part 18

Maan after leaving dadu room goes to his room and think about something he make some calls and after sometime he goes to his parents room where sanjay soniya raj and rano is present they all sitting in couch and talking about sudden decision of darji and beeji

maan knock the door..


Dad – maan aao beta


Maan goes and sit in front of raj and sanjay on knees who two sit together while soniya and rano sit opposite to them


Maan – dad papaji u two trust me na??????????????


Papaji – yes maan bte we all trust u. Why u ask this???????


Maan – maa mom u two knows na ur maan will never go wrong


Maa (rano) – haan maan hum jante hain aap kabhi galat nahi ho sakte


Maan – agar mein koi decision loga to aap sab mera sath doge na


Dad – yes maan we all their for u always..


Maan – thanks dad mom papaji and maa… i sure u all support me whatever decision i will take…


Dad- always beta now tell me kya socha hain tumne…


Maan – wo dad aap miense koi nahi chata ki ye family alag ho m i right..



Papaji – hann maan bte ye baat to sab jante hain ki bauji darji maa aur beeji sabhi ek dusare se kitna pyar karte hain par tumhari aur geet k rishte ki wajah se darji ne ye faisala liya hain


Maan – papaji kya aap meri aur geet ki us shadi ko nahi mante


Papaji  – nahi maan aisi koi baat nahi hain hum to humesha se geet ko sirf aur sirf aapki hi amnat samjhte hain


Maan – dad aap beeji aur darji se bahut pyar karte hain na


Dad – yes my son


Maan – mere pass ek idea hain jisse darji aur beeji aapna faisala badal sakte hain HANDA HAVELI jaane ka par uske liye aap sabke meri help karni hogi…


Mom – maan tumne kya socha hain


Maan told his idea to all and all frozen in their places…


Maan – ab boliye aap mera sath denge ya nahi??


Dad – maan agar bauji ya darji ko pata chala ki is idea mein hum sab ne tumhara sath diya hain to tumhare sath sath hum sab ki bhi khair nahi…


Maan – (with baby face) aap sabne abhi to kaha k aap sab mera sath doge… fir plz papaji boliye na dad se..


Papaji – maan r u serious???????


Maan – ofcource papaji i m


Mom – maan tujhe aise ideas aate kaha se hain????????


Maan – kya mom aap tv nahi dekhte kya?????????


Mummyji  – soniya plz maan k room se tv nikal do ye ladka tv se pata nahi kya kya sikhta hain aur humein demo dikhata hain


Mom – sahi kaha rano aur iske demo hote bhi to breath taking hain…


Maan rolled his eyes on his mothers comments..


Maan – ok mom stop ur drama and tell me r u all going to help me aur not??????????


Papaji – maan tumne koi option rakha hain ki hum mana kar sake aur agar hum help nahi bhi karenge to bhi tum yahi karoge na so its better hum hann keh de…


Maan – ok now i m going to preparation as u see bahut saari tayariya karni hain… Winkand leave from there…


All look his retaring figure and again each other…


Geet in her room crying silently with her face hid in pillow , maan come to her room and sit near her in bed , geet feel him near her and turn and hug him , maan again see her geetu just looks like past when they both getting separated 16 years ago ,He make himself in lying position with geet is his arm and her head is resting in his chest… he is caressing  his hand in her hairs… after sometime geet say


Geet – plz maan mujhe aapse dur nahi jaana… mujhe yahi rehna hain


Maan – geetu even i don’t want u to move on and i promise u that u always leave here with me nobody separates us..


Geet – u know na we are shifting to handa haveli fir


Maan – geet first stop crying i cant see u crying and wipe her tears with his thumb


Geet – maan plz do something na


Maan – ok i will but first tell me geet do u trust me???????


Geet – ya more than myself… but fact is that u never do anything to stop me…


Maan – geet r u sure i never do anything to stop u with naughty grin


Geet – maan aapna bilkul sadu ho yaha i m crying aur aapko masti sujh rahi hain and hit his chest with her tiny fist


Maan try to manofying his geetu so he said


Maan – geet tell me meine tumhe rokne k liye kuch nahi kiya tha??????????


Geet blush as she knows maan is talking about their wedding, maan take this opportunity and try to lighten the situation


Maan(naughtily) – geet i only talk about our wedding not our SR fir kyu tum itna blush kar rahi ho…


Geet hid her face in maan chest and nod for no..


Maan(huskily in her ear) – geet u know na what i feel when u blush???????


Geet (moan) – maan


Maan – i love my name in ur voice…


Geet – maan plz


Maan knows that its time to stop this so he sit in the bed with support of bed rest and take geet with him and cares her hair geet treat her back on his chest and sit there..


Maan – geet agar mein koi decision luga to tum mera sath dogi na?????????


Geet  – maan aap jante hain na geet maan ki shadow hain geet humesha se maan kit hi hain aur rahegi aap geet ka wajood ho to geet kabhi aapka sath nahi chod sakti geet har rah par har kadam par aapke sath hain aur geet aap par itna bharosa karti hain ki wo kisi bhi faisale mein aankh band karke aapka sath degi…


Maan – geet meine hum dono k liye kuch socha hain par wo mein tumhe bad mein bataoga filhal k liye…


Maan – geet u get ready we r going somewhere


Geet – maan mein kaise papaji aur dad they didn’t allow me with u in night…


Maan – geet uski chinta tum mat karo mein dad aur papaji se permission leli hain


Geet get excited and turn to face him and start in excitement


Geet – wow maan ur gr8 aapne permission leli wow , hum kaha jaa rahe hain kiske sath kitne baje jaana hain aapne mujhe pehle kyu nahi bataya omg mein to tayar bhi nahi hu she is talking non stop


Maan – geet geet listen take a long breath…


Geet obey him like a small kid and then


Maan – hann meine office mein hi permission leli thi aur kaha jaa rahe hain ye surprise hain aur hum humare saare friends k sath ja rahe hain aur u have only 30 min to get ready so ab jaldi jao aur ready ho jao and push her out of bed , geet start to leave but maan hold her wrist and take her with him to his room he open his cupboard and take out a packet and give it to geet and


Maan – geet i want to look u in this dress plz for me can u wear it..


Geet just lost in his care and love and nod in yes and leave from their to get ready… maan to get ready…


Maan come to the geet room from there secrete door memorised to see her looking just like angel he all lost in his drooling , geet feel maan presence in the room and turn to look him he is just looking breath taking , geet feel burning with his passionate glance she look down and blush and


(maan and geet)

Geet – maan chale late ho raha hain..


Maan come back to reality and


Maan – yaa come lets go…


Maan (st) – maan control urself why u always loose ur selfcontrol in front of her what she will think about u… u despo , but (with baby face) mein kya karo she looks dam hot , maan bte sudhar ja agar use ya kisi aur ko pata lagan a ki tu usko hot bol raha tha to chitar padegi…LOL


Both come down after getting ready as all other present in the hall beeji ask


Beeji – are maan geet aap dono kahi bahar ja rahe hain kya???????


Geet  – wo .. beeji haan..


Beeji  – par aapne kisi ko bataya bhi nahi..


Papaji – nahi beeji geet ko khud hi nahi pata thaw o maan ne humse office mein permission leli thi wo aur uske dost dinner k liye jaana chate the bas wahi ja rahe hain ye dono..


Dadi – par akle raat mein..


Dad – maa kuch nahi hoga aur akle kaha maan k sabhi dost hain aur fir geet ki firkar aap sabse jayada aapke pote ko hain so relax maan geet ka aache se khayal rakega…


Maan – ji dad don’t worry mein aapki beti ka aache se khayal rakuga… aur hum jaldi wapas aajayege..


Both bid bye to all and leave from their…




NEXT – night out …



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