when a single smile of a person makes u smile and a single sorrow make ur world ups n down that thing called love. if ur love is strong the time and distance doesnt matters.

same is with our MAANEET . its a name which make two different personality one.
Khurana’s and Handa’s are friends from decade. Yashraj khurana and Harjeet handa are two unseprateble souls. same as with their wife Savitri and Simran are best friend cum sisters..
Yashraj and Harjeet both have sons named SANJAY SINGH KHURANA  and RAJ HANDA just like jai and veeru in shole married with best friends SONIYA KHURANA and RANO HANDA.
KHURANA’S and HANDA’S wants to convert their friendship in relation when soniya and rano give birth to two babies at same day one is boy and another is girl. boy is 5 min older then a cute baby girl whole family decide their marriage their it self . khurana’s named that boy MAAN ”THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA” and girl GEET.
after 8 year
maan and geet two body one soul they never live without each other its time to move handa’s to mumbai to take over business their.
GEET to MAAN ; plz maan mujhe tumhe chod kar nahi jaana..Cry
maan : geetu tu ro mat mein kuch karta hu. and went to his dadu Yashraj Khurana
maan : dadu geetu kyu ja rahi hain kya wo yaha nahi reh sakti Disapprove
dadu: nahi beta she cant 
maan : why not dadu
dadu: bete jab tak aapki aur geet ki shadi nahi hoti use aapne maa papa k sath rehna hoga na
maan: to abhi kara do na shadi fir usei nahi jana padegadekho na dadu wo kitna ro rahi hain
dadi (savitri ) : nahi bete aise shadi thodi hoti hain.
maan: hoti hain dadi meine dekhi hain tv meinBig smile
Soniya mom: kaise beta humein bhi batao kya dekha aapne (me mat pucho pachtaogeLOL Wink)
MAAN drag GEET from their to mandir and take sindoor from their and put it into GEET’S mang and said
maan: dekha ho gayi shadi ab to geet yaha reh sakti hain na
all family members are shockedShocked

One Response to 4. CRAZY IN LOVE

  1. Sleeping Beauty says:

    wow !aj tak ka sabse BADA wala os…!
    I’m also in shock ..khatm ho gaya itni jaldi??
    Nice chota sa os..

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