part 22

In night after coming back to his room , maan is remembering geet peck on his lip he even now feel her soft petal on his lip… he smile on himself , its first peck from geet , he is feel like flying… he all lost that he miss on his bed , and poor waiting for his 1 look , maan smileing giggling and looks him confusingly.. (st)- aaj maan ko kya hogaya hain akle he smile kar raha hain , oye ye kahi mujhe dekh kar to nahi has raha and check himself.. but he get an idea and – bhaw bhaw… and start jumping..


Maan come back to his sense with voice… he pick in his arms and sit on the bed.. put his on his lap


Maan – hey dude i m sorry meine tumhe dekha nahi so tell me hows ur day? Yaa yaa i know tum yaha isliye ho kyuki geet so rahi hain na .. hmm tum jante ho aaj usne galti se wine pi li hehehehe aur fir usne mujhe kiss kiya o i just love that feel… – maan ko kiss aur aaj kal mujhe to dekhti bhi nahi.. me jealous..


Maan – ok its already to late chalo jao aur so jao aur mein bhi so jata hu…


Next morning geet wake up with heavy head , mummyji come in her room with lemon water and give it to her but she ia angry with her for her last night behaviour.. geet didnt get it why her mummyji angry she doesn’t even wish her good morning


Mummyji leave and geet get ready for college, and come to dining table for breakfast all present geet wish dadu dadi darji and beeji all wish her back , now she wish dad and papaji , but they only shook their heads didnt reply same with mom , poor maan who is sitting their only looking in his plate , geet look him but not once look her



Geet (st) – ye aaj kya ho raha hain , sab aise kyu behave kar rahe hain , babaji kahi meine raat ko kuch panga to nahi kar diya isliye sab mujhse naraj hain? Plz babaji bacha lena mummyji dekho kaise gusse se red red ho rehi hain...


Dad – maan beta aap college jaiye office aane ki koi jarurat nahi hain college k baad office aajana


Maan – ji dad


Maan – mein college k liye niklta hu warna late ho jayega..


Geet confuse why he is going alone…


Dadu – maan geet ko bhi to college hi jaana hain aap dono sath hi chale jaiye , geet puttar ja maan k sath..


Geet nod her head in yes and both bid bye to every1 and leave for college..


While driving maan all the while silent ,


Geet – maan what happen aap aisa kyu behave kar rahe hain?


Maan – nahi geet aisa kuch nahi hain.


Geet (teary eyes) – maan aaj sab mere sath aisa kyu behave kar rahe the mummyji papaji dad mom sab mujhse gussa the kisi ne mujhse baat nahi ki aura b aapbhi…


Maan stop car with jerk and look her , he cant stand a single tear in those beautiful hazel eyes take her face between his palm and wipe her tears with thumb… and peck on her forehead..


Maan – i m sorry angel mein tumhe rolana nahi chata tha par i m guilty for last night mujhe ria k sath dance floor par nahi jaana chiye tha , agar mein nahi jata to tum wo wine nahi piti aur sab tumse naraj nahi hote i really sorry..


Geet put her palm on his mouth and nod for no..


Geet – i m sorry mein janti hu aap nahi jaana chate the wo ria aapko forcefully lekar gayi thi , mujhe hi samjhna chiye tha.


Maan slowly take out her palm from his mouth and smile to her..


Maan (try to change her mood)- waise geet agar tum chaho to mein bata sakta hu ki tumne kal raat kya kya kiya


Geet look him confuse but maan maintain his serious face , geet looking him like innocent child..


Maan – jaana hain kya kiya tumne..


Geet nod in yes


Maan – tum disc mein item number pe dance karna chatithi mere sath


Geet – what?


Maan –yes aur jab meine ghar jaane ko kaha to tumne ek condition rak di ki wo puri karne k baad hi tum ghar jaogi?


Geet  – kya kaha meine?


Maan (grining)- u want me to kiss u in disc in front of all..


Geet shockingly look maan’s and maan naughtily grining on her..


Maan – but somehow i manage to manofying u that i will give u 2 kisses if u come to home now but tum to tum ho tumne ye baat sabke samne boldi..


Geet – what?????


Maan – yes and after that we come back home and whole driving u trouble me with ur innocent questions..


Geet – what question?


Maan – u really wanna know that question?


Geet again nod in yes but pray her babaji ki mein koi ulta sidha na pucha ho?


Maan come close to her ears and huskily whisper in her ears – u ask me that i m still virgin aur not?


Geet hell shock now with all red , she looks like red cherry , maan in full mood to take revenge of last night , he softly bit her ear lobe and geet moan ”maan”


Maan – geet u really wanna know mein virgin hu ya nahi?


Geet hug him and hid her face in his chest and slowly nod for no..


Maan know its quite impossible for him to come back if he stay 1 more min like this.. so he again change his mind and geet to  give her another shock


Maan told everything which happen in front of mummyji mom dad and papaji…


Poor geet even more blush and cruse herself for creating mess


Geet – maan wo sab bahut gussa hue aap par?


Maan (smile) – its ok geet tumhare liye kuch bhi aur fir galti meri bhi to thi na…


Geet – maan aapki koi galti nahi thi isliye stop crising urself


Maan – ok angel but i love maanu jaanu , geet again blush and look opposite to him…


Maan is not in mood to leave her so easily so last shock for geet


Maan – waise geet kal ka din is most lucky day for me pata hain kyu


Geet look him innocently , maan grin and put his one finger on his lips and


Maan – because i get peck from u here…


Geet face lost colour and she look blankly to maan try to get what just he say and


Geet – WHAT? Meine aisa kiya?


Maan nod in yes naughtily – and u also call me hot and sexy..


Geet become all sharm se paani paani type.. she is not able to met eye with maan and his glace make her weak , she hug him


Maan enjoy her closeness they both stay like that for some time but maan cell start ringing , its dev call , he say they all waiting for both and both leave for college..






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