part 21

Maan pick geet in his arms and start walking toward living room , and geet all the while busy with her cute gestures with him


Geet (pull maan’s cheeks) – eee mera sona baby kina pyar hain..


Maan smile on her gesture , geet again start..


Geet (again cares his face )- maanu jaanu mujhe na aacha nahi lagta jab koi aur ladki tumhare pass aati hain..


Maan first shock with maanu jaanu , and look her with so much love for her declaration he think he got everything , but with geet next gesture his is on cloud 9…


Geet slowly come close to his lips and slightly peck on his lip and hid her face in neck , maan sweetly surprise , his heart missed so many beats , its just a peck but feel of her soft lip on his lip is something which is beyond any wording it felt so pure so ironic that maan lost in that feel , maan knows geet is drunken state and she is unaware with her act but he is conscious he can feel very emotion which were going overflow..


They reach living room only dad,papaji , mom and mummyji they all look to maaneet as geet is in maan arms and he is stand with blow head all get worried and rush to them..


Mummyji  – maan kya hua meri geet ko ???????


Geet who is stared with her mummyji voice start laughing


Geet – mummyji he he he he he mujhe kya hona hain 

jab tak mera maanu jaanu mere pass hain he he he heLOL


Maan hell emmberesed all shocked with geets behaviour and look maan for explanation..


Dad – maan geet is drunk ?????????? its more like statement not question


Maan nodded his head in yes innocently…


All – what???????


Papaji – par maan kaise??????


Maan – mein sab batat hu pehle geet ko bedroom mein lejao ? warna darji ko pata chala to tik nahi hoga..


Mom – haan chalo … all come to geet’s room geet all the while laughing…


Maan gently put geet on her bed and look to other


Dad – maan are u care to explain what is going on and why geet is drunk???????????


Maan – wo dad disc mein geet ne galti se kisi aur ki drink piliOuch


Papaji – par maan aapne kaha tha aap geet ka khayal rakhenge


Maan look down and feel guilty for his irresponsible behaviour


Maan – sorry papaji meri galti hain par geet ne jo drink piya wo to orange juice tha kisine usmein kuch milya tha kisi aur k liye aur geet ne wo juice uska samjhke peeliya , plz mujhe maaf kar dijiye next time se aisi galti nahi hogi… i m really very sorry..


Papaji – its ok maan koi baat nahi par ab is jhali ka kya kare ?????


Geet all the while laughing and giggling without any reason… mom and mummyji try to control her but all in drain…


Mummyji  – geet beta so ja…


Geet – he he  so jao nahi abhi mujhe maanu jaanu k sath item number pe dance karna hain usne kaha tha ghar jakar karenge…


Maan poor guy stuck he didnt even knows how to react its true he love maanu jaanu but in front of elder he cant even smile…


Papaji(stermly) – geet aapni mummyji ki baat mano aur chup chap so jao… dad put his hand on papaji’s shoulder to make him clam


Geet start crying with his papaji scold


Geet – nobody loves me papaji ne bhi mujhe data


Dad – geet beta look everyone loves u alot  aur mein aapke papaji ko datonga par pehle aap so jaiye…


Geet (with baby face) – ok par pehle maanu jaanu se kahiye aapna promise pura kare…


All look maan confuse which promise geet talking about..maan first confuse then he remember his kiss promise , he pray to babaji


Maan (st) – plz babaji geet kiss wala promise na bol de warna pata nahi mera kya hal hoga


Dad-  maan kya promise kiya tha tumne geet ko chalo wo pura karo taki wo so jaye..


Maan shocked is he heard right ?????

Is his dad asking him to kiss geet here?


Dad – maan what r u thinking come fast..


Maan nod for no with baby face..


Dad – are aisa bhi kya cant u fulfil 1 promise of urs..


Maan again nod for no..


Papaji – geet bte aap humne batayiye kya chahiye aapko ????


Geet –  maanu jaanu ne promise kiya tha ghar aake wo mujhe 2 kissy denge


Geet – dad maanu jaanu se kaho na mujhe kissy do na…wo bhi 2 – 2


All – what??????? all embarrassed , mom and mummy mutely giggle on maan’s condition but both knows now maan is in big trouble , try to save him from his dad and papaji.. 


Maan close his eyes as he knows now his dad and 

papaji going to kill him…


Mom – maan ye kya hain geet kya bol rahi hain?


Maan – mom mein sach kuch nahi kiya..(with baby face)


Geet – he he he yes mom maanu jaanu ne kuch nahi kiya aur dekho abhi bhi kuch nahi kar raha.. sadu nahi nahi ye to mera maanu jaanu hain sadu nahi he he he


Maan try to defend himself – plz aap log kuch kijiye na


Mummyji – mein lemon water lati hu shayad isko nasha thoda kam ho jaye..


Papaji and dad both are still in shock , poor guys maan didnt look toward them as he knows one look and he is dead…


Dad- (stremly) maan is geet saying truth?????????? Tum aise promise karte ho geet se??


Maan – (looking down ) wo kuch nahi kiya


Papaji  – i trust u maan aur sanjay geet nashe mein hain use bhi nahi pata wo kya bol rahi hain so leave it…


Mummyji come with lemon water and so how manage to make geet drink it.. and then make geet sleep… it take all their afforts to make geet sleep… after that all leave for their rooms…


Here in dev’s bedroom think about his and sam’s conversation.. today his heart break into million of pieces he loves sam gods know from when but now what fate do with him he himself couldn’t belive..




Dev reach sam’s home already , he decide today he propose sam in any condition he want sam and her love for his whole life , he come with bunch of red roses , sam waiting for dev in living room dev come and greet her and her dad as he also present and offer roses to her , sam first surprise with roses but she shrugged off and leave with him after bid bye to her dad…


In car both are silent sam lost in maan and geet thought and dev try to gether some courage , he also notice sam’s behaviour she is lost and low , try to get her attention he clear his throat


Dev – sam what happen to u ? u look low are u alright? He ask with concern


Sam – yaa dev i alright why u ask this?


Dev – sam meine college mein bhi notice kiya tha tum thodi upset thi


Sam – nahi dev meine kaha na college mein mujhe thoda headache tha but now i m fine…


Dev stop car some deserted place , sam looks him questionally


Dev take sam palm in his hand and look into sam’s eyes and


Dev – sam i love you and i need to spend my whole life with u…


Sam shocked to heard this , she never assume dev more then friend and now suddenly dev proposal she is not sure what to say what to do she stiff little bit dev notice it and look sam questionally


Dev- sam what happen to u plz say something


Sam – dev u love me???????


Dev – yaa sam more than my life


Sam – dev i never look u like that


Dev – i know sam but i really love u


Sam – but dev mein kisi aur se pyar karti hu


Dev leave her palm with her declaration and look hurted toward sam , sam knows how it feel when u love someone but he is not love u back it is most painful


sam – dev i know ur hurt but i don’t want to chided to u i don’t want to give u false hope plz


Dev – koun hain wo??????????


Sam looks dev shockingly to dev.. she is not able to say lie to him but at the same time she is she doesn’t even say the truth…


Dev – sam hum friends hain right kya tumhare dost ko tumhare bare mein itna jaane ka bhi haq nahi hain?


Sam – dev aisi koi baat nahi hain … but plz mujhse use naam mat pucho


Dev- kyu sam? Aur tumne kabhi uske bare mein bataya bhi nahi


Sam – dev mein uska naam nahi bata sakti?


Dev – kyu sam why not?


Sam(with tears) – dev kyuki wo mujhse nahi balki kisi aurse pyar karta hain aur shayad itna pyar karta hain ki uske pyar k aage use kisi aur ka pyar najar hi nahi aata …


Dev close his eyes , he know how sam felt , he himself feel the same..


Dev – sam i know u from childhood there is no other friends to u except us then , suddenly something strike her


Dev – maan , only one name comeout from his mouth , sam close her eyes with maan’s name , dev hold her shoulder and shake her lightly


Dev – sam tell me its maan na…


Tears continuously coming flow from sam’s eyes


Dev (stremly ) – sam tell me its maan or not


Sam open her eyes and look in devs eyes.. and nod in yes..


Dev leave sam’s shoulder but didn’t break their eye lock.. both feel hurt , both unable to get their love..


Sam – dev i m sorry but mein kya karo mein aapne aapko maan se pyar karne se nahi rok payi. I know dev i hurt u but mera vishwas karo mein kabhi aisa nahi karna chati thi , i m really sorry..


Dev – sam mein jaanta hu kit um maan ko nahi bhoola sakti lekin ye bhi to sach hain na ki maan geet se bahut pyar karta hain , bas meri ek hi request hain tum se plz try to forget maan and move on ur life , maan se oyar sirf tumhe taklif dega…


Sam – dev pehla pyar kabhi bhulaya nahi jaata mein jaanti hu maan kabhi mujhse pyar nahi karega aur trust me mein maan k liye bahut khush aakhir use uski geet mil gayi jisse wo pagalo ki tarah pyar karta hain..


Dev – i know sam that FIRST LOVE NEVER DIES BUT TRUE LOVE CAN BURRY IT ALIVE… sam mein tumse sacha pyar karta hu aur mein janta hue k din mein tumhe mere pass aane par majboor kar dunga…


Sam look determination in dev’s eyes and weakly smile to him.. dev try to cheer up her mood


Dev – sam plz yaar tumhara make up tik kar lo dekho rone ki wajah se sab spoil hogaya abhi to tum bhootni dekh rahi ho..


Sam make an o shape mouth and hit him on his arm dev smile and start the car and leave for disc..




Dev come back to reality and promise himself that one day he make sam fall in love with him..






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