part 15

Maan is run for his life and geet is behind him 

in college garden…


Geet – maan aaj mein tumhe nahi chodungi 

samjhte kya ho tum aapne aapko 

hann???????????? While panting heavily


Maan suddenly stop and geet collide with him 

both loose there balance and thunddd 

on ground geet on maan and maan beneath 

geet… both lost in each other eyes … mahi 




Maan remove her curls from her face and put 

behind her ear… geet moaned maan…


Maan  – geet i cant live without u plz never ever 

leave me…


Geet – never maan… and hugs him…


Both lost in their own world forget that they 

were entertaining whole college… all start 

giggling and maaneet come back to reality… 

their gang get new topic to tease poor love 



Karan – dev abhi abhi tumne kuch dekha kya 

and winked on devWink


Dev – (with smirk) na meine to kuch nahi 

dekha kyu kuch special tha kya????????????


Maan shook his head and try to stand on his 

feet but his all try go in drain because geet’s 

dupatta stack beneath him… same with geet 

she become sharam se paani paani typesBlushing and her dupatta also against her… LOL


Maan some how take out dupatta and stand 

up with geet geet all the while looking down 

and blushing hard… get red redder…


Sam – waise agar tum dono ka filmy romance 

hogaya ho to chale


Maan – leave it guys it just geet angle get twist 

and we both fall nothing elas…


Adi – (laugh in his typical style) he he he he 

we can see that maan..


Maan(shout) – adiii (me miss this line so much)



Geet held maan wrist and he look her she 

nodded for no don’t shout and maan smile 


All unison – ohhh ahhh



Geet – wo maan chale late ho rahe hain ghar 

par sab pareshan ho rahe honge…


Maan – hann geet chalo… they all bid bye and 

leave for their houses…



On the way back while driving…


Maan – geet thank u so much tumne aaj mere 

pyar ko galat sabit nahi hone diya…


Geet pout her lips and look out of the 

window… maan get confuse with her 

behaviour and mumered ab isko kya 



Maan – geet


Geet – …


Maan – geetu plz batao to ab kyu naraj 



Geet – …


Maan suddenly put breaks and held geets arm 

and pull her to him look in to her eyes and


Maan – geet kya hua???????????


Geet (with teary eyes) – maan aap mujhe 

aapna nahi mante na?????????


Maan – nahi geet aisa nahi hain tum mein to 

meri jaan basti hain fir mein tumhe aapne se 

alag kaise samjh sakta hu??????????


Geet – fir aap mujhe thank u kyu bol rahe ho , 

aapka mujhe par pura haq hain…aur mein 

waha humare pyar k liye aayi thi  na ki sirf 

aapke pyar k liye aur hann ye humara pyar 

hain samjhe aap… (with baby tone)


Maan – (smiling) ok princess as u wish ab 

chalo rona band karo ” i hate tears in ur eyes” 

and rub her tears with thumb and peck on her 




Geet smile to him and maan start car to leave 

for home…


They reach home geet come out of the car but 

maan hold her wrist and pull her to him and


Maan – geet tum jitna chaho naraj ho jao jo 

chahe saja dedo par plz aise chup mat hoya 

karo kyuki tum chup chup bilkul aachi nahi 

lagti aur agar ab kabhi tumne mujhe baat 

karna band ki to mein tumhe saja dunga


Geet (innocently) – kaisi saja???????????


Maan (grin naughtily ) – ye saja and come 

close to her geet close her eyes and maan 

smile looking her close eyes come closer and 

bit her cheeks and run from their giggling…


Geet open her eyes with sudden bit and looks 

his retaring figure and come into her sherni 

mode and run after him screaming 




Their tom and jerry fight begain both enter in 

hall running and screaming…


Geet – maan now ur gone , tum na sach mein 

dust danav ho aur sadu bhi…


Maan – oye chatter box don’t call me dust 



All elders giggling seeing their fight… 

also start running with them… – bhaw bhaw mere sath bhi to khelo u 

to humesha mujhe irritate karte ho ek dusre k 

bare mein bol bol ke…



Geet pout her lips and went to dadi and beeji 

who were sitting in sofa in hall


Geet (with baby face) – dekho na dadi ye sadu 

mujhe kitna pareshan karta hain aur mujhe 

chatter box bolte hain mein chatter box nahi 

hu na Ouch


Maan pick in his arm and ruffle his 

hairs and sit opposite on opposite sofa


Maan (smirkingly) – waise geet meine kya kiya 

jo tum mujhe marne k liye mere piche bhag 

rahi thi ye bhi to dadi ko batao…


Geet make o shape face and looks maan how 

is sitting opposite to her with in his lap 

and smirk…


Dadi – hann geet bte batayiye maan ne kya 

kiya hum abhi inki khabar lete hain…


Geet – wo… dadi… wo 


Beeji – are bolna kya hua


Maan – hann geet batao mein kya kiya aacha 

rehne do mein hi bata deta hu wo 

dadi…before he start


Geet – hann dadi wo maan ne kaha 

uska hain aur mujhe tease bhi kiya bas isliye…


Maan grin on his lie , all look her with not 

convinced face and geet give them a weak 

smile , she stand up and went to maan take from his hand but maan winked on her 

without anyone notice…


Maan – waise geet meine tumhe sataya na


All look toward them and geet also look him 

and see some mischief in his eyes.. and 



Maan – chalo now its ur turn chalo mujhe saja 

do yaha sabke samne…


Geet get shock is he asking me to kiss him no 

no bit him in front of whole family…


Dadu  – hann geet puttar maan ko to saja milni 

hi chaiye


Geet get another shock


Geet – nahi dadu meine inhe maaf kar diya


Maan – are geet aise kaise mein tumhe itna 

satata hu saja to banti hain…


Geet (gritting her teeth and looks maan ) – its 

ok maan i forgive u…


Maan grin more and geet irritate more


Darji – are par abhi to


Geet – koina darji isko bacha samjhke maaf 

kiya… and smirk on maan as she know now 

its maan time to get irritate


Maan (st) – what the hell she just call me kid… 

and give geet a fake angery glare.. and say 

through eyes ab mein tumhe batata hu ki 

bache kya karte hain..


Geet get scared seeing his glare and mumered

Geet –( mumered) plz babaji bacha lena is dd 

se pata nahi ab in ke dimag mein kya chal 

raha hain…


Both silent conversation break with mom’s 



Mom – are bahut hui tum dono ki masti chalo 

fresh ho jao aur maan dad ka call aaya tha 

tumhe office bulaya hain..


Maaneet – ok mom


After freshen up maan leave for office and 

geet as usual with family chatting…


NEXT –  ?????????????


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