der naraj ho hi nahi sakte.. and peck on her forehead..


Both leave for dinner and other waiting for them.. all take their dinner , after that geet serve desert but both dads even now ignore her … all elder leave for their respective room only both perents and maaneet present in living room… dad and papaji sitting on sofa and chatting while moms are sitting opposite to them.. maan squeeze geet hand to go to dads and talk with them..


Geet come and sit on her knees in front of dad and papaji hold her ears and


Geet( with tears) – papaji dad i m really sorry for my behaviour last night kya aap dono aapni geet ko maaf nahi kar sakte…


Dad hold her from shoulder and make her stand along with him and hug her , he also tears in his eyes looking her princess crying.. raj also stand up and hug two of them.. after some time they loose hug and dad wipe her tears papaji hug her side geet in between both of her fathers..


Maan(with baby face) – this is not fair aap sab mujhse jayad geet ko pyar karte ho…(me chalo comment me how many of u love maan Wink he said no1 love himLOL)


All laugh on him mummyji goes to him and peck on his forehead and hug him


Mummyji – mein hu na mein tujhse bahut saara pyar karti hu..


Mom also hug him …


Geet  – dad i want something from u?


Dad and all looks her…


Dad – puttar ji aap to humari princess ho boliye kya chahiye aapko? and side hug her..


Geet(with baby face) – wo mujhe handa haveli nahi jaana


All giggle on her , geet confuse with all behaviour..


Dad – geet tumhe lagta hain maan tumhe yaha se jaane dega?


Geet nod for no..


Papaji  – geet puttar hum sab yahi rahenge sath sath.


Geet – par darji aur beeji ne to..


Dad – geet tum uski chinta mat kar wo sab hum dekh lenge infact maan will manage them..


Geet looks maan and he gave her a naughty smile..


Mom – geet we promise ab tum dono ko koi alag nahi kar sakta..


Geet blush and look down after some time all leave to their bedrooms …




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