part 12

In mid night both maan and geet didn’t able to sleep. They want tobe in each other arm but both were doesn’t able to gather courage…



Geet – geet tu bhi na bilkul jhali hain kya jaata tera agar tu maan se baat kar leti , par nahi tujhe to attitude dikhana tha na ab dekh wo tere itne pass hain par tu unke pass nahi ja sakti… par mein kya karo unke samne jate hi meri awaj hi band ho jati hain , unki aankho k alawa kuch aur najar hi nahi aata… par ab kya karo mujhe to unke pass abhi jaana hain… koina geet puttar chal chori chupke maan k room mein chali ja aur waise bhi wo sadu abhi so rahe honge… so unhe pata bhi nahi chalega…


Geet getup and start walking towards maan’s room


Here in maan’s room he doesn’t able to sleep…


Maan – ye ladki mujhe pagal kar degi , nahi correction is ladki ne mujhe pagal kar diya hain , dekho ab mujhe need bhi nahi aarahi aur waha madam princess ki tarah aaram se sorahi hongi.. kya karo jao kya uske room mein par agar kisi ko pata chala mein uske room mein itni raat ko gaya tha to god know’s how much they tease us uff kya karo , plz babaji koi idea dona… maan is busy in his cribbing that when a door open (it is door which is dividing maan and geet’s room it is inside the room only) he knows its his geet his Heart start jumping in joy as his geetu come in his room to meet him… but he is pretending to sleep…


Geet come close to his bed and sit there she cares his hairs softly

and peck on his cheeks after that she trying to get up from their

maan hald her wrist and pull her toward him sudden jerk make her

lay on his body completely both looking into each other eyes… she

try to free herself from maan’s grip but maan tighten his grip with

her each try and with one jerk make her beneath him geet get

shock with his this move ,


Maan – geet u look so cute with ur shocking expressions… and kiss her one cheek


Geet cheeks become tomatos, now maan is in full mood to tease her…


Maan – whenever u blush i feel like eating u raw…


Geet now doesn’t able to see so much passion in his eyes she close

her eyes and hide her face in his chest geet closeness driving him

crazy , his softly kiss her both eyes. And pled her to open her eyes…

geet slowly open her eyes both were staring eachother , her hazel

brown eyes which was shaped with black kajal & light mascara was

Beautiful & he felt of drowning himself in those hazels which

showed multiple emotions. He went down the shaped long white

nose .  Luscious baby pink lips which were slightly painted with lip

gloss & he had the urge to taste that luscious lips. He went down &

saw her white jaw line which was soft & white. His throat went dry

to see his geetu so close and passion in each other eyes are make

them weak , maan start to reduse gap between their lips now both

lips are a inch away , maan move closer but suddenly’

voice they both come back to reality..(ok no jhoota and no chappals

not even tomatos)




He come out from bed with sudden jerk , as well as geet , maan

stand faceing his back to geet , push his hairs back in frustration ,

geet understand his turmoil come in front of him , maan feel guit as

he think he cross his limits with geet and geet didn’t like it but

when geet come in front of him he daren’t to look in to her

eyes..Blowing his head down..


Maan – wo geet i m sorr…


But geet put his palm on his mouth and nodded no… she come

close to him and kiss him on his both cheeks and run from there…




Geet kiss is not less than a shock for maan ok a sweet shock but

he smile on himself and went back to sleep…


Geet come back to her room , she is breathing heavily and

blushing… she goes to her bed and sleep…


In morning breakfast time both daren’t to look each other but they

can’t leave with seeing each other so both were stealing glance on

each other all others are busy in their talks..




Dadi – are geet bte waise to aap itna bolti hain par jab bhi maan

aapke samane hote hain aap itna chup kyu ho jati hain ??????




Geet chocked her food and look to dadi… and weakly smile to her…



Dadu – maan aapne to geet ko aisa kuch nahi bola ke wo itna chup chup hain…


Maan – nahi dadu aisa kuch nahi hain… darji cut him


Darji – are yash rehne de bache hain job hi baat hogi khud hi suljha lenge tu kyu indono ko pareshan kar raha hain…


Dadu – par harjeet tune dekha in dono ko ek baar bhi baat karte hue


Geet mumered kya family hain meri hum dono agar baat karte hain

to tease karte hain nahi karte to inko problem hain uff


Beeji – koina bhai sahib bache hi to hain kar lenge baat..


Maan – hann dadu aap fikar mat kariye koi problem nahi hain

humare beech kyu geet hainna and winked on her carefully without

any one notice…


Geet shock seeing his wink and she remember his line which he

told last night


”Maan – geet u look so cute with ur shocking expressions… and

kiss her one cheek”


Geet blush then again remember his was saying


” Maan – when ever u blush i feel like eating u raw…”


Geet doesn’t able to look into his eyes and maan who knows every

thought which were running in her mind give her sarcastically

smile geet start blushing more , and look to other family members

who now become busy with their food…


After breakfast both leave for college , as maan first need to go

office so geet went with driver and maan halfheartly leave for





Next – first day in college…another naughty update awitedLOLWink


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