part 14

In canteen all having their lunch giggling 

laughing enjoy typical college canteen 

environment… geet is as usual lost in 

maan’s eyes… but today our maan babu take 

oath that he will make geet talk with him by 

hook or crook…



Suddenly maan got an idea and whisper 

something in karan’s ear… and karan smirk 

as well maan.. all knows that these two are 

plan something and geet get scared seeing 

maan’s smirking.. she knows that now she is 

in big trouble…



Both maan and karan went from their leaving 

all confused and shocked… now there is 

hastle bastle that maan is in college stage 

and he is going to announcement 

something… all rush to auditorium included 

geet and rest of the gang members…


In auditorium karan request all to be sited , 

all take their sits… whole hall is fill within 

no time as Mr.Hottie is going to announce 

something who were going to miss it…



All lights went off , a spot light on maan 

who is standing in mid of the stage with 

guitar in his hand and mic in his front…




Maan  – hi friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Whole hall fill with gasp sound… geet who 

is sitting with other friends(geet sam dev 

pinki and adi) in mid row in far most corner 

shook her head on this girls…



Maan – ye to aap sab jante hain ki mein kisi 

ladki se deewano ki tarah pyar karta hu…

(all girls make ohhh disappointment 

sound) par wo ladki mujhse naraj hain , u to 

chatter box ki tarah bolti hain par mujhse 

baat nahi karti , janta hu mein wo bhi 

mujhse utna hi pyar karti hain jitna ki mein 

use ya use kahi jayada par ye baat uski juba 

par aati hi nahi (now he looks in geet eyes) 

aaj mein tuhme majboor kar dunga mujhse 

baat karne pe… guys aaj mein aap sab ko 

us ladki se milwaoga jo meri zindagi hain jo 

mere dil meri atma aur mere wajood se Jodi 

hain , aur aaj wo khud yaha aakar is mere 

pyar ko meri deewangi ko sahi sabit kar 





Geet is so lost in his each word like his each 

word is witness of his love , geet janti hain 

maan ki deewangi ko , jis pyar ne use aapne 

aapse dur na jaane dene k liye 8 years ki 

umar mein aapna bana liya us par wo kaise 

shak kar sakti hain kaise us pyar ko jhukane 

de sakti hain she know aaj us aapne maan k 

liye aapne pyar k liye maan ka sath dena 






Maan close his eyes and his figure start 

playing with guitar string..






(for real feel play it)



huuu huh u hhmmm




Geet get up from her sit and start singing..

thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee – (4)  

maan open his eyes and look geet with all his love 

he know his geet never  let him down… 

whole hall fill with applause… 

maan is in cloud 9 look’s geet singing for him… 

ham toh dil de hee chuke -2 bas teree han hai bakee

thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee – (2)

geet start coming to stage maan give 

his hand to her for support both were looking each other 
eyes.. she sing last line with naughty grin in her eyes.. 
maan shook his head in her craziness… 


all old memory of their childhood start 

running their mind… 

when she remember their marriage she sings

kaun sa mod aaya jindagee ke safar me

bas gaya too hee too abb toh meree najar me

now maan sing making all shock and 

openly declare her as he only belongs to her..  

dil kee har ek dhadkan tujhko pehchanti hai 

meree chahat hai abb kya too nahee janti hai

geet nodded in yes and reply him but add in 

second last line her bubbliness

mai tuhje jan gai tujhko pehchan gai 

phir bhee teree han hai bakee 

thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee - (2)  


maan peck on her forehead and hugs her both lost in 

each other eyes.. then geet sing 

aaj yeh kya hua hai dil nahee meraa bas me 

iss liye sochti hu tod du saree rasme  

maan grin in her word and sing   

umrr bhar ke liye too aa meraa sath de de 

teraa ho jaonga mai haatho me hath de de   

now geet become full naughty , 

maan hold her from her waist and she sing  

haatho me hath sahee too mere sath hee sahee 

phir bhee teree han hai bakee 

thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee - (3)

maan give her fake angry look and turn to 

face her his back geet hug him from back... and  

finish the song then maan sing last line...   

thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai - geet

thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai - maan...    

after finishing song both hug and 

whole hall fill with 

applause why not they were maaneet yaar... 

after that 

 maan take mic in one hand and other hand on geet's 


maan - aaj mein aap sab ko 

aapni jaan se milwana chata hu... 

geet blush hearing jaan and look toward 

maan who only looking her 

maan - ye geet hain maan ki geet ,

jisko maan deewano ki tarah mohabbat karta hain , 

jiski ibadat karta hain , 

jis ka pyar maan ke saaso ki wajah hain... 

aur yahi wo ladki hain jiske alawa maan ko kuch aur najar hi nahi aata

... geet eyes get teary seeing his love , 

geet janti hain ki maan use bahut pyar karta hain 

par aaj sab k samne ikrar karke geet ke pyar ko ibadat 

bana diya...

whole crowd start whistling and hooting... 

maan start to leave  but suddenly geet hold his wrist 

and maan turn to look her ... 

maan - kya hua geet?????????????? 

Geet hug him tightly in front of whole college...  

Geet - i m sorry maan , meine aapko bahut tadapaya 


But maan put his palm on her mouth and 

nod her no 

Maan  - geet maan ki zindagi to sirf geet ki hain to sirf 

geet ko haq hain wo maan k sath kuch bhi kar sakti 
hain.. geet ka har shabd maan k liye hukum hain 

geet maan ka bhagwan hain isliye bhagwan mafi nahi 

magte geet...   

Geet overwhelm with his love, 

Geet - maan aap mere liye mere babaji ka dusara 

naam hain aur meine aapko aapne aapse alag karke 

aapko dukhi kiya hain 

(with baby face) aap jo chahe mujhe saja dedo... 

mein aapki har saja ko maan lungi..

Maan - (knows its getting too emotional and this place is not 

safe as whole college is watching them so try to lighten her mood) 

geet yaar tum kitna bolti ho ya to bologi nahi aur 

agar bologi to chup nahi hogi 

tumhare throat mein koi problem hain kya???????????

Geet get into sherni mode listening to maan and 

make o shape mouth and start hit him with 

her tiny fist... 

Maan - oochh geet kya kar rahi ho...

Geet  - kya kaha mein bahut bolti hu aur kya naam 

diya hua hain mujhe hann chatter box ruko 

abhi batati hu tumhe...

Maan run for his life and geet run behind him and 

their laugh seeing their Tom and Jerry fight 

except one person who haveing tears in her 

eyes looking maaneet as 

her heart break into millions of pieces...

NEXT - tom and jerry fight...and imp sajaLOL

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