part 20

When trio reach their table they met their one school friend who is talking with adi , pinki and sam…


Sam – hey ria !!!!!!!!!! how are you ???????????


Ria – i f9 sam u tell me how are u and all ? its has been quite long we met…


Sam – yaa very long…


Ria – hi adi pinki.. how are u both?


Adi pinki – we f9 ria..


Ria – sam u only three where is rest of all


Sam – all are here only just went to take drinks.


Geet all the while standing quietly and listening their conversation , sam introduce geet to ria


Sam – Geet  she is ria , our school mate.. and ria she is geet ma… Before she completes it maan dev and karan come their , ria look maan and went to him..( ria is another maan’s fan , she love him but as usual maan is only made for geet)


Ria – hi maan !!!!(and hug him friendly hug but our geet get jealous seeing it )


Maan eyes only on geet when he gulp heard when geet give him an angry glare , maan quikly loosen hug and try to clear some mess but his bad luck


Ria – maan u look so handsome as usual but today u look hot too


Geet eye widen in shock , maan looking only geet , he knows that today he is dead , and mummered


Maan – maan aaj tera bad luck hi kharab hain geet ki aankho mein dekh lag raha hain yahi mera murder kar degi aur ria ka bhi.. aisa mere sath hi kyu hota hain babaji…


Maan all lost in his thought but suddenly come back to reality when ria pull him on dance floor.. geet funning in anger karan who is standing close to her with drinks , geet take one glass from him and drunk it in one go… karan try to stop her but she already drink it..


Karan to dev – dev bet aaj geet maan ka murder karke rahegi..


Dev gave karan an angry glare karan surplus his smile. But very soon his get shock when he see geet drunk.. she is laughing like crazy… maan some how come their and looks geet condition he very soon know that geet is talli.. maan gave an angry glare to karan for his mess..


Ria confuse with his behaviour , maan try to control geet , he hold geet from her waist and pull her close to him … as ria know maan that he never give attention to any girl then why he is worried for geet.. ria think geet is sam’s friend…


Maan -(patted her cheeks) geet what happen to u?????????


Geet (giggling) – maan aap na bahut hot ho..


All giggle and maan’s eyes widen in shock…


Maan – geet come lets go home..


Geet – naa mujhe sheela ki jawani pe dance karna hain…


Maan – what??????????? All looking maan with smirking but maan gave them a deadly glare..


Geet – haan kyu aap us chudail ria k sath dance kar sakte ho wo bhi mere samane aur meine dance k liye bola to what…


Ria get shock a girl in front of her calling her chudail…


Ria – sam who is she ??????????


Sam – ria she is maan’s love u know who’s maan love like crazy , she is the one…


Ria – what ye maan ki angel hain????????


Sam – yaah


Ria feel embarrassed as she told maan hot in front of his girl friend and more up on that she forcefully make him dance with him …


Maan – plz geet tum nashe mein ho hum ghar chalete hain..


Geet – nahi mujhe dance karna hain wohi aapke sath hmm kisi item number pe…


Maan – geetu plz be a good girl aur ghar chalo.. he make a plead face to geet , geet look him and


Geet – ok but 1 condition 


Maan take a relief breath finally she agreed to go back but his relief is really short when geet say her condition


Geet – aapko mujhe yaha kiss karna hoga…


Maan and all – what?????????????


All giggle and maan hell embarrassed he didn’t know that what to do? Try to manofying geet


Maan – geet tum nashe mein ho hum ghar jakar baat karte hain..


Geet (stubbornly) – nahi first kiss me warna mein chali dance floor…


Maan frozen he don’t know what to do, then he get an idea and whisper in geet ears..


Maan (whisper) – geet agar tum chup chap ghar chalogi to mein tumhe ghar ja kar ek nahi 2 kisses dunga but plz chalo na..


Geet blink her eyes like child and innocently


Geet – ok agar aap promise karoge ki ghar par 2 kisses karoge then i m coming…


All get another shock and maan close his eyes in frustration.


Karan – maan aacha tarika tha geet ko manane ka 2 kisses..LOL


Maan gave him deadly glare – karan tumse to mein baad mein baat karunga aur waise bhi ye drink to adi k liye tha na (he told with smirk as he know now adi will handle him)


Adi – what karan u want me to get drunk??????


Karan – na..hi.. adi .. k..uch wo maan… and gave him glare finally he say par wo wine dev laya tha…


Dev and adi – what


Dev – karan stop lying ye tumhara idea tha taki adi aapna love confess kar sake..


Pinki – what??????? Adi u love some one and start crying because she love him and think he love him too…


Adi – no pinki ye dev pata nahi kya bol raha hain…


Pinki – dev tell me is adi love someone????????


Dev – i don’t know but karan must be knows that why he plan this na…


All busy in arguing so maan shout


Maan(stremly) – chup bilkul chup… all quite so maan continue to geet  – geet stop ur drama and lets go home now


Geet – maan ur scolding me and start crying loudly


Maan close his eyes to control his temper, and  open again


Maan – geet plz whatever u want i do that but plz lets go home (with baby face)


Geet somehow agreed and both come out of disc..


Maan take her to the car and make her sit and drive to mansion…


All the while geet irritate him


Geet – maan u know ur too hot…


Maan enjoying her attention and compliments


Geet pull his cheeks and – maan ur cho cute


Maan make a yucky face on cute


Maan – geet i m not cute


Geet – meine kaha na ur cute more then


Maan annoyed she compare him with a doggie


Maan – first i m not cute and stop comparing me with ur stupid doggie..


Geet again start crying on top of her lungs , make maan more irritate


Maan – geet stop crying


Geet – why ur shouting on me meine to sirf aapko cute bola..


Maan again cute i hate this word and make baby face


Maan – geet mein cute nahi hu..Ouch


Geet – ok agar aap cute nahi ho to aap bahut SEXY ho ab khush my hot and sexy maan…


Maan have a tough time as now geet fully out of control and with geet he didnt trust himself… so he think its better to concentrate on driving… but our chatter box again start..


Geet – maan i want to ask u something????????


Maan – kya geet


Geet – maan saari ladkiya aapki deewani hain na with baby face


Maan nod in yes with smile


Geet – so r u still VIRGIN????????????


Maan – what?????????? in mean time they reach mansion compound and stop the car with jerk


Maan shockingly looks geet and geet make ever so cute innocent face


Geet – batayiye na maan


Maan knows she is totally lost and comeout from car and open her side door and pick her in his arma and start walking into the mansion


Maan – geet mein tumhe kal bataoga m i virgin or not???????



NEXT – talli geet with family… and dev and sam conversation..



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