part 19

Maaneet is driving  alone all silence as geet is lost even now she is thinking about darji and beejis decision , maan notice it and mummered


Maan – kya babaji kitni mushkil se iska mind divert kiya tha par dekho ye to wahi sochne lagi kya karo mein is ladki ka… he stop the car in deserted place…


He cleared his throat to get attention of geet.. geet turn and rise her 1 eyebro in what?????


Maan – geet tum kya soch rahi ho???????


Geet – kuch nahi maan bas darji k decision k bare mein soch rahi thi


Maan – geet meine kaha na trust me mein tumhe is ghar se kahi nahi jaane dunga… try to cheer up so he naughtily geet waise mujhe nahi pata tha ki  tum mere sath rehne k liye itna betaab ho…


Geet blush with his comment again turn her face to window , maan come near her ears and


Maan (huskily) – i love it when u show me how much u love me with ur this actions , i feel like kiss u breath taking…


Geet close her eyes and start breath heavily and moan maan…


Maan – geet tell me why ur lips always invite me to take them in my lips and … with that geet turn and put her palm on his mouth and hid her face in his chest


Geet (whisper) – maan plz stop…


Maan close his eyes and hug her with so much passion and love… both lost in each other but horn of another vehicle take both of them to reality , geet separate from maan and knotted her hairs and looking down her cheeks is all red and maan compose himself and look toward geet , he smile looking her red and start the car and leave for disc…


When maan stop his car in front of disc geet eye widen in shock…


Geet – maan ye disc hain hum yaha kya kar rahe hain????????


Maan – geet mein jaanta hu ye disc hain jo log disc mein karte hain hum bhi wahi karne aaye hain… (me maan don’t talk in double meaning bichaari geet confuse hi jayegi..)


Geet (little afraid) –  kya karte hain log disc mein… aur hum kya karne wale hain????


Maan  – geet mujhe pata tha ki tum dumbo ho par itni dumbo, hum yaha dance karne aur enjoy karne aaye hain with naughtily waise geet tumne kya socha tha?????????


Geet – wo … mein … mujhe laga…


Maan – bolona kya laga??????


Geet – mujhe laga sab yaha drink karte hain aur tum mujhe bhi yaha…


Maan burst in to laughter listening to geet and geet looking him awe ( me i know what u all thinking but i m talking about drinks not ahem ahem so stop ur imagine session chi chi babaji ye ladkiya kya kya sochti hain heheheheheheheheheLOL)


Maan – geet tum na bilkul budhu ho aur hann is disc mein hard drinks nahi milti ab chalo sab humara wait kar rahe honge…


Geet – hmm chaliye…


Maan come out and come to side open door for her and give his hand to her , geet looks his face and then his hand and smile put her hand on his and both walking together with another hand of maan is on her waist , lots of girls and boys heart break into millions of pieces to look maaneet as both look made for each other and just awesome couple…


Maaneet come inside the disc and met with others but dev and sam steel not come so they goes to their table and order their drinks..


Maan – geet what u like to have???????


Karan – oye hoye maan we all are here why u ask only geet for drink


Maan rolled his eyes and shamelessly say


Maan – because she is my jaan now happy so just stop ur teasing session


Adi – he he he maan now a days u become so bold


Maan – adi u should learn something from me… and indirectly pointing toward pinki and winked on him..


Adi blush and geet and pinki give all of them a confuse look…


Pinki – maan what r u talking about and why adi is blushing????


Adi (stammer ) – na…hi pin…ki kuc..h nah..i maan to bas aise hi… and pled maan through eyes to handle this mess…


Maan – yaa pink i m just pulling his leg nothing else…


Pinki convinced but geet looking at maan and she can say that maan is saying lies and she knows him very well , maan look to her but didnt met his eyes with her as he know that geet knows that he is lying geet hold his arm and rise her eyebrow maan look into her eyes and assure her he will tell her letter plz don’t ask now , geet nod in yes…


Karan – o love birds agar tum dono ka black movie black movie khelna ho gaya ho to kuch order bhi kardo i m very thristy..



Maan look to geet eyes and then her lips and  – so m i… geet blush with his comments and turn her face , suddenly karan say


Karan – to chalna kuch drinks lekar aate hain


Maan – haan lets go…  geet tum ne bataya nahi tumhe kya chahiye?


Geet – orange juice will be ok maan..


Maan – ok i will bring that.. adi pinki who both till now lost in their world come back with maans voice..


Maan – adi pinki what about u two??????


Pinki  – orange juice for me too


Adi – orange juice as well…


Maan – hmm… and goes from their… 


In a while dev and sam also come , sam hugs geet and pinki and dev to adi.


Dev – sorry guys we are late…


Adi – its ok dev.. hi sam..


Sam – hi adi !!!!!!! sam become desperate for maan’s one look and looking here and their dev notice her restlessness and feel bad for her ( dev and sam conversation in another update ) , to get her attention


Dev – are where is karan and maan ???????


Geet  – wo they went to take drinks for all


Dev – hmm ok u all sit i will see to them… sam u want something to drink??????


Sam – (look toward the dev ) yaa mango juice


Dev – yaa sure i will get that… and goes from there… to catch maan and karan..


Karan and maan look dev and hugs him.. trio plan to make adi drunk so that he confess his feeing to pinki..


Karan – maan kyu na hum adi ko drink karwa de aur nashe mein use pinki se confess karwa de??????


Dev – karan gr8 idea man i m sure adi own a thank u to us if he do something like that


Maan – are u both gone crazy adi will kill u both..


Karan  – take a chill pill maan nothing gone happen are yaar pinki aur adi ki setting ho jayegi plz plz say yes.. with baby face..


Maan rolled his eyes and say natunki


Maan – but 1 problem yaha hard drinks nahi milti..


Karan winked on maan and take out a small bottle of wine


Karan – so what yaha nahi milti mere pass to hoti hain na..


Dev – karan tum drink karte ho (shockingly)


Karan give a angry glare to dev


Karan – idiot ye bas impression k liye hain as u see cool dude image bas nothing else…


Dev – oho ok


Trio mix wine in adi’s drink and come back to their table with drinks…




NEXT –  night out continue with a surprise…Wink



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